Butler begins installation of LED gallery lighting




New LED lighting is being installed in the galleries of the Butler Institute of American Art, which improves visibility and is less harmful to the paintings.

The project is ongoing, but the Adler Gallery of American Western Art has been completely re-illuminated, said Kathy Earnhart, museum spokeswoman.

The Cushwa Gallery — where Winslow Homer’s signature piece “Snap the Whip” hangs — has been partially re-lit.

The LED (light-emitting diode) lights not only save energy; they also give off much less heat and fewer ultraviolet rays, said Earnhart. They also cast a “whiter” light, making the paintings easier to view.

Because the lights give off little heat, the room temperature is easier to maintain as well as the level of humidity — which is also good for the artwork.

Each fixture costs about $200. Funding was raised through donations from the Annual Giving Campaign.

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