Divorces asked

April L. Myers, 17412 Lakewood Ave., Lake Milton, v. Thomas T. Myers, 2415 Wood Lenhart, Leavittsburg.

Jeffery M. Yaratch, 458 Grandview, Lake Milton, v. Luanne Yaratch, 18053 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Milton.

Richard H. Mendenhall, 4143 Dobbins Road, Poland, v. Patricia A. Mendenhall, 6709 Paxton, Boardman.

Caroline Angililli, 130 Garwood Drive, Canfield, v. Ronald Angelilli, of same.

Conception Mackovick, 128 Jennette Drive, Boardman, v. Kevin Macovick, of same.

Reem Zuhair Sarsour, 7605 Terrace River Drive, Tampa, Fla., v. Hasan Hasan Hasan, 1701 Sperry’s Forge Trail, Westlake.

Maureen D. Brajer, 3274 White Beech Lane, Youngstown, v. John Brajer, 398 Fairground Blvd., #302, Canfield.

Amber Patricia-Renee Heilman, 3580 Drive, Canfield, v. Bryan K. Heilman, 1776 Dumont Drive, Mineral Ridge.

Felix Ramon Rivera, 1143 State St., Youngstown, v. Amy Ann Rivera, 1501 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Angela A. Manypenny, 6084 Applewood Drive, Boardman, v. Joseph Manypenny Jr., 16402 Tague St., East Liverpool.

Nancy Jo Alexander 2524 Arden Place, Austintown, v. Robert J. Alexander, 45 N. Hazelwood, Youngstown.

Carmen Fernandez, 351 E. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, v. Louis P. Fernandez, 3118 Oregon Ave., Youngstown.

Pamela B. Coleman, 2267 Selma Ave., Youngstown, v. Gregory L. Manns, 551 Sheridan Ave. B4, Detroit, Mich.

Cynthia M. Burton, 737 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, v. Shawn F. Burton, 2 Karena Drive #10, Taunton, Mass.

Frankie F. Adams, 460 Norwood Ave., Youngstown, v. Wilson Adams, 619 W. Delason, Youngstown.

Beverly A. Burnside 37 W. Avondale, Youngstown, v. Ernest Burnside, 1547 Bennington, Youngstown.

Debra Coleman, 2417 Elm St., Youngstown, v. J. C. Coleman, 767 Park Ave., #309, Youngstown.

Brenda Kohut, 1702 Bears Den Road, v. Dave Copanic, 3498 Shadyside Drive, Hubbard.

Brian K. West, 1080 N. Lincoln Ave., #205, Salem, Ohio v. Brittany West, 528 W. Boston, Youngstown.

Yvonne C. Perry, 17 Steel St., Youngstown, v. Jabrae L. Perry, 2075 Avon Belden Road, Grafton, Ohio.

Adam Myers, 2608 Grandview, Lake Milton, v. Shannon Myers, 6614 Pitt Road, Kent, Ohio.

Dissolutions asked

Donna M. Griesmer, 4085 Shields Road, Canfield, and Michael R. Griesmer, 4661 Woodhurst #3, Youngstown.

Nate S. Dendy, 532 W. Ravenwood, Youngstown, and David L. Mick, 597 W. Warren Ave., Youngstown.

James H. Weeks Jr. , 45 N. Raccoon Road #104, Austintown, and Janet M. Weeks, 4168 Claridge Drive, Youngstown.

Robert J. Schaeffer , 1826 Coit Road, Lowellville, and Nichelle L. Schaeffer, 1769 S. Raccoon Road #4, Austintown.

Brooke L. Ruminski, 195 Lakeshore Drive, Boardman, and Frank M. Ruminski, 10295 Carousel Woods Drive, New Middletown.

Cathy Kappler, 10925 Springfield Road, Poland, and Kenneth Kappler, 13647 Unity Road, New Springfield.

Kimberly Saltzman, 1213 Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, and Donald Saltzman, 324 Indianola Ave., McDonald.

Domestic relations

Crystal L. Spragling v. Latosha N. Colmon, dismissed.

