For those who don’t appreciate the value of Mill Creek Park ...

For those who don’t appreciate the value of Mill Creek Park ...

I have felt compelled to write this letter for years, but have not done so. Well, here goes.

I wish to extend my thanks to those past and present for the great gift of Mill Creek Park. I am a lifelong resident of this community. I have had, and I continue to have, great moments at the park, thanks to our forefathers who had the foresight to set aside and preserve this beautiful landscape.

Many thanks to those personally charged to ensure the beauty of the landscape, from the manager right down the line to janitorial services.

I spend hours weekly enjoying your labor. I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge all the volunteers; to you flower children, thanks

When visitors from out of town come, I have to show them this great park, and the blessings it holds.

I once traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and hiked three miles, only to see a Mill, like Lanterman’s Mill, which was in my backyard.

I am grateful to one and all.

The best tax dollars I’ve ever spent. I do now, and will always support the park.

We as Americans live a fast paced life. There is nothing like being in nature to pull us back as we hear our higher power talking to us through the blowing wind, the birds chirping, the water flowing, etc.

If I left anyone out, I’m sorry.

Larry Bundy, Austintown

Niles knows how to celebrate

Applause, applause to the city of Niles for the absolutely awesome fireworks display on the Fourth of July. What a perfect Independence Day celebration for all to see, the most awesome one we have seen in a very long time.

The finale was superb. Everyone there had a great time. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the show. There was ample parking, plenty of places to sit and watch, the display started on time and lasted nearly a half an hour. Hats off to the people responsible for this holiday celebration.

Ed and JoAnn Winterbauer, McDonald