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Local OSU recruit critical, teen girl dead after West Side shooting

Published: Sun, June 20, 2010 @ 12:55 p.m.

Staff report



Jamel Turner catches a pass during a game against Cardinal Mooney in October 2007.

Former Ursuline High football standout Jamel Turner was injured in a shooting early Saturday morning in which a 17-year-old girl was killed, Youngstown police reported.

Police have a suspect in the killing, but it is not clear if he was charged. Police said Saturday evening he had not been arrested.

The shooting happened at 3:23 a.m. at 63 Manchester Ave. on the city’s West Side.

Police said they found Tracy Banks lying on the living room floor dead, with multiple gunshot wounds.

Turner, who called police for help, was also shot multiple times, and was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center, where he was in critical condition, police said.

The hospital would not release information on his condition Saturday evening.

Police also found a 4-year-old girl in an upstairs bedroom, unharmed, the report said. Banks had been babysitting the girl.

Turner, The Vindicator’s defensive player of the year for football in 2008, was a standout at Ursuline High School, and verbally committed to Ohio State.

But later that school year he was dismissed from Ursuline’s basketball team, and last August he was ruled academically ineligible. He soon enrolled at Fork Union (Va.) Military Academy.

Turner played football in 2009 at Fork Union and was a member of the track and field team, but was asked to leave the institution earlier this year.

In April, Turner was shot in the lower left ankle and right hip as unidentified assailants opened fire on a vehicle in which he was riding on Interstate 680 near the Williamson exit.


1Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago

Extraordinarily Tragic,..

Where first and foremost condolences go out to the young lady that was most unfortunately slain and thank god the small child was physically unharmed.

The pain of the loss of life is compounded by that young child having heard the tragically violent sounds of the murder.

Via circumstance of early morning timing and being reported as being at a remote locality from home.

It sounds as though the young lady Ms. Banks and Mr. Turner were together and the suspect found out and took murderously extreme issue with it.

Where for Turner to be found on the block and outside the home it signifies he likely took shots while running and fell.

To that Youngman as the suspected shooter. If he did kill Ms. Banks I say his actions were foolish, selfish, depraved and indefensible. That's no matter what was going on the young lady isn't and wasn't his property,.. PERIOD !!!

Where in regards to Mr. Turner, I'm certainly not glad nor pleased he was shot again. But clearly that young man is into something earthly no good.

One would think he'd sense something in his manner and mindset had caused him enough trouble already. And yet a manner that it appears he's determined for it to be the death of him.

Athletic ability aside via taking to the criminal element. He's unquestionably finished in regards to anyone ever having any further interest in bringing such a troubled individual into their surroundings.

Where if he survives this tragedy one can only hope for the sake of his family that loves him and himself. He takes a new path and mindset in life if he gets this other chance.

If it was money he wanted it was there for him to get a little ways up the road. However, he threw away that athletic chance to make far more than many.

But out of respect you can't damn anyone for the plight one chooses via their right to individual choice.

To the Banks family first and foremost may you receive the strength and comfort to get through this unspeakable tragedy.

Where for the families of Mr. Turner and the shooter. I wish you strength and comfort as well as because you too are victims in all of this that we all wish could have been avoided.

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2Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago


A talented OSU football recruit is lying in a hospital in his home town, the victim of an overnight shooting that killed the teenage girl he was visiting.

According to NBC 4’s sister station in Youngstown, WFMJ, Jamel Turner told 9-1-1 operators he had been shot. Medics found him suffering multiple wounds at a corner near the house where they found Tracy Banks, 17, who was dead of gunshot wounds.

Police told reporters that Banks had been baby-sitting for a four-year-old girl who was found unharmed. The child reportedly told police she heard Tracy arguing with her boyfriend, Melvin Shaw, before the gunfire. Shaw is considered a suspect, say police, but is not in custody.

Turner is in critical condition at a Youngstown hospital.

