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2 city cops fired in connection with assault on paraplegic in February

Published: Thu, June 10, 2010 @ 6:12 p.m.

YOUNGSTOWN — Police Chief Jimmy Hughes has fired two officers involved in a Feb. 27 incident in which a paraplegic complained he was dragged out of a sport utility vehicle, assaulted by a police officer and left lying face down in the snow.

The chief announced today the terminations of Officer Robert Jolliff, the alleged assailant, and Officer Jay Fletcher, who allegedly failed to react properly as events unfolded at the scene.

Jolliff “was terminated because of the allegations of excessive force and conduct unbecoming an officer,” Hughes said. The chief added he believes Jolliff was not truthful in his comments during the internal affairs investigation.

Jolliff had prior complaints and some prior discipline in his personnel file, but his termination was almost entirely due to the Feb. 27 incident, Hughes said.

Fletcher was fired because of the combination of the Feb. 27 incident and prior discipline in his file, the chief said.

Jolliff and Fletcher may appeal their termination.

For the complete story, see Friday's Vindicator and Vindy.com


1taxpayer1001(274 comments)posted 5 years ago

I agree GTX, they seemed to miss the storyline when following up on this. Some may not have known all of the events leading up to the firing, and automatically thing they were wrong. I think there is more to this story. I think it's a shame because if they don't fire them then the race AND handicap comes out. Daniel also has a criminal history.

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2Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

The subculture of Youngstown can get away with driving drunk, selling drugs , breaking into houses and robbing people with very little consequence . The police are limited in their ability to keep control in the city . Jimmy Hughes has proven that the subculture rules !


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3TB(1167 comments)posted 5 years ago

Blood alcohol levels, prior records, etc. don't excuse assaulting an assailant.

Daniel should be charged with DUI and tried, but those officers have a duty to perform and responsibilities to fulfill. Both proved unable to do so, one going as far as to assault a paraplegic.

I'm a big fan of police and usually give them pretty wide latitude, but nothing in any reports or articles I've read indicates that Daniel was endangering anyone at the scene.

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4Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

Daniel was just being cool on his stool until that pole jumped in front of him . The utility company should be charged !

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5Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago

It's a shame because these 2 police officers had to take the fall because of one drunken fool. 2 officers are fired because this fool runs to the media to have the public feel sorry for him. He was wrong for even being on the road and driving drunk.


"Alleged" = not proven.

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6NorthSider(14 comments)posted 5 years ago

to solve the problem, give the brother a lie detecetor test... I believe Daniels wasn't driving.

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7Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago

"According to Daniel, he was in a SUV with his brother behind the wheel driving down Wilson Avenue when they were involved in a one-car accident. He said his brother left the vehicle to find a pay phone to call Daniel’s wife and a tow truck."

How come the brother never came back to the scene if he was actually there? His wife came to the scene so why not the so called brother? And I haven't read anywhere where the brother talked to the police that is was indeed driving.

"Daniel said a tow truck rode by the accident shortly after his brother left the scene, and he slid into the driver’s seat to flag down the driver. Daniel asked the driver for assistance, but said he did not need to have the police called."

Why not? Hiding something?

"Police did not find a gun, but did find a black stick inside the vehicle. "

How convenient? Black stick for the brake and pedal?

Way to many holes in his story. And with his past history doesn't add up as I don't think a officer would choke or hit him for no reason.


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8YOUNGSTOWNPUNISHER(19 comments)posted 5 years ago

It is pretty sad when a chief of pd has no stones to stand by his men! What do you expect once a puppet always a puppet! You get a criminal who obviously was breaking the law and thank God he did not cause or kill someone while he was driving drunk. But of course the administration takes the word of a convicted felon with a criminal history a mile long against to officers that the only wrong doing was having a lapse of judgement in their past work history! The City of Youngstown are again covered in blood from shootings and violent crimes, and the good men and women of law enforcement have to deal with not enough man power to try to get the job done, But no, they have to hug a thug, and also must be sensitive to the the different ethnic needs of the community! Your a black law breaker accusing a white and black officer and the city buckles and on top of it they will probably pay this guy and his girlfriend both with charges pending, some money so they can keep on commiting crimes at the expense of tax payers and the careers of two good officers! Score criminals=1 officers=0. Whao its going to be one hell of a summer! God bless us all! Good luck to the officers hopefully they can appeal to someone with stones and get their jobs back!

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9UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 5 years ago

Appeal the bad decsion by the police chief. They will get their jobs back and money from the city. How Hughes could do this is beyond me. A drunk over a police officer - NEVER! No wonder Y-town is so criminally out of control.

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10Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


To witness what some of you jackal type jellyfish variety, jaw jacking John Wayne's, That serve as couch trip twits are contending as trying to defend wayward swains is absurd.

Chief Hughes and those that conducted the IA are to commended for their honor and integrity.

Where I don't advocate physicality however, be it known if that side of you were to expose itself in a call to diffuse a disturbance. You'd belong in a cell just for your mealy mouth and ugly temperament. Where if you dared try acting out or upon your discourse you'd soon be in need of a good dentist and a well trained chiropractor,..

