Corporations are taking control

Corporations are taking control

In my life time there has never been a greater threat to democratic freedom and representative government than allowing corporations unfettered rights to influence elections with money. While we kept our eyes on the threat of Communism subverting our way of life, unbridled capitalism sneaked in the back door.

People my age, look around: is this what you wanted your country to look like back in the 1950s? Corporations that cheat people out of their money without consequence. Corporations that move their plants overseas for cheaper labor, without any regard for the people who depend on them for their livelihood and are given tax breaks for doing it. Corporations that destroy our country and kill us with poisons without consequence.

The America we knew in the ’50s is no more. The promise that was to be our future has turned into a nightmare of corporate greed. A dwindling middle class. A disparity between haves and have-nots greater than at anytime in our history. And a government that puts the peoples’ needs second to the wants of the corporations.

Now the court has given corporations the rights to spend as much to influence elections as it wants, even if they are not American. This is a right that you cannot take advantage of, unless you also have the money. So we end with rule by the rich for the rich.

Is that what you wanted?

Paul D Shanabarger, New Springfield