He reported being wounded in a drive-by shooting in Youngstown in April; those injuries were not serious.

Turner is a defensive player who had committed to play football for Ohio State.

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3MFC997(261 comments)posted 6 years ago

Someone just posted on the message board at WBNS.com in Columbus that he passed away. I hope not. Whatever the situation this is a significant tragedy. Prayers to all the families.

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4Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


Not just there,..

Confirmed reports are he was shot multiple times and the wounds are very severe.

For which I'm informally hearing the same things. But it's not confirmed and I absolutely refuse to attest to spreading. Assertions of any other death that I'm regarding as a presumptive and unfounded rumor as best I know at this time.

Upon contact the death reports are being retracted,.. http://www.sbnation.com/2010/6/20/152...

The families are going through enough already and I'll certainly not be so insensitive nor disrespecting to add to their grief.

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5Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago

Whats being relayed

To combat the rumors and share insight on what I'm hearing. I'm hearing Turner was shot 7 times and once in the neck area.

Of course it had to require swift and extensive surgery and St. E's has the best vascular specialists in the area if not arguably in the entire State.

With so many rounds having been fired and alleged to be one lone shooter. Unless he had more than one gun he was firing one has to presume the shooter had a 9mm.

Had the shooter had a larger caliber weapon and getting hit with that many shots. I don't think there would have even been a remote chance that he'd have sustained life from anything larger.

Which is tragic in and of itself no matter what. But I've not heard any confirmation of him passing and I'd hope sharing the details of what I'm hearing dissuades the death rumors.

He's a big tough youngster and hopefully it's in the creators plans to not allow him to withstand those multiple shots.

I just wish the criminals wouldn't have gotten their hooks into the Youngman. The sky was the limit for his type of abilities as both a person and an athlete.

Where if he survives regardless to football being over. The more important thing is he can still be a great individual.

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6Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago

@ Lumpy

You're unreal,..

I'm just non biased and certainly no St.E's mark at all,..

In fact from my experience and instances with family, friends and neighbors. If one is self transporting to ER for immediate medical care. The hands down choice and recommendation is Forum Health on the cities North side,.. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!

Not with bias but because they're { Forum North } are light years faster, accurate and caring than any St.E's operation in that department.

However, if via EMT medical transport and or routine physician scheduled. Specifically { and maybe solely } in regards to vascular surgery. St.E's has two vascular specialists that work out of there that I know of that are nothing short of tops in the field. I'm not just talking regionally either I'm talking bar none in the entire world.

I'll not name, names to be individualistically partial and or personally invasive. However, I'm sure some people have heard or know of those individuals and I'll not lie about either case and or inference just the same.

I'm telling you what I know and that's why I'm sharing that insight for others to check for themselves. Also you might want to know I've been very, very active in my support to save Forum Health from shutting down because the staff at Forum is fantastic up there.

To include on update Turner has made it through the night. Which if those Vascular specialists weren't as good as I'd stated. With the multiple rounds he took we'd have heard a grim announcement far beyond now.

See Lumpy,.. you're far too one sided therefore you embrace a dysfunctionality of bias.

Which only does and will continue to be a contributing factor / impetus for which enables and ensures.

That you've unquestionably been, always generally be, routinely remain and futuristic by flaw become wrong and inaccurate.

By your refusal induced inability to see, appreciate, truly respect or even remotely understand the big picture.

See it's not always a Villain -vs- Hero divide to be stirred to promote a proverbial or literal torch and pitchfork bearing rebellion against.

Thus in that regard you've just displayed how dysfunctional, opinionated, preposterously presumptive and serially stupid.

That you, yourself are and with absolute certainty that's not going to change. Until and or unless you far more sensibly and responsibly become a far better person and genuinely develop with maturity.

As opposed to merely existing and evolving into being far worst for wear. exposure and perspective consumption.

Than you were even when you were younger and had less time and experience to have afforded you vast opportunity and reasons to become a far more sound individual.

