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YSU’s SGA to continue pressing for student fee

Published: Tue, July 13, 2010 @ 12:09 a.m.




The new president of Youngstown State University’s Student Government Association said the organization hasn’t given up on a plan to have students pay a new fee that would create a pool to fund student organization requests.

SGA will continue to pursue the $1-per-credit-hour fee per semester it had hoped the YSU Board of Trustees would approve for this fall, said Nicholas Meditz.

The fee won’t be in place this year.

It would have had to be included in the 2010-11 budget adopted by the trustees in June, and it wasn’t a part of that document.

Scott Schulick, trustee chairman, said SGA never came back to the board with its proposal, nor did the administration present it as part of the budget.

Nicholas Meditz, SGA’s new president, said he was unaware that SGA was expected to go back to the trustees. It was his understanding that the issue had been presented and that it would automatically be considered by the trustees.

Meditz, a senior finance and economics major from Canfield, said he plans to discuss the issue with Zachary Brown, the former SGA president who spearheaded the fee proposal, before determining what steps to take to get it back on track.

The SGA voted 21-0 last November to ask the trustees to place the $1-per-credit-hour fee per semester on all students beginning this fall.

It would be capped at $12 per semester for undergraduate students and $9 for graduate students. It was projected to raise about $306,000 a year, based on current enrollment numbers.

As it stands now, SGA gets only $31,000 a year from the university to fund student organization requests.

That’s not nearly enough to meet a demand that totals about $150,000 a year, according to the SGA.

Getting more money would allow the SGA to fund more requests and provide aid to individual students seeking help with academic issues such as conferences or research presentations, Brown had said.

Cynthia Anderson, YSU’s new president and former vice president for student affairs, said she supports the fee concept but suggested it may have to be restructured.

A flat $1 fee charged to all students would count against the state-mandated 3.5 percent cap on student tuition, she said.

The trustees did approve a 3.5 percent tuition increase for this fall, and some board members had expressed reluctance to consider the SGA request if it would count against the cap.

Anderson said that issue can be resolved by charging different student levels different fees. For example, freshmen might be charged $1 per credit hour and upperclassmen different amounts. The state won’t count that type of arrangement against the tuition cap, she said.


1starofesther(168 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Student pay enough and then the General Fee...It is Out Outrageous! Some do not get to use the facilities...Students are taken advantage of Someone needs to rally.....YSU should give 10% from the fees already taken especially after they put a statue of the 1st president of YSU what a waste of money ...All the money spent and the new art building was built it flooded...ASAP
For higher education facility they make too many big and costly unwise choices ..Whoever on the YSU Board they need new board members as well....The new business building ...wonder if they had in mind about flooding ...YSU wastes money over the years...Example...Big hole for 4 years that was dug up and never finished..SOME YSU employee do their work half halfheartedly but still get paid the full amount and a raise... Some are not even courteous when you ask for assistance

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2starofesther(168 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

There is someone with F.Heirro .
who manages a bank on the board...He allowed his wife Barbara to be dishonest it all comes out...

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3imwildflower(15 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Starofesther--I wholeheartedly agree with you! Like any bureaucracy, YSU seems to make decisions based on the desires of the parties and their committees that are currently "in office." It seems that the actual education of the students is secondary. So much money is wasted on window dressing, like you mention in your post. Did you know that adjunct faculty--who are not permitted by law to form a union and can be fired if they complain about it--have not had a raise for at least 15 years, despite all the tuition hikes? It's a small thing, but I think is shows that actual student education is not a priority at YSU.

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4wachinovia(5 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

incurring another fee, just because student gov. can not live within their budget is wrong. I am sure there are other ways to increase their budget without putting it onto the majority of students that would never even use that money. Requesting to go from $31,000 to $306,000 is irresponsilbe on SGA part. It would seem that there is a hidden agenda on someones part on SGA. Get real.

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5aktwyford(4 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Wachinovia - a hidden agenda on someone's part on SGA? Really? I had the honor of serving the student body as last year's SGA Executive Vice President, and I helped author the proposal that was presented to the board. I can assure that I would not put my name on something that I didn't wholeheartedly feel was in the best interests of the students. Read it for yourself. http://www.ysu.edu/sga/wp-content/upl...
We want to be able to fund as many student organizations as we can every year, but its impossible to help everyone who applies when our budget is only 1/5 of the average total of funds requested. For several years, our budget ran out sometime in mid-March or April, prohibiting us from helping out organizations with events towards the end of the year. For the 2009-2010 year, however, we able to stay within the budget (barely), but this only gave organizations requesting funds the bare minimum.
We wrote the proposal in full knowledge that it would more than likely have to be reworked, so maybe instead of $1 per credit, it would be maybe 50 cents a credit. Currently, there is no provision in our financial path that allows us to fund individual students who wish to represent YSU at academic-related conferences to present papers, attend lectures, etc, leaving them to seek funding from their deans and departments, which are also poorly funded. There have been several occasions where professors have paid out of pocket for their students to attend academic functions.
However, I'd still love to know what you think our hidden agenda was in drafting this proposal.

