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Youngstown schools gets $8M in stimulus money to improve academics

Published: Tue, March 16, 2010 @ 6:15 p.m.

YOUNGSTOWN — The Youngstown City School District is getting more than $8 million in federal stimulus funding to help improve academic achievement, but the federal government is deciding how a big chunk of that money must be spent.

Superintendent Wendy Webb said $3.5 million is being channeled directly into existing federally-funded programs focusing on remedial reading and math and other programs targeting low-income children under Title 1.

Title 1 is a federal program that allocates supplemental money to schools with large concentrations of low-income students to help those students meet academic goals. Nearly 90 percent of Youngstown’s 6,500 students are listed as economically disadvantaged.

For the complete story, see Wednesday's Vindicator and Vindy.com


1FunMeter(29 comments)posted 5 years ago

$8,000,000.00 divided by 6,500 students = $1233.00 per student for this one program... minus the cost of the dark glasses and those poles that the blind use to scan for obstacles in their path...These process owners have proved that they are not qualified to determine the fate of the economically disadvantaged students. The city school district needs to fire Webb and move forward. The YSU Women's Basketball Coach (0-30) could do better.

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2Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


No, no there tom tom,..

Waste?,.. not in the least. See where you're the epitome of absolute worthless.

Where in retrospect the sensibility in this measure you're sniveling about doesn't waste another single dime on you,.. see THAT would be a waste.

Which means by that focus it's a very wise, well thought out and worthwhile effort of work by reach,.. as you're an absolute assurance of never being an asset to no one.

See in junction and contrast to that this is allocating support to nurture the finer young minds. The minds of youth whom have a chance to not falter to replicating you or bear any interest in having any interest in settling for your redundant idiocy.

See their being financially disadvantaged isn't a crime and those children aren't being punished and are worthy of the investment. So surely you detest that they're not being given up on and what really, really bothers you more than you bother yourself.

Is the fact you know that no matter if they catch onto knowing it's not where you start but how well you finish. Regardless if they go on to become Doctors, Scientists or just well educated manual laborers. They'll exceed you in both individual and community worth and universally in the global sense out distance you in worth and function as a true asset to humanity.

Where for you to dare try to infuse racism is the baseless howl of an absolute divisive fool. That's even beyond you being the one that jumped at the chance. To had so despicably alleged Asians were filthy and depraved in the Massage Parlor discussion.

Which is also where you also took the opportunity to make no bones about showing your dysfunctional disdain and insensitivity towards the elderly,.. and your multi affliction comment got deleted for indecency.

That's how different you and I are as individuals and my being a Obama presidency supportive Independent and your being a republican that's not. For me it has nothing to do with race it has all to do with intelligence, policy, values, integrity and impartiality,..

However, by all means I implore you to continue because you reflect upon the republican party with such a profound effect. It actually provides all citizens that make up the collective sum of neighbors, patrons and professionals aspiring to reap success. That have a voice as voters to determine whom they share perspectives, values, decency and sense with.

With that said the greater majority aren't as hopelessly useless as aligning with you,. and keep on letting that be distinguished.

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3Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


You make no sense,..

To invest in the betterment of educating of the countries youth is never a waste or bad investment. You proclaim an outrage for the funding to be channeled in an established base that needs the funding and one you have no clue how efficient that is,.. and you think you're smart?

Lastly I noticed how you tried to cite Ms. Webb as a problem. But it's only a problem because you're no doubt among those who continued to try shuttling another commuting grifter in the position when things dried up to get access to that money,.. it's that obvious.

So now you " Chill " on some of that,..

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4Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


Wow such alleged insight,..

Kids will be kids and the frolic for which you site occurs universally. Although it's the teachers that are tasked with reigning in classroom control that shapes frequency, channeling and tolerance of conduct,..

See I just so happen to work with the youth when time and opportunity permits. However, all I've ever seen to date were a few inexpensive ipods, some no frills cell phones and very rarely a PSP or 2 which differs greatly from your alleged knowledge and exposure. You might need to be informed that not all city schools students are on subsidized assistance,..

Although in any event in regards to those whom are or aren't. It's clear to you inner city youth aren't worthy or authorized to receive birthday or Christmas presents like " other " youth,.. how dare they huh?

My experience is with the young teens and they're not unruly with their electronic gadgets. I've also not seen any vandalizing of property be it to buildings nor computers either although you claim you have?,.. give an instance.

See from differing experience I know we're giving far differing accounts. Thus with your history of hailing inaccuracies I think you're grossly embellishing your assertions and or flat out lying again,..

Your sentiments reek of a sole foundation of for you to accept they're not being forsaken like you'd like. You feel you need to try to smear the children in a manner of alleging they should be non supported,.. bottom line.

Lastly you also mention subsidized breakfast and lunch. Which to the best of my knowledge is only provided to the younger kids. So unless I've just not been present during breakfast hours and took in breakfast. I'm inclined to feel you're lying as sure as you're born.

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5Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


You're the most senseless yet,..

One can't help but deduce that you find humor in mocking the visually impaired. But yet via perspective you reveal you're the one that's cerebrally blind.

See the city schools are no longer under the rule of commuters nor ran by nepotism like YSU. Ms. Webb is definitely the right person for the position she holds. However, when the economy went bust there's been a steady stream of commuters trying to discredit her in efforts to get back at the position they didn't compete for but now want that positions money,.. Ohhh no you don't.

See you even infused YSU's policy of bestowing paid positions upon buddies. In this instance you've mentioned a YSU style selected individual with no abilities and managing to win 3 games from inherited holdovers. Then went 0-30 something win less. As a individual of your choosing to replace Ms. Webb,.. you're nuts, jealous, slanted and ridiculous.

I support Ms. Webb as she'd done far better than you'd like to believe with the limited support and reduced funds she'd had to her disposal. Lastly she's also far from win less and the incredible academic scores of those children in the YEC program proves it.

The inception of the YEC program was designed to get the brighter and or more disciplined youth. Into a system more academically advanced than those as works in progress. Which was a better financially supported program and those kids test scores are tops in the entire state. Which some of those not selected was by limitations of admission and their test scores were just fractionally bellow a number of those selected for the YEC program.

See State and Federal on the national level recognizes that and we're digging in to get it even more improved to reach and cultivate more. For which there's no need for commuters and we're no longer asking nor recruiting from a pool that has their own problems,..

Lastly let it be known having seen enough of those merely seeking to fleece. It's an absolute that we're NOT going to implore nor have those bright young intellectuals settling for attending a YSU either when we send them off to real colleges. As we don't need to be associated with such a historically deplorable tier 4 bottom of the basement racket,.. I can assure you of that.

Now you just sit back and watch what we produce being cited for receiving adequate support funding,.. and to hell with settling for anything to do with a YSU.

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6FunMeter(29 comments)posted 5 years ago

Nunya, I will "just sit back and watch what we (You) produce being cited for receiving adequate support funding" Question is... How long will I have to sit back and watch? Please project a "mission completed date" I've been watching, observing and forming an opinion, and as YOU know, opinions are like ...holes, everyone has one. Oops, now I'm mocking those with no ...hole.

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7cozmo(32 comments)posted 5 years ago

Inner-city moral decay...

How many of these Youngstown City Schools kids actually sit down and say a prayer with their mom and dad for a normal dinner at night?

How many of these parents are single parents? (90%?) Most have kids from more than one father.

Where are their values? no self control with sex, drugs, and alcohol.

You can be poor and still have values.

The statistics PROVE that family values go hand in hand with higher achievement.

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