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7Sosick987(1 comment)posted 6 years ago

This is indeed a tragic story and my deepest sympathy to the families of both victims. I pray the young man survives his injuries and the family of the young woman stand strong during this awful time.

@Nunya...I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say but your rambling message was confusing to say the least. I see you like to use 'big' words but next time, try to use them in the proper context...and try not to use EVERY 'big' word you know in one message. Thanks.

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


In trying to relay as much and as many details as fastly as possible to dissuade the false rumors last night in post # 5.

I fat fingered a line and left out the term " if the creator will and or should " allow Mr. Turner to withstand the wounds he sustained.

I post this correction as to clarify that as I'd want no one to ever even remotely think nor perceive. That I seek, revel nor in anyway hope, wish nor condone.

Neither that Youngman { Mr. Turner } or any other victim any dis favorable fate of embellished injury, disablement nor death.

With no partiality I'm glad the Youngman is apparently holding on and sincerely hope the best that can come from life sustainment and recovery does.

No matter who was involved in a tragic ordeal like that which we'd all hope would have never happened.

Most unfortunately did and we should all be respectful and supportive of all the families and friends that's now dealing with the personal impact they've been served via such a horrid event.

Unlike the media it's not a single person interest to me. There are families and friends of 4 individuals that had nothing to do with this.

But yet are now trying their bests to cope with the aftermath and I'm certainly not insensitive to that.

Where to speak to those in relationships of occasional indifference that we all are. Be it known that to falter to thinking brutality is a means, manner or way of dealing with any emotion.

Is foolish, wrong and a manner you'll only live to regret and bring hurt to those that love you. We're only people and none of us were born with a " for ownership " tag placed upon nor within us.

So when indifference arise that surely will from time to time in regards to each and every one of us. Just appreciate that you were able to find out for certain.

Which are granted instances where you can make decisions on what you want to do with your life and pursuit of happiness upon incurring any indifference.

Which beating, assaulting, threatening and or murdering the one you proclaimed to care so much for.

Is the most self damning manner of ever trying to appeal to them or anyone else. To include even displaying have no genuine love or respect for your worth and value.

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9Cassie(88 comments)posted 6 years ago

Nunya--too much time on your hands, I think.
So sorry to hear of this tragedy and sympathy and prayers to all.

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10Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


Prime example and your " Sosick " is a fitting name for you,..now add twisted.

See you're exactly the kind of know nothing nobody that I'm imploring others to be able to distinguish and disregard your idiocy.

Irony is as you were trying to opportunistically type your inferiority based bemoaning with your first entry. To mark your appearance from having been a silent viewer.

I was well into the process of providing a conveyance clarity and it didn't take you nor addressing your ignorance to do it.

Where in the midst of diligently tamping down insensitive rumors inaccurately proporting Mr. Turner's condition.

I was contacting websites to ensure they retract playing host to unfounded contentions of falsely and irresponsibly alleging another individual had passed.

At the same time I was also trying locally to avert the misinformation from spreading. As to not allow such profane rumors to hurt, startle, disrespect or infringe upon Mr. Turners family and friends.

To include being far more than you did. But there were no " Big words " employed nor infused in any of it you idiot,..

See at the forefront and ultimate importance. I hate that I or anyone else couldn't know to have somehow or in anyway interjected to avert the tragic ordeal that most unfortunately happened.

However, to do what I could once informed of the tragedy. I was successful in combating the disrespectful rumors that were starting to launch on various websites all over the net contending he was deceased.

I stayed up through the night to hunt those rumors to get them verified or retracted so they didn't inaccurately get to the family and friends to mislead or hurt them.

So now let the record reflect who's who in regards to being genuine, thoughtful, responsible and impacting here,.. and duly recognize that's not you.

Now you just revert to sitting back and continue to read along. Until you get enough sense, maturity and merit to be heard from.

