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Bouncer robbed downtown

Published: Sat, July 3, 2010 @ 12:29 a.m.


A 27-year-old downtown club bouncer was robbed at gunpoint at 2 a.m. Thursday near Youngstown City Hall and the police station.

According to police, the victim said he was in a Phelps Street parking lot when a man approached him, pulled out a handgun and demanded his money.

The victim handed over a $100 bill.

The gunman fled but dropped his driver’s license, which was turned over to police.

No arrest had been made as of tonight.


1Lifes2Short(3882 comments)posted 6 years ago

Had to be a stolen drivers license but another useless human form having to steal with a gun. One day these animals will rob the wrong person/s.

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2VINDYAK(1824 comments)posted 6 years ago

Apparently, the robber had his driver's license with him in case his victim asked for an ID before he handed over the money.

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3Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

The Bouncer will not be charged as he willingly forked over the money and there was no violence involved . The solicitor will be informed that he should not litter the scene of a solicitation with his license . No arrests were made so no police will need to be fired .


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4Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

jrolley325 :
"the same joke gets a little bit old. perhaps you should find some new material, stan."

You are so right jrolley325 . The same joke of a downtown is getting old . Let's clean up the criminals who frequent the downtown so mainstream society can venture forth in safety !

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5justonevoice(94 comments)posted 6 years ago

@Stan...if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I don't know, perhaps if you would consider getting up from behind your computer and take about 30 minutes off from trolling the message boards making the same old tired comments about "the subculture" and actually go down to the "joke of downtown" and help in a clean up effort, perhaps it would be less of a "joke". Just a thought.........

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6TB(1167 comments)posted 6 years ago

it's easier to sit on the sidelines in the suburbs and make jokes

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7author50(1121 comments)posted 6 years ago

What bar did the bouncer work in?

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


See along with saying it's great the victimized didn't get physically injured. I'll also say hats off to that bouncer for having more compassion than another would.

Because had some clown robbed per say another certain type of person and dropped his ID to be retrieved.

The cops wouldn't have been called as neither a taxpayers burden nor diverted from any locality where they were truly needed and or of use.

It'd be an instantaneous after actions assessment made where that robber would have a definite date with destiny and scheduled for a fast tracked one way trip to Hell via his own insistence.

See I'm not one to advocate theft, infringement, disrespect, violence, terrorism, vigilantism or any of that. What I don't have or possibly can't afford I responsibly make due without.

However, not all feel the same and those are the individuals, whom chose to introduce and represent themselves in such a non-avoidable way. That they dictate and demand how they're to be received, understood and responsibly dealt with.

Where in a sensible no nonsense and understanding approach. It's certainly not strange, rude, abusive, illogical, irrational nor savage.

To ask why should one who Mr. Insensitive robbed. Toil spending time as a victim trying to expect or seek any accord with or apology from the robber.

Which would be a manner of favoring agreeing to lay prey to the individual infringing upon them again?,.. Ohhh No.

Where with after picking up that ID and verifying proof positive certainty of no possibility of visual mix-up. Upon doing due diligence of ensuring there's no twin or mixup in resemblance.

That's a robber that would be unknowingly going out of business in a quiet, short order, no frills nor qualms manner of compliance.

Accommodated without fanfare, public announcement nor general public endangerment.

Thus as to not inconvenience he just wouldn't need that ID anymore. Nor ever have to toil with any insincere apologies, debt nor the hassle of getting another ID reissued ever again.

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9computer_rick(137 comments)posted 6 years ago


Liberals, thugs, and hoodrats...

You tell 'em Lombardo!

All there thanks to the eye-ties who started the whole mess... Right Lomabardo?

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10Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

lombardo :
"Downtown is a slum. It is for liberals, thugs, and hoodrats."

YPD Officers face getting fired if they clash with the subculture . The trash is getting mighty bold when they rob people next to the Police Station .


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11RobertH(51 comments)posted 6 years ago


I have to agree,

Get some new material.

Right about now your looking line nothing more than a standard issue broken record of a Whiny Assed Right Winger ... Yes, I know, "Whiny Assed" and "Right Wing" is redundant.

Redundant means .... never mind.

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12Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


Whoa,.. LMAO !!!

Now see that's whats called REALLY pinning the tail on the Jackal characteristic burrow there,...

I've got a host of Italian friends and I don't play the race or gender card as any generalization to disparage.

However, in regards to Lombaro's " Pot -vs- Kettle " take. One can only wonder why those like Lombardo and Co fled / flee Italy if they were so sensible, secure or savory in their own established environment's.

I mean it's not like the displays of those bearing such heritage names of oh say,..

