Aqua Ohio says water meets safety standards

By Denise Dick



Aqua Ohio is trying various techniques in attempting to pinpoint what’s causing a gritty film on some customers’ dishes.

“We’re in the middle of our flushing program where we flush the hydrants to scour the lines,” said Al Sauline, Aqua vice president. “You can get a discoloration of the water, and some deposits may be seen on glasses, most likely lime deposits.”

For now, the company has stopped the flushing, he said.

Some Poland residents have complained about what they describe as a gritty, white or gray film on their dishes. The substance is especially visible after dishes go through the dishwasher.

Nancy Mang of Hummingbird Hill Drive is one of those residents.

“With glasses, if you set them down to dry by air, they have a film like milk had been in there,” she said.

An Aqua representative came to her home Thursday and took a water sample for testing, Mang said.

Sauline estimates the company has received about 20 complaints.

“We have about 18,000 customers,” he said.

He stressed that the water is safe to drink and meets all state and federal regulations.

If by stopping the hydrant flushing, the problem isn’t corrected, he said the company would look at the chemicals used in its treatment process to determine if that’s the cause.

Sauline said the company is trying to rule out possible causes.

“You can’t do everything all at once because then we won’t be able to tell what was causing the problem,” Sauline said.

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