See no doubt you don't like my humanitarian and or political views and silently stewed about it.

Where in this instance you'd tastelessly thought you'd found a flaw that you idiotically tried to exploit and now you see what it got you,.. defined and dismantled.

Normally I'd mark such an outing of indifference with banter and humor. But this is such a time that I'm so disheartened about the focal point of what so tragically took place regarding those youngsters.

That out of sincere and genuine respect for the victims and their families and close friends.

I'll show that you're so insignificant and your angle so petty. That I'll not proceed with shredding you in a manner I'm capable of and you'd otherwise gotten and deserved.

Suggest removal:

11Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


Get lost or grow up,..

See where I'll refrain from thoroughly having my way with you here. But I'll not abstain from responsibly and accurately citing you as just as tasteless, worthless and useless as " So sick " and you're distinctly on the same trip.

See it's not opinion and where our statements are self evidently reflective of who we are and the values and character we possess.

The written record or review duly reflects and bears that out. Which leaves it impossible for one not to distinguish there's a distinct difference, between myself and those like you.

For which duly attributes to my depth, success, sincerity and reach is that I and those like me are nothing like you.

To wit and again I'll inform you that this is not the occurrence for me to redress you in a manner you're tastelessly begging for. So bestowing my respect for the victims and their families and friends.

I'll table my manner and abilities to handle and exploit you for another mismatch of the minds -vs- mimes in the future.

Now out of decency I implore you to try learning to show such, some or any comparable respect for those involved here.

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12UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 6 years ago

Youngstown's gangstas have learned to die by the gun. RIP Tracy & Jamel. Maybe you will do better where ever you ended up.

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13jr99(102 comments)posted 6 years ago

Nunya, please stop leaving comments.

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14Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


You're implausible,...

Clearly you're actually so pathetic and of no interactive worth or interest. That you'll solicit indifference by trying to assail some snide comment to show how worthless you are.

There was a horrid crime committed but there was no " Gansta " activity involved.

It was a domestic dispute where one of the victim's was a beautiful young lady. Whom no longer favored seeing a spurned acquaintance as well within her right.

Where the other victim was a ultra athletically talented youngman. That the criminal element had / has been working profusely to ruin as a seized trophy.

That was wounded in the domestic dispute and there were no drugs or other weapons beyond what the shooter possessed involved.

It was so domestic that as far as being reported. Neither the beautiful young lady Ms. Banks, Mr. Turner nor even the shooter. To wit has no criminal record[s] to reference.

Now even with your brain vacancy non existent thought process. If you can even remotely contort that into some drug, dirty money or extortion plot.

By all means have at it and know it only exists in your own demented dungeon of dysfunction. That you only use as a disgraced face holder and empty hat rack.

Also and importantly to note where we've most unfortunately loss the mortality of Ms. Banks. Mr. Turner hasn't passed and he's not in any past tense for accuracy beyond your bearing no sense nor respect for that.

Lastly there's no question where Ms. Banks soul and spirit dwells now. Where along with remaining cherished in the hearts and minds of family and friends.

Her creation is now protectively in the possession as sole property of our creator. Only a senseless, disheveled and god forsaken fool wouldn't know that.

Be it known the sorrow is she's just departed mortality far too soon from her family and friends. For a vast variety of us whom remain would love to still have her here.

But be informed I am of those whom are and will duly render our condolences, sympathy and support with the utmost respect.

For young Ms. Banks and Mr. Turner as their families deserves that compassion and connectivity. From close and even distant sisters and brothers in recognition when we're called upon to assist in anyway we can.

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15spyder695(2 comments)posted 6 years ago

nunya why do you feel the need to ramble incoherently to feel you are leaving a more intelligent comment than others. make your point and end it. as far as "gangsta" i find it difficult to beleive the young man is as innocent as you make him out to be, this is his second time being shot at in the past few months. there is more to this story than most of us will ever know. and to beleive that gang activity is not alive in this area proves how ignorant people can be.

