Local HLAA educates Valley on hearing loss

By Grace Wyler


Cindy Wright, the president of the local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, has been hearing-impaired her whole life. And with the start of the local HLAA, she hopes to be a resource for those who suffer from long-term, and more recent, hearing loss.

Resources for the hearing-impaired in Mahoning Valley are limited, Wright said. She launched the Mahoning Valley chapter of HLAA in December to provide a support system for people who suffer from hearing loss.

Wright said. “There are no support groups for those with hearing loss apart from the Hearing Loss Association of America.”

The chapter, which meets at the Austintown Public Library, gets together to share information about hearing loss and learn about the options that are available to help improve hearing and listening, Wright said.

The group discusses coping methods, resources and new technologies that assist and improve the lives of people with hearing impairment, she said.

For information about the Mahoning Valley HLAA chapter, call or text message Wright at 330-717-7434 or email cindy.wright@realliving.com.

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