Cafaro, Strollo, Traficant, Naples, Trafficanti, Carabbia, Antoninni, Sciortino, D‘Avignon, Sammarone and Rimedio-Righetti.

Are among just a small list of names that I can continue on for hours if not days to play that connect the dots criminality by creed game,..

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131970mach1(1005 comments)posted 6 years ago

@Stan...if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I don't know, perhaps if you would consider getting up from behind your computer and take about 30 minutes off from trolling the message boards making the same old tired comments about "the subculture" and actually go down to the "joke of downtown" and help in a clean up effort, perhaps it would be less of a "joke". Just a thought...


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14Lifes2Short(3882 comments)posted 6 years ago

1970, stan

They don't like hearing tough honestly thus the negative comments. Didn't someone once say, that the more you repeat it in there heads then one glorious day they will finally "understand".

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15Nunya(1356 comments)posted 6 years ago


You're super silly,..

See you're the kind of individual that bumps their goonish gum's in such a non supportable bumbling manner.

That while trying to point the fault finger at others. You bear more than two hands full of flawed logic that ensconces you as a innuendo infested idiot.

See your angle is all wrong and to get some refinement about yourself. You're going to have to get off the pre-programmed pallet.

To learn, respect, exude and exercise a more valid, sensible, rational and realistic understanding that it's all about individuals and independent thinking.

See to have shackled your own little blown mind while trying to seize control or sanction of persuasion of influencing that of others.

Isn't a display of your bearing any diplomacy dynamics. It's a absolute broadcasting of a closed minded cretin without a clue.

Thus those are the only / same like kind of mutual infliction that you'll ever reach.

See you unknowingly exploit yourself as a backwards non thinking buffoon. That's dare trying to immolate shedding the insight feigning being a Bastion,.. by merely blowing real, real hard.

That said you're not to be misunderstood to pose any generalized reflection of representation upon all Italians

Because I personally know a host of them that's far more sensible and intelligent than what you've shown yourself to be.

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16Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

RobertH :
I have to agree,
Get some new material."

You sound like a real agreeable fellow . I'll bet that you agree with everything that goes down in the subculture's favor . Like a true lib you whine over any criticism . IT"S ALL GOOD AND GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY !

To all of my liberal friends who are trying to goad me to try cleaning up the town :

I cannot stop the decay and I am not the cause of it . You libs have control of the town and now you can't stand your own masterpiece ? Now that is funny !

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17TB(1167 comments)posted 6 years ago

Again, it's a lot easier to sit anonymously in a suburb and lob hatred than to actually try to make a difference.

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18Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

LEAD : I don't have the talent to lead the subculture .

FOLLOW : Can't do that as their lifestyle disgusts me .

GET OUT OF THE WAY : This I can do and will stay out of the downtown after dark .

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19TB(1167 comments)posted 6 years ago

DESIRE: Stan doesn't care enough to really do more than post quips on a website.

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20atek101(77 comments)posted 6 years ago

Okay, I'd honestly like to know how many of you naysayers have honestly been downtown in the last four years; my guess is none but correct me if I'm wrong.

Downtown may not be as spiffy as a place like East 4th St. in Cleveland (where the House of Blues is) just yet, but it has improved substantially in recent years and has drawn in a very diverse crowd of college students, office workers, young professionals, thinkers and drinkers, and many suburbanites.

Downtown Youngstown was once the center of business, the center of minds, and the center of innovation in our community, and it is gradually becoming that once again. I've seen it with my own two eyes, so don't sit at your computer screen and tell me it's not true.

To set the record straight, I am a recent graduate of Youngstown State and I have been a frequent patron of Downtown Youngstown since I started school four years ago.

I hang out downtown because if offers a wide range of night life opportunities compared to any other place in the Valley. Each bar or restaurant offers a unique atmosphere, and it's easy to walk from one to another safely down Federal Street. Are improvements needed? Of course, but an incident like this one could take place anywhere.

In four years I have never seen an incident downtown, and I have never felt unsafe walking from bar to bar or to-and-from a car. So don't tell me how it's not safe for college students; I've never had a problem there, and neither have any of my friends, all of whom frequent downtown almost exclusively.

Free speech is free speech, but knocking downtown without having been there is akin to locational slander.

So let it be known: Downtown is actually a very fun and friendly place to spend your free time and to enjoy the Valley night life and music scene. I would highly recommend it to anyone over the age of 18, and to families on event nights or for concerts, plays, and performances. There's plenty to be proud of in our downtown, and I can tell you from experience that it is steadily improving over time.