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16Lifes2Short(3882 comments)posted 6 years ago


This might've been a domestic dispute but kids with guns is amazing. A 17 year old girl died and a person who had his future secured in college is in the hospital. Over what? There should be no reason to shoot or kill someone and especially young adults. Not to mention a 4 year old upstairs. It's sickening and someone needs to step forward and rat out this gutless sick useless person. These young adults with guns are getting worse and worse. Ridiculous!

Also, why is Jamel Turner hanging around with the wrong crowd. You think these guys would stay on the straight and narrow especially with a college education on the horizon. Just in APRIL, when he got shot in the leg.

"Police searched the black Chevy Blazer that Turner and his twin, Jamal, were riding in during the shooting and found two handguns and two baggies containing what the police believe was marijuana."

spyder, jr

Just tell nunya to "Shhhhhhh"

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17Vicki(14 comments)posted 6 years ago


Suggest removal:

18Max(98 comments)posted 6 years ago


I can't decide if your ramblings entertain me or scare me. But my God, you have a lot of time on your hands.

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19CPRIDEM10(40 comments)posted 6 years ago

There are such sick people in this world it is so unbelievable..Her boyfriend is a disgrace noone deserves to have their life taken away for such a stupid reason..I hope Melvin is put away for a very long time. Such an idiot!

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20MFC997(261 comments)posted 6 years ago

Stop where you are ... put down the thesaurus ... and slowly back away ...

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21thatguy1(2 comments)posted 6 years ago

Please take some time to hope for the best for a great young athlete. Jamel is a great person to be around and despite his troubles over the past 2 years, he did not deserve anything like this.

Nunya, you're on a page about a local kid whose life is terribly and tragically at risk. This is not the place to attempt to prove to Youngstown's internet-readers that you can write volumes about nothing. Save this space for wishing Jamel well, giving Tracy's family your condolences, and nothing more. Please.

Suggest removal:

22Eleyru12(4 comments)posted 6 years ago

@Union Forever

Correction to your post- Jamel is still alive and remains in critical condition.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers because despite the recent troubles he has been involved with, Jamel is a great kid with a good heart.

May Tracy Banks rest in peace and the deepest condolences to her family, friends, and community.

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23tonyb2913(20 comments)posted 6 years ago

rip to tracee you are with your uncle now i miss him too im glad neither of you are alone now

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24walter_sobchak(2672 comments)posted 6 years ago

Jamel is a great kid with a good heart?!!?

KEEP IT REAL! This thug - he most assuredly is that - sure does attract a lot of trouble. Thrown off the Ursuline BB team, ruled academically ineligible (what a surprise), thrown out of a military academy and now has more lead inside of him than a nuclear plant. Shot at 3:23 AM! What good happens at that hour!

These are only the items that have been publicized about this thug. He is no innocent. Ask anyone on YPD that works the street and they will clue you in on the real Jamel Turner! The sky may be the limit for this kid but I fear hell is his destination!

ANd, people, please don't encourage Nunya!

Suggest removal:

25thatguy1(2 comments)posted 6 years ago

Walter, I know Jamel personally and I can definitely tell that you don't. He is a great kid and does have a good heart. Yes he's had school problems and yes he has surrounded himself with some bad people. You tell me how many youths with broken homes from the streets of Youngstown don't face any of those troubles.

In this case, he is not innocent? Not innocent for what? Not innocent for being a victim of a shooting caused by an unstable ex-boyfriend? No, I'm sure it had nothing to do with that fact that Melvin and Tracy were in a screaming argument before the shooting and had more to do with Jamel's thug status. Unbelievable that you would even say that. Like you said, the general public only knows the Jamel Turner that hits the newspaper. I, along with many others who know Jamel, are extremely offended of this kind of talk while the young man is in danger as we speak.