See to be a suspect requires nothing but circumstance. To include for one to be a criminal takes nothing but their disregard for the law. However, in law enforcement you'll be in situational circumstances by duty and you can't resort to criminality yourself.

Law enforcement be it city, state or federal isn't an easy job and not all are law enforcement material,.. as evidenced by some of your slanted, crooked, deranged and idiotic idiosyncrasies.

That said and before I get into my perspective let it be known. That we should all respect that and those whom honorably serve because it requires a special breed of individuals to keep the peace.

Not perfect but to be the best and be due the respect of the position. You'll not find a better human being regardless to gender, race or anything else on the face of this earth and that's said bar none,.. I'M TELLING YOU WHAT I KNOW !!!

However, just like in any and every other capacity where service is to be honored. There are those whom by personal transgressions just don't belong.

Where not to try to distinguish by anything other than their actions. Their manner and approach in conduct will provide a distinction on who does and who doesn't,.. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE CASES !!!

I'm no way for initiating brutality nor exercising excessive force. But by no means am I against manners of subduing and applying a bit of attitude adjustment within the limits of duty scope,.. play nice or get the business.

See smart mouth and belligerent armed clowns routinely get the ever loving brakes beat off them being subdued. But strictly via their dictating that's the only way they were going to be disarmed and processed.

To wit that doesn't bother me a bit and in the capacity of law enforcement my concern is for the safety of the officer,.. comply with instructions and don't force such a face off.

However, from what's been discovered the appropriate action of dismissal has and even further is being taken and there's no doubt about it. See the uniform and position is one of honor and integrity but unfortunately not all that puts it on deserves it.

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11Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


See granted where it's still my strong belief that the individual arrested was driving that vehicle, wasn't telling the truth and even offered drunken speech.

To which his actions and possibly / very likely mouthing off a bit. No doubt riled the cop up and a firm snatch, push and a shove in cuffing was in order but wasn't all that was done,.. AND THAT'S THE BIG PROBLEM HERE !!!

See the lawful and appropriate actions of a law officer is to assess, question, apprehend if deemed necessary and transport for booking and detainment,.. PERIOD !!!

See this is no race issue to me as so many that isn't enforcement material would like to rally around. In fact I'd like to feel it wasn't for the officer nor the detained individual either.

I'm of the belief the drunken individuals actions, verbiage and all would have been the same no matter what races where involved on the call.

I'd have also liked to had believed the dismissed individuals actions wasn't race induced. However, it certainly speaks to have been done with malice not solely because the dismissed individual[s] have records of such conduct. To wit to show no remorse they even lied to superiors about his / their actions,..CAN'T HAVE THAT !!!

My stance would be the same on this no matter what gender, races or if there was a paraplegic involved or not.

The focus is and has to be upon if a suspecting law violator is being apprehended. There's NO authorization of unnecessary / excessive force or brutality to be administered nor accepted,.. PERIOD !!!

Where via evidence upon probe and discovery it's clear that one individual on the call didn't do that. Where he'd opted to have went outside the protocol and duty scope. To have heinously beat the suspect in a uncivil, non disciplined, unjust and unlawful type manner,..and that's LAWLESS and Criminal !!!

I have the utmost respect for chief Hughes and just like he's not favoring one nor the other. Where unfortunately you can't expect cooperative conduct from all suspects and certainly not criminals.

However, beyond expecting chief Hughes and ever other supervisor has got to demand more out of his force officers than what the two dismissed rendered.

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12Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


Grossly incorrect,..as usual.

See " this ain't Warren " there Jethro and having a legit police chief overseeing this ordeal is a stark difference.

See just like the drunk is charged and will be prosecuted. It's equally highly unlikely that either of the two disorderly duo as puncher and onlooker will get those jobs back.

Which that " happenstance " accident the punchy patrolman had at work right after that fight night and pursuant to that investigation strongly signifies he knew that.

Be it known that beyond hearsay there was a lengthy and non bias IA performed. For which at conclusion he'd not been termed if he had merit.

Apparently to include beyond incident if he / they hadn't conducted themselves even more reprehensibly even in effort to cover it up.

However, the bright side is those two are available. For you to employ as a and or a pair of added member[s] of your personal entourage.

See in that instance the cities loss would be your gain and boy would you make out like a bandit getting such a illustrious pair.

Suggest removal:

13Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


You're the crevice of all crusty cracks,..

See where I'm all for supporting law enforcement I don't align with criminality from either side.

See in such extreme difference you're the same backsliding bag head that reeks of being such the blasphemous bigot.

That contended drawing down on those k grade school children in Warren on their way home from school fresh off the bus was warranted.

Now when more criminality is conducted in the form of police brutality and failure to adhere to law and humane conduct. Instead of having any rationality or sanctity for sensibility.

You non cogently contend the I'd believe unlawful drunk. Was somehow " rightfully " to have been beaten in bar room fashion and it was honorable to lie about it and screw up the charges by trying to cover it up,.. YOU-ARE-A-IMBECILE !!!

