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Ruling: Coitsville can leave district

Published: Sat, June 5, 2010 @ 12:10 a.m.




A Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge has ruled that Coitsville Township can break away from the Youngstown City School District.

Judge Patrick Sheeran overturned a February 2009 Ohio State Board of Education ruling that had rejected the petitions of a group calling itself Concerned Citizens for Quality Education. The group was asking for permission for the northern half of the township to become part of the Hubbard schools system and the southern half to become part of the Lowellville school district.

An Ohio Department of Education spokesman said the state board will meet next week to discuss a possible appeal of the ruling.

Anthony Catale, president of the Youngstown Board of Education, said the school board will appeal the case if the state doesn’t. He said he has urged the state to file an appeal before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Ultimately, this court must do what is best for all the students involved,” Judge Sheeran wrote in his May 21 ruling. “The evidence demonstrates that the benefits supporting the transfers far outweigh the reasons for denying the transfers.”

Nowhere in the state’s list of reasons for denying the property transfers does it show that Youngstown can provide a superior or even an equal educational experience to that already being experienced by the majority of students living in Coitsville, the judge said.

His ruling reflects that the record shows 53 of the 63 school-age children were already attending either Hubbard or Lowellville, and two others were attending Struthers schools. Only eight were enrolled in Youngstown schools.

The ruling points out that Hubbard and Lowellville are rated as “excellent” by the Ohio Department of Education on their local report cards. At the time of the petition filing, Youngstown was rated in “academic watch.” (It has since dropped to academic emergency.)

Judge Sheeran was critical of the recommendation of an ODE referee who found in December 2008 that the Concerned Citizens petitions should be denied. The state board of education acted on that recommendation.

The Youngstown Board of Education also opposed the petitions, arguing that the district would lose $607,000 in real-estate-tax revenue now being received from Coitsville Township annually and an additional $145,000 in state-foundation funds for students.

The court pointed out that the $607,000 in real-estate taxes won’t be lost. Youngstown school officials have confirmed that is true because that revenue will now have to be made up by the remaining taxpayers in Youngstown.

The court said Youngs-town’s actual financial loss will be about $140,000 a year in state and local funds, less than 1 percent of its total $116 million budget and not large enough to be a significant factor standing in the way of the property transfers.

Judge Sheeran also discredited the referee’s finding that allowing Coitsville to leave the Youngstown system would further add racial isolation to Youngstown schools, which have a predominantly black enrollment.

The court pointed out that 55 of the students in question already were attending other schools through open-enrollment provisions, and the eight students still in Youngstown schools would have little impact on the district’s racial makeup.

Edmond Raines, a spokesman for the Concerned Citizens group, said the group was confident in pursing its appeal of the state board of education ruling.

“We had a lot of merit going forward,” he said, noting this is the fourth time the township has asked to be removed from the Youngstown school district.

The court ruling offered no timetable for the property transfers, but Raines said he is hopeful it can happen before the start of school this fall.


1PXGhost(51 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

607,000 real-estate
+145,000 State Foundation Funds
=752,000 Total
/ 63 Kids
=11,936.50 per kid...

**Only 8 attend Youngstown Schools

752,000 Total
/ 8 Kids in Youngstown Schools
= 94,000 per kid attending Youngstown Schools.

I think I may have further justified Coitsville Township's distaste for the failing Youngstown School System.

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2UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Good for Coitsville. Now maybe their kids can get a real public school education. Youngstown schools are the worst in Ohio and the fact that the Youngstown parents lack any involvement in their kids education is the driving factor.

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3mrblue(1170 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

It is about time. Youngstown schools are the worst in the state. Good news for Coitsville parents and their kids!!

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4goodoledays(17 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

ok here's the deal. coitsville has been fighting for this for years but it always gets overturned. why ??? because ytown schools dont want to lose any money. people...WAKE UP !!! this isnt about the tax dollars...if that where the case you would be boycotting everything in america. this is about education..our future..our childrens future. i personally grew up in lowellville and now reside in coitsville. my children go to lowellville under open enrollment. they are involved in almost everything the school has to offer. ths would not be the case had they went to ytown schools. there is nothing to offer children in ytown. you cannot compare the quaility of there education. there is no comparrison...period. ytown is a failing school system. there is little to offer other than teaching your kids how to defend themselves. this is good for jail but not THERE FUTURE. once upon a time lowellville went from 224 to 422. yes people....lowellville. thats why alot of people have a 44436 zip code. it was annexed years ago for the betterment of the area suppossidly. well guess what....ITS TIME TO GIVE IT BACK FOR THE SAME REASON. face it....surrounding areas have way more stability and alot more to offer. the solution is simple...give it back and work on your own problems rather than creating more for good honest taxpayers. your hand has been out for decades ytown and always getting something for nothing. its time to give instead of take. you try to take austitown,boardman, took girard .... why dont you take campbell and help them out. oh wait...you cant help...point exactly. surrounding schools have surpassed the so called well educated ytown school system. its failing because to much time is spent on fighting rather than teaching. that goes for the whole area. ever wonder why you can go 10 miles in either direction and people seem to be nicer to you. hmmmm....theres a thought. back in the day youngstown in general was a great community and still is to a point but there are others out there to. LET US GO WHERE WE BELONG !!! give back what was ours to begin with unless of course you would rather teach your kids how to fight and survive in jail.....JUST SAYING !!!