Suggest removal:

26walter_sobchak(2672 comments)posted 6 years ago

So, be offended but my OPINION stands! Maybe he is a thug-magnet. He allows himself to be surrounded by these people. There are plenty of kids in Y-town that come from broken homes that have less oppotunity than this creep but manage to keep themselves relatively out of trouble. So, I guess it is someone else's fault that he got thrown off the teams and booted from school. Quit being an aplolgist!

Suggest removal:

27Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago



To void your misdirection ploy the question here is --" Why are you so consumed with me? " --

So see the " incoherence " here is you don't know how to read and it's apparent you can't spell very well either,... believe.

See I've vowed not to deviate from my respect and support for the victims and their family and friends,.. and I mean that.

To wit via your gauge of ignorance you'll certainly not be one to have me breech it.

However, I will acknowledge that you've proved that you're that very ignorant person you tried to describe in a deflective manner.

See let the record reflect that you're yet another godless once silently seething whatnot. Who's chose to try to direct your 1st post of your mangled, misguided and fallacy laden comments for me to obliterate,.. even at such a time.

Which you make it perfectly clear you know not of the creators might and you unquestionably don't possess any of the bequeathed gifts that can and are granted,.. got that?

See you don't know any of the youngsters and yet you blindly try to tie them into everything from bearing your lack of character. To being misguided and possibly being linked to the abduction of the Lindbergh baby.

To which you blather a bushel of nothing to try to allege a speculative validity to the baseless lies you try to hurl at the victims. To take issue with I stated that not a single one of the youngsters had criminal records and that's fact,.. and you can't refute it.

I'd acknowledged Mr. Turner having had instances of poor and or suspect judgment that's cost him. As well as I'd stated I'd wished he learn better and rebuke those who saw him as a prize.

Where hopefully he'll come to understand that's why their efforts to summons him into a criminal accord was something HE didn't need,.. I just refuse to contend he can't, couldn't or won't do it.

However in your outlandish effort to try to make these victims out to be some Bonnie and Clyde. Who's encountering some opposing crime element is just your own baseless, foolish and worthless slant,.. beneath stupid.

Where to try to package it you even lie with innuendo to allege nobody will ever know who they really are. Atop trying to falsely proclaim I alleged gang activity isn't in the area,.. even when no such thing was even remotely alleged.

See you'd love if I were of your indefensible idiocy. And you hate that I'm not and won't allow you to go non humiliated citing you as the godless liar you are

For which the victims and their family and friends as well as well wishers are right to deem you as insignificant as you factually are,.. and nothing more.

Suggest removal:

28Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


You've deplorably failed,..

See first off your chosen name of " censorship " signifies that you're routinely un-welcomed, monitored, restricted, barred and even told to shut up via frequent, constant and or repetative routine.

As a direct result of your insignificant outbursts and you've not learned enough to know any better.

See also there's no here " We " go again at all. You have to accept you're only " 1 " of a pack of cynical simpletons that bear no relevance to anything that matters.

See there's absolutely nothing wrong with sincere, sane, sensible and spiritually sound people. Openly offering sentiments for the deceased or afflicted,.. at all.

Where in your abominably ignorant irrelevance. Fact is you don't know any one of the victims and thus your blind barbs are blasphemously baseless and buffoonish,.. totally.

However, yet you're you make it unmistakeably evident. That you're foolish enough to try to allege disparaging manner. To which only manages to display a degree of your deplorable dysfunction,..

For which you even duly anticipate being erased again. But not before trying to contend " Vindy " will be at fault as villain if they do it to you,.. it'd not be them it'd be you and only you.

See that's the facts and one of sane mind of cerebral matter. Can and does care absolutely less what you're unable to think or know. Or how long it takes for you to work on your interpersonal transgressions to overcome them,.. or if you ever will at all.

So trust me those of us whom are sensible and sincere. Aren't concerned with nor in anyway affected by you and or any of your self induced problems in the least.