See an angle can be unique but comments are distinct and combined they provide a reflection of what makes an individual click. Which I find you're so silly and slanted I bet your hoof prints embed backwards.

As well as reflect you scurry on fours and one would need a gyroscope to grasp the magnetic's of your maniacal self tormented mania.

See you're so much of a soft shelled glute based " get em " individual. That if you were even as much as warned that you'd be handled. You'd bawl like a baby and allege your psyche was wailed upon so profusely it traumatized you and caused you to soil yourself.

I bet you're so insecure you sleep with a knife, sword or fork. Just knowing that by your half baked composition. You're only fit to provide the flatware for somebody to happen by to have you for lunch.

To which you better be glad there's compassionate men like me around that sense your insecurity and don't find you in the least bit appetizing,.. but divinity is gonna whoop you for playing with the word you blasphemous buffoon.

Suggest removal:

14Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago


"See in such extreme difference you're the same backsliding bag head that reeks of being such the blasphemous bigot. "

Bigot? Me? haha your funny nunya, no, I'm very open minded when someone makes sense. But your useless babble says nothing on issues just GIGO.

"That contended drawing down on those k grade school children in Warren on their way home from school fresh off the bus was warranted."

Yes it was warranted. Stand in a policeman's shoe for one day and see the animals they deal with on a day to day basis. You wouldn't last a hour. In your fantasy world kids do no wrong. Remember just recently a 12 year old robbing a Subway with a gun?

"I bet you're so insecure you sleep with a knife, sword or fork. "

Actually my cat lays next to me at night.

"To which you better be glad there's compassionate men like me around that sense your insecurity and don't find you in the least bit appetizing,.. "

I would hope not I'm not that way.
Insecurity, me? Surely you jest.

"Now when more criminality is conducted in the form of police brutality and failure to adhere to law and humane conduct. Instead of having any rationality or sanctity for sensibility."

After your long winded whatever you call it, you say police brutality? When you spend some time in the back seat of a cruiser or in numerous county jails and prisons then you can talk to me about police brutality and the animals that deserve every bit of ass whooping they get. You have no clue what goes on behind the walls in a prison or jail or on the streets. Everyone uses the media to win the hearts of the public and is a tool that everyone knows how to use. And the fools like you eat it up. Open thy eyes and quit living in your fantasy world it's called "real" life out there not some TV show you seem to watch daily.


Suggest removal:

15Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

Nunya :

"Chief Hughes and those that conducted the IA are to commended for their honor and integrity."

Or lack thereof . . ..

Daniel who ranks high in the subculture should have all of his charges dropped . He should not have been charged at all . Why ? For him there is no penalty as he is on the public dole . We now have to pay for his attorney and his fines plus costs . The utility company should be fined because their pole contributed to this accident that was the cause of it all .

Suggest removal:

16Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago


You've just left yourself and open short story of super stupidity, Having angled in a cross tangled manner of having missed your attempted mark.

Which in that you've said nothing in regards to even remotely accomplishing your attempt to disparage the police chief,.. not even close.

See there was an incident and the police chief did exactly what was warranted and he didn't posture to play pansy, politics nor favorites in doing it properly,.. the man is to be commended.

However, just so you'll have your angle addressed.

Sure the drunken and handicapped criminal is black. He's possibly not ever established enough work history to have contributed much if anything in regards to wage taxation from any earnings toward the funding he receives.

Yes he's one of a number of such individuals of both genders and all races that present that financial liability.

However, your empty effort to contend his ethnicity is the sole factor of any relevancy is inaccurately ridiculous,.. check the numbers.

So now,..

Just what does any of that have to do with the honor of chief Hughes?,.. NOTHING.

What does chief Hughes following the directives of protocol and holding steadfast to demanding proper conduct and behavior of officers under his charge?,.. NOTHING.

How in the world does that apprehended culprit. In anyway fit your baseless, non-connective, irrelevant and convoluted attempt to disparage the police chief because he's black,.. IT DOESN'T.

So see flim flam Stan, your idiotically acidic and imbecilic race based hate. Has yet again left you missing the mark.

As well as revealing you as an all too easily identified mealy mouth moron. Of nothing less than the motley mutt variety and nothing more nor less than that.

The chief has done his job admonishing and expelling rogue's from the roles of his force. As well as preserving the criminal charges against the individual that played culprit and became victim.

See this is actually a case where the chief has shown he's not just worthy of the position.
To include it's an honor to have him willing to serve.

To wit I can't think of an instance where any chief anywhere. That has shown such competence, integrity and resolute leadership in how he's going about this,.. I'm extremely pleased and impressed.

So now can you refute that with any facts?

Suggest removal:

17Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago

Police Chief Jimmy Hughes is just a puppet in the political entity.

Suggest removal:

18Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

Nunya :

"the man is to be commended."

Who Daniel ? You bet ! He really knows how to manipulate the system and really enjoy himself . The chief is his oyster and has been shucked .

Suggest removal:


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