Nora J. Ranalli v. John A. Ranalli, dismissed.

Mesha S. Shuler v. Jermaine A. Tubbs, dismissed.

Cindy J. Dressel v. Cindy L. Irvine, dismissed.

Jennifer M. Mackey v. Bernard P. Thomas, dismissed.

Carrie S. Rosine Cutter v. Michael S. Rosine, dismissed.

Diane K. Ray v. David L. Shine Jr., dismissed.

Eric D. Devault v. Natasha Klasovsky, dismissed.

Lisa M. Baker v. Ruzzel A. Diego, dismissed.

Daisy M. Berdis Kohn v. Brian J. Romine, dismissed.

Marcus A. Moore v. Lauren M. Hawkins, dismissed.

Andrelita D. Hakeem Elliott v. Nathan J. Elliott, dismissed.

Tammy A. Ballinger v. Hayden L. Ballinger, dismissed.

Tracey L. Sorrell v. Nathan D. Sorrell, dismissed.

Hayden L. Ballinger v. Tammy A. Ballinger, dismissed.

Mary N. Campbell v. Derricks Tinker Sr., dismissed.

Bryan J. Holdash v. Jenny L. Holdash, dismissed.

Marquita S. Hall v. Terrance L. Chatman, dismissed.

Tammy A. Ballinger v. Daylen S. Ballinger, dismissed.

Daylen Ballinger v. Tammy A. Ballinger, dismissed.

Stephanie T. Turuck v. Michael T. Polite, dismissed.

Gina L. Dougherty v. Charles K. Dougherty, dismissed.

Frank R. DiMuzio v. Michelle L. DiMuzio, dismissed.

Natasha Klasovsky v. Eric D. Davault, dismissed.

Lois Kelley v. Amber Sexton, dismissed.

Barbara A. Berry v. David L. Berry, dismissed.

Dawna S. Martin v. Nicholas D. Martin, dismissed.

Taquala North v. Shirley North, dismissed.

Nicholas D. Martin v. Dawna S. Martin, dismissed.

Ronald L. Shuler and Roberta J. Shuler, dissolution granted.

Shawn D. Mayes and Charolotte L. Mayes, dissolution granted.

Jeffrey S. Smith and Tammy D. Smith, dissolution granted.

Alesha N. McCoy and Matthew McCoy, dissolution granted, wife restores to former name of Alesha N. Beat.

Christopher Roberts and Galen Roberts, dissolution granted, wife restores to former name of Galen A. Brown.

Amy B. Heffron and Thomas Heffron, dissolution granted, wife restores to former name of Amy B. Weamer.

Martiza Smith and William Smith Jr., wife restores to former name of Maritza Ortiz.

Eleanor M. Piper and Kenneth R. Piper, dissolution granted.

Rachyl L. Donnadio v. Mark J. Donnadio, dissolution granted.

Joseph K. Geraci and Denise Geraci, dissolution granted.

Jill C. Lewis and Alan J. Lewis, dissolution granted, wife restores to former name of Jill C. Bolash.

James D. McGarry v. Jennifer J. McGarry, dismissed.

Sherry L. Elkins v. Kelvan P. Brown, dismissed.

Rebecca L. Baun v. Lonny E. Parry, dismissed.

Sydnee L. Hopkins v. Raymond D. Gordon, dismissed.

Rose A. Yeager v. Gregory DiRenzo, dismissed.

Regina Thompkins v. Michael Charles Sr., dismissed.

Lauren M. Hawkins v. Marcus A. Moore, dismissed.

Michele Harvey v. John R. Chiclowe, dismissed.

Leonard Greathouse Jr. v. Melody Cassity, dismissed.

Alicia M. O’Rourke v. Johnathan R. Balogh, dismissed.

Cynthia T. Price v. Joshua S. Price, dismissed.

Laurie L. Ramsey v. Donald S. Phillips, dismissed.

Elmer Rivera v. Amanda L. Gotshall, dismissed.

Kimberly S. Gregory v. Charles H. Gregory, dismissed.

Yasir Maqsood v. Tracy Macovitz, dismissed.

