Readymade Breakup has lots of love for Y’town


In the Kevin Bacon sense, you’d think New Jersey rock band Readymade Breakup is involved in the six degrees of Youngstown.

The Asbury Park-based band is naturally in the shadow of fellow Garden State rocker Bruce Springsteen, who famously recorded the song “Youngstown.” So the notion that Readymade Breakup would be infatuated with Mahoning County makes sense. That is, until the band’s leader, Paul Rosevear, reveals his dirty little secret regarding his lack of The Boss knowledge.

“Oh, wow, Springsteen has a song called ‘Youngstown?’” Rosevear asked. “Actually, it’s sacrilege, but only recently I have really begun digging into Springsteen, getting to know him and appreciating him. I think growing up in Jersey, you sort of take it for granted and are so inundated with Bruce being from here that I just wrote it off. It’s like you’re fishing for something else, and you want to do your own thing. And then as I got older and started to go through his older stuff; he’s an incredible writer.”

Sure, that makes sense, but Rosevear needs to explain why his band has serious Youngstown love. Over the past few years, the quartet has played roughly half a dozen shows here, with yet another one booked for Saturday at the Lemon Grove.

“We love Youngstown, and I’m not just saying that,” Rosevear said. “I don’t know, we just rolled in that very first time with low expectations. and you never know what to expect: a great show, a terrible show, a great crowd, etc. So we rolled in, had such a great time, met all of these great people, and as we left town the next day, we were saying to ourselves ‘Hell yeah, Youngstown. Hell yeah, Youngstown.’ We kept saying it to the point now that it’s become a little bit of a mantra.

“Then months later, it spilled over into anytime we were going on the road, even if we weren’t playing Youngstown, we would be like ‘Hell yeah, Youngstown. Hell yeah, Youngstown.’ It came to symbolize what we love about traveling and enjoying ourselves and having a good time and meeting great people and sharing our music. So we have a deep affinity for Youngstown, for sure.”

Rosevear said Readymade Breakup has a new album due out this fall, with plans on playing some of its newest material for fans. This includes the driving song “Just” and the ’90s guitar-sounding “Bravest Smile.”

“We’re a rock band, yet we venture into all different styles,” Rosevear said. “It’s hard to describe. We just played a show a couple of nights ago and someone said we sound like Weezer, while another person said U2. I don’t know if I endorse those opinions but we all bring different influences. We’re all big classic-rock fans like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and then we love Pearl Jam.”

Though the group’s new CD is still untitled, Rosevear said the band has been tossing around its popular mantra as a possibility.

“We’re certainly considering ‘Hell Yeah, Youngstown,’” Rosevear said. “If it doesn’t get the album title, then it certainly deserves being its own song.”

Considering Cleveland has Ian Hunter’s “Cleveland Rocks,” the currently unwritten “Hell Yeah, Youngstown” could become our anthem of the future.

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