GOOD MORNING/Welcome to our new look!

Welcome to our new look!

If you check out the comics on page C8, you’ll likely note a few striking things:

Color! The daily comics are in color just like on Sundays. One exception: Family Circus is in retro format today, thus it is featured in good, old-fashioned black and white.

Bigger! Many comics are bigger than they were yesterday.

Missing! Four comics are not on that page.

Now, there’s no need for fans of Judge Parker, Cathy, Funky Winkerbean and B.C. to panic. To accommodate the changes, we have moved these comics to join their old friend Hazel in our new classified ad section. Also in the classified section, our horoscopes will now tell you about the current day.

Missing something?

Speaking of the new look and the new press, we went to press a little earlier than usual last night to make sure that we had a cushion so that we could get the newspaper to you on time this morning. As a result, some late-night items you have come to expect – lottery numbers, late sports scores, etc. – may be omitted today. What didn’t make it into the newspaper today will be available online at and will be published in tomorrow’s newspaper.

‘Music at Noon’

Tired of the snow and the clouds? Soak up some culture. The Youngstown State University Dana School of Music, in collaboration with the Butler Institute of American Art, has “Music at Noon” free concerts Wednesdays this month.

Today’s performance featuring the Dana faculty brass quintet will be at the Butler at 12:15 p.m. We’re guessing “Music at Noon” was easier to market than “Music at Noon-Fifteen.”

Wounded elephant

PETA brings its anti-circus protest to town at 3 p.m. today when a “wounded” elephant will greet students at Williamson Elementary School, 58 Williamson Ave.

The character will feature “a bloody bandage wrapped around a wound on her head” and will hand out “activity books” to kids that allege the animals are “jabbed with spiked metal bullhooks and beaten to make them perform difficult tricks,” according to a PETA news release.

No word yet on who will come to the students’ rescue.


In a recent phone survey of 1,211 families, 95 percent of respondents supported the proposed Campbell youth center. If you would like to add your 2 cents, the Campbell Youth Center Committee will meet with city council and the mayor at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

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