By Bertram de Souza


The Times, London, March 3: What was she thinking? By taking a last-minute detour, on her five-day trip to Latin America, to visit President Fernandez de Kirchner in Buenos Aires, Hillary Clinton has — recklessly — given the appearance of throwing America’s weight behind Argentina in its row with Britain over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

Intruding in the dispute was lamentable enough. But in further offering to mediate between Buenos Aires and London, the U.S. secretary of state is implying that there may be some fruitful area of grey between their rival black-and-white claims.

Speaking as one close ally to another, Britain must remind America that it has no need for a go-between in its quarrel with Buenos Aires, since it has full confidence in the legitimacy of its territorial claim.


The Province, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 2: One month ago, the rosiest scenario for the 2010 Winter Olympics would not have included half the magic that unfolded during our Games.

Who could have imagined the size of the crowds that occupied every street in the downtown core? Who could have imagined the golden medal haul produced by our athletes? Who could have imagined the overtime win by the men’s Olympic hockey team over Brian Burke’s gutsy American squad?

In keeping with the grand tradition of the Olympics, we declare the following as the occupants of the final podium for the 2010 Games:

The Gold Medal goes to all of you who filled our streets with life and love. You participated in a two-week-long defining moment in the history of our grand nation. Thank you one and all.

The Silver Medal: This goes to the amazing athletes, who not only competed with the greatest of spirit, but did so fairly. The Olympic doping department occupied the smallest chapter of our Olympic story. Congratulations.

The Bronze Medal: This goes to Siwash Rock. Why Siwash Rock? Well, because it stands as a symbol of the beauty that is all around us. Siwash stood tall, proud and unwavering, as the glorious sunshine from above made millions marvel at the beauty of our garden. The Brit press didn’t like us at times, but who cares?

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