Why can’t city government help ailing city schools?

City should help school district

I am somewhat disappoint- ed to know that Wendy Webb is resigning from her position as Youngstown schools superintendent, disappointed because she has done an excellent job under the present circumstances.

She has been constantly criticized by the school board and the media. I understand that the board is the governing body over her position but its members never take blame for anything, neither academic crisis or finances.

How can academic excellence be achieved when so many teachers have been fired or forced into retirement? How can pupils learn with no one to teach them? It appears that everything is about finances; no one is really concerned (although education is supposed to be the Number 1 priority). The federal, state and local governments should be blamed — not the superintendents of school districts.

Evidently the board had in its agenda before the last school board election to fire Dr. Webb.

What is the city doing for the schools? Is it not allowed to contribute financially? If industries can be aided, why not the schools? Our children need quality education.

I would like to thank Miss Webb for being so compassionate and for her endeavors. I’m sure many others thank her. May God bless her.

OLLA L. TATE, Youngstown