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21atek101(77 comments)posted 6 years ago

Oh, and also, I'm not a thug, hoodrat, or a drunken loser, Lombardo, and I resent that remark!

I might qualify as a liberal, but if that's because I frequent a cool place like Downtown Youngstown and care about the success of our community, then guilty as charged!

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22city_resident(528 comments)posted 6 years ago


Here's a place to start:

More details about this weekend's Pig Iron Street Fest:

The Lemon Grove seems to always have something going on.

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23lovedrama(139 comments)posted 6 years ago

Big deal. Muggings in metropolitan areas are normal. If you don't want to hear about it move to Rogers-or some other rural area.I like urban areas. Youngstown isnt my favorite, but for now it's home. I had a great time at the YSU arts festival with my kids.

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24Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

TB :
"DESIRE: Stan doesn't care enough to really do more than post quips on a website. "

HYPOCRITE ! If I injured a HOODRAT who was trying to rob me in the downtown you would then call me a racist .

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25YTownBred(30 comments)posted 6 years ago

First off, this is not news. This happens all the time through out the city. The robber actually got lucky in my eyes.

Yeah who cares about a measly hundred dollars?
The fact stands that the stupid idiot dropped his IDENTIFICATION! All it would have taken was a phone call, or a knock on the door and BOOM!!! The robber would've been in the news instead of this bouncer.

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26city_resident(528 comments)posted 6 years ago

"No offense city_resident, but I am really curious about something... Is the City really paying someone to market the City of Youngstown?."

I don't have a problem with it. IMO, the positive results far outweigh the cost of the position.

"I've been to Lemon Grove and that's one of the two places where we've been the only patron during regular mealtime hours... :("

The only time I've ever been to any downtown establishment that was empty was to the Lemon Grove to pick up breakfast. (downtown seems to have a hard time supporting breakfast) I'm not disputing your claim, there are always unusual nights that will be dead.

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27lovedrama(139 comments)posted 6 years ago

ha ha Lombardo-I agree with you about Nunya. What a babbling a#*hole--sitting by the computer, looking up big words and using them wrong-what a f"ing idiot!

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28Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

leetorres :

"USA AND STAN take some adderol and stick to the topic."

Does adderol work for you ? You seem to be drifting in your analysis .

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29sky(38 comments)posted 6 years ago

stan you are more than likely a black jewish woman

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30atek101(77 comments)posted 6 years ago

I guess you're free to think what you want, but in my view, Downtown is a great place that has improved substantially in the past four years.

Of course it's not a retail hub, the days of downtowns as retail centers went out the window when cheap rural land was made accessible by the automobile and everyone fell in love with big box stores and national chains. This is 2010, not 1950; it's time for your expectations to catch up with the 21st Century. I never saw Downtown in its retail heyday, and as much as I'm sure it would be impressive to see, that's not a realistic expectation.

What's happening downtown is better than some new shopping mall: free enterprise at its finest. Small, local business owners are seeing downtown's affordable rental rates and easy access to local cultural, government, and education amenities as an opportunity to build a new kind of commercial hub; one dominated by new, efficient and innovative small businesses.

They are transforming what was a dead mill town when I was a kid (in the 1990s) into a new, interesting, and vibrant place once more, and they're making money doing it. Does that involve risk, rough times, and challenges? Yes, but that's how capitalism works. Have we reached the critical mass yet to consider downtown a thriving cultural and business district on par with larger cities? Not yet, but we're steadily heading in that direction, and we're paving our own way with homegrown innovation that's received national attention.

What's more, Downtown investments like the Business Incubator and the Taft Technology Center are examples of our tax dollars going back to support small business owners and entrepreneurship. I don't know about you guys, but I like it when I see my tax money actually going toward its intended purpose.

For stuff to do, Censordship, I suppose that depends on your interests. Personally, I enjoy hanging out with my friends at one of the pubs or getting coffee and watching a show down at The Lemon Grove. Hockey games down at the Covelli Centre are always a blast, and a lot of the restaurants downtown are top-notch.

I'd also recommend checking out the performance listing at the DeYor or the Oakland, for they both offer a wide variety of shows ranging from rock concerts to musicals to symphony performances.

In fact, if you are interested, I can help you get signed up for the downtown events e-mail, which is sent out once every two weeks with a comprehensive list of all the activities, events, and performances taking place at restaurants and venues downtown and around the university. I'm sure among that diverse list of options you'll find some things that interest you. And most of those activities support small, local, and innovative businesspeople that are paving the way for the future success of America.

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31Stan(9923 comments)posted 6 years ago

sky :
"stan you are more than likely a black jewish woman:

Well I'm not but if I was I would be a rowdy one !

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