Christopher B. Nalepa v. Bonnie R. Nalepa, dismissed.

Nancy N. Altman v. Adam J. Blanchard, dismissed.

New Complaints

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Ruth A. Dyke et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon as trustee v. Donald J. Shoop et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Frank Phillips Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Donna M. Cartwright et al, foreclosure.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Rae Ann Clark et al, foreclosure.

Huntington Mall Co. v. Rhaieta Cope dba Finder’s Keepers Sports, money.

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP et al v. David Quinn et al, foreclosure.

David Gurnak v. SEO Inc. et al, money.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Stacey V. Wilson et al, foreclosure.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Brian Swantek et al, foreclosure.

First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Thomas M. Angeloff, money.

Linda R. Dutton v. Food Store Management Inc. et al, worker’s compensation.

Home Savings and Loan Co. v. Lonny Robertson et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings and Loan Co. v. William J. Reynallt et al, foreclosure.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

John R. Hudak, 6337 Tala Drive, Poland.

Lorco Business Systems Inc., 1654 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

Valerie Limone Johnson, 53 W. Evergreen, Youngstown.

Kim Kurt Haase, 2237 Sprucewood Drive, Austintown.

Christian DeSantis aka Christian Q. DeSantis, 2064 W. Manor Ave., Poland.

Katrina L. Layton, 120 Tremble Ave., Campbell.

Jason D. Cooke, 4153 Riverside Drive, Youngstown.

Bonnie M. Jacobs, 870 E. Florida, Youngstown.

Kimberly Dozier, 100 Snyder Ave., Struthers.

Frank A. Ciminelli, 2015 Ohio Ave., Youngstown.

Ronald E. Dunn, 249 Carriage Lane, Apt. 203, Canfield.

Deanna J. Palowitz, aka Deanna J. Lockney, 5720 Sharon Drive, Boardman.

Michael R. Pesce, 433 Richards Drive, Youngstown.

David A. Latimer, 139 Hall’s Heights, Youngstown.

Christopher F. Wilson, 3195 Fifth Ave., Youngstown.

Sean Page, 5800 Yorktown, Austintown.

Samantha E. Chatman, aka Samantha E. Shepard, 330 W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Dale Baringer, 3009 1/2 S. Canfield Niles Road, Austintown.

Maria Kurelko, 749 Teakwood Drive, Boardman.

David N. Noll, 4579 Messerly Road, Canfield.

Joan E. Rhodes, 153 Tod Lane, Youngstown.

Michelle L. Rice, aka Michelle L. Rice-Motley, 11161 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, New Middletown.

Brandee M. Bellino, 3432 Sunnybrooke Drive, Youngstown.

Maryjane Hudak-Start, 5536 London Court, Austintown.

Jo Ellen Corll, 2692 S. Canfield Niles Road, Austintown.

Clyde R. Woods, 216 W. Ohio Ave., Apt. 211, Sebring.

Deborah L. Ciccolelli, 92 Buell Ave., Campbell.

Edwin V. Miranda, 43 Fairgrounds Blvd., Canfield.

Josephine A. Pascarella, 9525 Woodworth Road, B-25, North Lima.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Joseph A. Valasek, 4625 Rita Ave., Austintown.

Carolyn P. Funk, P.O. Box 11101, Youngstown.

Mary Jane Shannon, 890 Cook Ave. #1, Youngstown.

Lee R. Stanley, 2705 S. Canfield Niles Road, Austintown.

Orlando H. James, 433 W. Hylda Ave., Youngstown.

Joanna B. Buchannon, 2300 Volney Road, Youngstown.

Regina L. Balog aka Regina L. Comer, 3312 Powers Way, Youngstown.

Mark A. Tucker, aka Lisa M. Leanza, 16034 state Route 62, P.O. Box 151, Damascus.

James R. Drabiski, 6444 New Road, Austintown.

Jacqueline D. Ferguson, aka Jacqueline D. Hermes, 3015 Spitler Road, Poland.

Robert M. Burke, 3746 Joyce Ann Drive, Youngstown.

John T. Farina, 7052 Amherst, Boardman.

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