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5goodoledays(17 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

and on another note....stop playing the dam race card. give me a break. the ratio...what ratio ?????? im 48 and never once heard of a white to black ratio. grow up. this is 2010...not the 1800's. no, im not racist in anyway. i treat all as i would want to be treated. its called respect !!! something ytown should give coitsville and its residence. i gotta say that if this was over a race issue then lowellville would have back what was theres once. the government does it for every other reason so why not for the betterment of our children. oh yeah...who cares...right! someday there will be people starving and killing to survive..oh wait thats already in youngstown. thats a nice place to call home. the school systems have failed for several years in ytown. the teachers are afraid of the students. i would like to see a teacher walk down the street. yeah right...they wont for fear of being shot for passing out homework. come on people...wake up. take a stand for once. its not the schools..ITS THE UPBRINGING FROM THE PARENTS !!!!! look at it this way....can you teach a slug to talk...hmmm...guess not. well, if your laying around all day and teaching your kids the same thing and teaching them to beat someone up to take ther shoes then its the same thing. come on people...we all know what the real problems are and where they are. our children dont stand a chance in ytown schools. give it back and go cry to boardman or somewhere else. im so sick of everyone crying. grow up and take a stand. our poor forefathers are rolling over in there graves over todays society. here's a thought....help thy fellow neighbor !!!!! and not by stealing his belongings. say hello...smile...or better yet...GET A EDUCATION. oh wait..thats to hard....that means teaching in school. cant have that in ytown. yes, im saying just that...grow up or shut up and give our kids a chance that your parents should have given you !!!

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6goodoledays(17 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

just one more thing....put yourself in our shoes as coitsville residences for a second. just a second to see how stupid this really is looking from our side. now heres a good way of looking at it. i have a car for sale but its a piece of junk. dont even run half the time unless its from the cops.( that would be youngstown) the neighbor has a car like new. almost perfect. wants the same amount of money or even just alittle more. it will take me anywhere. and last me a lifetime. (EDUCATION DOES JUST THAT) it has way more to offer. like a/c...lol. its very safe and almost no problems other than minor little things.(this would be lowellville/hubbard) now which one would you rather have...hmmm...for all you uneducated people out there...the junk one has 22" rims and music in it. but for anyone with a brain and i mean anyone.....even ytown school board of education employees.....the choice is very simple. unless of course you need to stand out in the crowd and have a towing company, a lawyer, and a best friend who is a crack dealer on your speed dial. the parents need to get there kids outta there. open enrollment is FREE !!!! now theres something ytown is use to. go with it people. its free !!!!!! a free education and a diploma and a real sense of pride or a welfare card and cadillac that dont run and a place to call home .....JAIL !!!! now i know for some people this is a tough choice but i know you can figure this out with a pile of crack at your side, a qaurt of malt liqiour and your babies mama down the street making you money. come on...you can do it. hmmmmm....maybe not. its a tough choice for a kid that grew up that way ........ what a shame !!!!

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7havinmysay(155 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Actually, Cincinnati has the worst schools in Ohio.

With open enrollment in place I don't know why this is such an issue for Youngstown?

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8aljimi(45 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Only a few months ago, Youngstown was rated as the worst school district in the state.With that being said I am so glad that we in Coitsville will have a chance in sending our kids to a good and safe school.Also our property taxes will be reduced since we are paying nearly double to the Youngstown school system compared to what our neighbors pay to Lowellville.During the last election the Youngstown school district got a huge additional levy passed by shuttling people to the voting booths many of which were not landowners and couldn't care less since they would not be paying for it.It is amazing that the school board has the audacity to threaten to appeal an obvious proper ruling by the courts,Instead of being happy that a community can finally grow now that the black cloud of the Youngstown School System has been removed.

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9Exploringoptions(1 comment)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

The ball and chains have finally been removed from Coitsville!!! I know this because I was personally one of those students that had to attend Youngstown City Schools that lived in Coitsville Township. Over 40 plus years ago the Youngstown City School promised the residents of Coitsville a school system that would offer so much to their children...NOT!!! Goodoledays...you are Right ON!!! Coitsville Township is FREE AT LAST!!! Thank God!!!

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10SkyKing310B(315 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Now that Coitsville has won its victory over the State Board of Education, Boardman should be next to file a challange.

Approximately 25-30 years ago, the residents of Bdm living north of Matthews Rd, West of Sheridan, East of South Avenue and South of Thalia Ave, petitioned the State Board of Education to change the District Boundaries. Since these residents lived in Bdm Twp, they wished to have their students attend Boardman Schools, not Youngstown.

At the time, Jack Hunter, a former Mayor of Youngstown sat on the State Board.

When the petition was presented, the State Board said "NO". The students then continued to have the choice of attending Youngstown City Schools or pay the tuition to send their students to Mooney. There was no such thing as Open Enrollment at the time. Also, Boardman even now does not accept open enrollment and I don't believe they have any plans to in the future either.

With the victory Coitsville has just won, there is now a precident set whereby these Boardman Residents can again request the change they have so long desired. That fact that the YCS again built one of their school buildings in BOARDMAN TOWNSHIP, should have no influence on the decision of the State Board nor the courts. The YCS board knew both times that the building was not within the city limits of Youngstown and they should not have built either building where it is.

I'm sure BLS would be willing to buy the building from YCS as we need another elementary school for the district anyway. With the potential influx of these additional students, we would even need it more.

Come on Boardman residents, rise up and take your destiny back!

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