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6UniAtTheCornerofLincolnAve(2 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

I don't know how you can be against this as a YSU student. I would venture to guess that the majority of people against it have never participated in any sort of college-sponsored activity to improve their standing when looking for a job. Traveling to points across the United States to compete in interscholastic competitions certainly helped me build a resume and find a job after graduation, and none of this would have been possible without the financial support of others like the SGA.

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7Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Oh Lo and behold here,..

Nicholas Meditz and Zachary Brown are panhandling parasites that wanted their own pot to plunder.

It appears that when it was questioned and asked to be recorded as method, manner and chain of custody.

Ole Zachary Brown didn't show in the light of day and now ole Nick Meditz, damn well wants to find a way to get his hands on that money.

Good ole Y.S. Shrew,..

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago


Oh really?,..

How ironic you should " suddenly " appear to find time and interest to allege such an outlandish thing.

Where you develop a resume is in defining what " you've " done. Where the world full of us that's sensibly formulated, written and submitted them.

Don't generally add field trips as applicable experience unless you feel it pertinent for an employer to ponder did you drive or ride that bus, boat, plain, train or automobile you're embellishing?

Fact is if you were so astute in your academic studies and seized accolades to attest to it / them. The age old process of responding to and or contacting employers with verifiable scores, and acumen is the blueprint.

Where if you knew your stuff and you'd have followed that procedure you have landed a job on your own as all the rest of us has so historically done and continue to do.

Sure along with knowing your field studies, Alumni and frats can be helpful in opening doors in the job market.

But it comes down to you as an individual is the product and college is no self indulging excursion where somebody or anybody pays your way to Wally world.

What you're expecting is what one receives as a boyscout or gratuities at the Boys and Girls clubs.

When it comes down to college unless you come from a family of considerable disposable cash. It's an independence launch and we work either after, before or in between classes. As a self responsible discipline to get what we want, need and even where we aspire to go.

Had somebody proposed hiking up my tuition costs for something like that. I'd have split time with my studies and applied for the position. Just to get the predators off the perch,.. and added it as a " works well with others " personal quality on my resume.

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9Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago


Get a load of this " Spongebob ",..

I've had enough of what Y.S. Shrew proliferates down there at their grant guzzling Grotto. And I've read your ponzi scheme business plan to chisel into the ruins as well.

Which is to say I'm not impressed and no student is to be required to pay for what amounts to as souvenir ice cubes. That you proclaim needs to be placed before the feet of the abominable snowman. As a ritual of sacrificial skirting of the board of regents rights and records.

Although by the same token I'd expect nothing less than such a pyramid scheme. To be so cunningly hatched by a byproduct of such a depot for despots where you try to launch your craft of criminality.

Had that larceny by deception declaration been proposed to and or served upon a bank. Where to invoke FDIC protection rights. You'd get charged for attempted robbery with communicated means of delivery being submitted by note.

Now lets see if you'll think your " sudden " arrival trying to pitch that ponzi plan was such a good idea,..

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10CandyfromCanfield(172 comments)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Oh Nunya...for God's sake... speak in the King's English just ONCE...and have a point!!!

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11aHem(1 comment)posted 5 years, 10 months ago

First off, I believe this is a great idea. What is 10 or 15 bucks to you? For each student it is nothing, but pooled together it adds up to a lot. Student organizations have a hard time because of this shortage, and if you have never been in one, you should be. Laugh at that making your resume, but in a world where more and more people are going to college that degree does not guarantee you a job. Its the extra things that make you look better than the guy standing next to you.

@Nunya, Zach and Nick don't need your money, they are both doing awesome and have not only EARNED scholarships to pay for their undergrad degrees, but I also expect them to have their graduate programs paid for as well. Why? Because they have the grades AND the extras that make them stand out. It sounds as if you have more of any imagination than any real knowledge.

@BamBam, Everyone learns at college, and everyone gets a degree, so what is going to make you stand out except for the extra things. That piece of paper does NOT guarantee you a job, especially in todays economy. So i'd suggest getting on that. And ten bucks is going to deprive you of learning? Sure.

@starosfether Everyone is aloud to use the facilities, if they don't, that is on them. And if you hate YSU so much then leave. No one is making you stay and we don't need that kind of attitude in our student body.

@Nunya Self Indulging? Students work hard when they go overseas, and work hard to get there, they represent YSU well. Its not all fun and games. And if you actually knew what half those words meant, I may take you seriously. But talking like that no one will. Come back to the 21st century.

All in all, The board and the President by all means have the students best interest at heart. If you don't believe so just look around at all that is offered to you. The center for Student Progress? The Recreation and Wellnss Center? The Math Assistance Center? The foreign Language Assistance Center? Any of the computer labs? It is there if you look, but so many of you are taking it for granted.

Lets explore some Costs of Running YSU, Shall we? Heat, air conditioning, electricity, proffessors salaries (and with a phd they more than deserve it) Secretaries salaries, Administration Salaries, Student Employees Salaries, Maitnance, Grounds Keeping, Any construction, Cleaning, Food Service, Police Force, carpeting, desks (that so many students destroy), office furniture, Computers and computer labs. I could go on and on.

It costs a lot to run a university, not every person in a position is trying to steal your money, so get over it. They have the best interest of the University and students in their minds and hearts. YSU has become my home, the organizations I have joined are where Ihave met some of my best friends and they have helped me make the best of college. If you go to class and straight home, you are sorely missing out.

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