Suggest removal:

29Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


Let's be spiritually sane and factually sound here,..

Where I'll refrain from anointing you in descriptive terms of satirical samplings and phrases as I normally do. Which you routinely beg for and deserve and they're not displaced nor unwarranted.

But solely because I've humbly avowed to respect the solemn setting and bear genuine and sincere respect. For the victims and their collective families and friends as well.

However, Sobchak I'm not going to allow you to go un-chastised for your slanderous lies here. Although I'll do it in a manner that's as accurate, fitting, subdued and founded as it gets.

See fact is if he were this notorious criminal on the loose. For which you've preposterously alleged some imaginary policeman is and or are telling you.

Then wheres the criminal records of apprehensions to support that baseless claim?

See your lies are outdone by fact being where there was an incident that we were informed of via the press. For which Mr. Turner was involved and nobody is alleging it didn't happen.

But there are no such historic records of rampant criminality as you so falsely proclaim. Thus it duly proves you're a baseless, senseless and unquestionable liar there Sobchak.

Thus with that being the crux of your cretinism caper. Be it known, stated, proven and recognized, that as baseless, foolish and fallacy laden as you are,.. and have been proven to be.

You're far beyond deliriously presumptive thinking you'd exact " offending " anyone with sense here. Be it understood it was your sole intent to attempt to offend but you've failed,.. miserably.

No ones canonizing any of the victims here. Yet we're just not baselessly demonizing any of them in any alignment of dysfunction.

To even remotely try to dehumanize young Mr. Turner as you'd like either,.. via fact and your insistence we rightfully see you as insignificant.

Suggest removal:

30walter_sobchak(2672 comments)posted 6 years ago

Juvenile records are sealed and none of my comments are slanderous. It seems like it is always someone else's fault that this thug lands in trouble. With his athletic ability, coaches and administrators would bend over backwards to keep him eligible to play. Common sense takes over and he is not worth the trouble. I was taught early in life that you are judged by the company you keep. So, I don't even remotely have to try to demonize young Mr. Turner; he has accomplished that already on his own.

Suggest removal:

3144509resident(46 comments)posted 6 years ago

this entire story puzzles me. Tracee's last Facebook post says "waiting on him to come over" Im wondering if she was referring to Jamel or Melvin? If her and Melvin were already broken up then most likely he read her status and took it upon himself to go over there WITH A GUN TO KILL.. its scary that myspace and facebook is the death of sooo many people! But at the same time, she still had all Melvin'c pics on her page until a bff deleted them after the murder. So did she break up with him that night, then had Jamel come over? No offense, but where were the parents? She was 17. Was the 4 year old a relative?

Suggest removal:

32ohdrama0901(53 comments)posted 6 years ago

@censoredship, I was waiting on your biggot behind to show up on this topic b/c clearly anything having to do with black people; you will have something ignorant to say to prove that you are a simple racist. Point is, these are two young kids who one; a life was lost and two; another in critical condition which had nothing to do with gang bangin but a domestic gone bad. Like I said before, you are probably somebody who had your funky behind cheering when the kid were running down the football field or sitting at your local tavern having a beer "jocking" him and now that he has ran into some problems you want to bash the kid. You sound to me like a victim of circumstance who now wants to take your anger out on the world for your misfortune. The internet sure gives people who would otherwise be ignored in real life something to say; that is one good thing about it. I don't really understand why someone would get mad and upset at you because you are the typical coward who sits behind a screen and keyboard knowing good and well if someone said "boo" to you that you would probably piss your butt tight sweatpants. God rest the soul of the young lady who lost her life and God take the wheel of this trouble youngman who has seemed to lost his way and lead him to a better way of life.

Suggest removal:

33johndoe67(5 comments)posted 6 years ago

Leetorres, I agree 100% with #3 being the most important. I am a former west sider who just couldn't take the "filth" any longer.
Great to hear that others feel the same way.

Suggest removal:


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