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Man killed on North Side

Published: Wed, January 13, 2010 @ 10:45 a.m.

YOUNGSTOWN — Police continue their search for a suspect they believe killed a man Tuesday night.

Police said the suspected killer was reported driving a 2000 Buick LaCrosse with Virginia license plates.

Police responded to a call about a shooting around 9:30 p.m. on the 400 block of Lexington Avenue on the city’s North Side.

The victim, Rodney Weaver, 25, of Catalina Avenue, was pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth Health Center, a short distance from where he was found.

Police said they don’t believe the shooting occurred on Lexington and were trying to find the crime scene, the shooter and his car late Tuesday.


1north_side_girl(213 comments)posted 5 years ago

LaCrosse. buick is dead too, i dont think they want their name sullied in the afterlife.

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2hudsonp(18 comments)posted 5 years ago

the record is 68 in 1995 - i say its broken by +5

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3Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

New houses in the Westlake Terrace area didn't make it any safer.



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4cambridge(3134 comments)posted 5 years ago

USEless1.....You are a true low life to make comments like that about someone you know nothing about.

By the way, your the last person that should be commenting on someones grammar.

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5JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago


I don't receive assistance and have a firm grasp on the language. I also think you deserve to be shot in the mouth.

That is all.

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6JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago

I liked it better when you called yourself ProAmerican. Did Vindy shut down that screen name or did you just decide to change it up?

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7Doretha111(2 comments)posted 5 years ago

USA1 Do you even live in Youngstown?

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8JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago

Before all else USA lives in confusion.

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9JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago

No reply from USA...must be outside building crosses to burn or cutting eye holes into pillowcases.

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10Doretha111(2 comments)posted 5 years ago


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11Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

Younstown is known far and wide . Everything is exposed with nothing to hide .



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12Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

So this shooting was accidental then ?

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13woolyd(579 comments)posted 5 years ago

It is not right by anybody to judge this man before all the facts are released. He may have been a good man that was caught in a bad situation. USA1 innocent blacks do get killed in Youngstown. Cherish Moreland, M.Patterson immediately come to mind. We also had a case solved last year where a black woman was raped and murdered and the defendant received the death penalty. Oh yeah the Crawford family was also an innocent black family murdered in Youngstown.

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14cambridge(3134 comments)posted 5 years ago

USEless1...."Most blacks in YTown arfe murdered by blacks."

What's your point? Most whites are murdered by whites. Your posts speak for themselves. Your a racist low life and nothing you post is going to change anyones mind about that.

From what lorenapage wrote this young man was killed due to a carjacking. That could happen to anyone. Your reaction is to spout racist remarks about the victim and his family member that came to his defence. Notice how nobody seems to be coming to your defence?

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15MSPHIFER27(7 comments)posted 5 years ago


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16Shandre83(20 comments)posted 5 years ago

USA, you don't even live in Youngstown, so how can you say such a thing. I have known Rodney since I was like 12 and he was a nice and fun loving person. You really sound like you got a real BIG ISSUE with Youngstown people. Sounds pretty racist to me . I know alot of minority people in Youngstown and all people are not bad like you try to make it seem. I came from there, southside is where I lived all my life until I went into the military. And you make me regret going to the military, going to Iraq, knowing that I am DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM and I think you really don't deserve. Then how can you say he will be missed by the drug dealers and hoes? You don't even know him, but you think you big and bad for saying such a thing. Very sad to know where your mind is at. The crime there is all races problems. Not just balck on black. As for the Crawford family, you don't know them and you needed to leave their names out of this. They were the best multiracial family I have ever know and they didn't see people for the color of their skin. Move to Youngstown and find out that everything is not bad there, its just what the paper puts out. There is alot of positive things happening in Youngstown. You are just too ignorant to know that.

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17OhioChawn(1 comment)posted 5 years ago

USA1 this dude is dumb! Rodney was a good dude! I'm down in Florida and heard the news and for this idiot USA1 to make those comments that he knows nothing about shows how immature his mind is. So it's obvious that USA1 is white! Not to mention pregidious! Anyway I played Semi-pro football with Rodney for the Red Bulls and Rodney was a quiet dude on the team, never caused any problems or drama. I'm glad to have known him and call him my friend! Rodney will be missed! My condolences go out to the Weaver family! Chawn Edmondson #2 Redbull for life!

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18Ytownboy(142 comments)posted 5 years ago

How sad that folks are on here enjoying someone's death.

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19Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

Shandre83 :

"And you make me regret going to the military, going to Iraq, knowing that I am DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM and I think you really don't deserve."

Troops in "DESERT STORM" had yellow ribbons tore down at their homes here in town by blacks . They fought in Iraq for both blacks and whites . There are no regrets by the whites for going because of this .

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20JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago

"I changed my ID b/c I had my computer tuned up and couldn't log in with my old screen for some reason."

Right...the fact that yours is such a warped point-of-view that one can immediately spot your ideals in a sea of commenters should probably tell you something.

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21JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 5 years ago

A true fan of my work...I haven't posted that phrase in months. Awwww, thanks ProMerkin.

Also onthetown hit on a huge, huge point directly above. Huge.

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22Woody123(4 comments)posted 5 years ago

It's just sad that with everything Youngstown has to offer the only thing it is known for is it's crime rate. We ALL need to come together a figure out a way to stop this madness and bring peace into Youngstown.

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23Photoman(1025 comments)posted 5 years ago

No one should have to live in fear and, right now, too many people are doing so. We need the responsible, mature adults to start taking charge of their neighborhoods and reporting and controlling these thugs who shoot innocent bystanders and continue to intimidate their neighborhoods.

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24cambridge(3134 comments)posted 5 years ago

USEless1....I clicked on your new username and quickly scrolled through your posts.. Since you changed your username from ProMerkin/UnAmerican to USEless1 less than two months ago you have had 11 post removed by the Vindy staff for being too scummy. I doubt that all other posters put together have had that many removed in the same period of time..

Your parents must be proud.

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25Rosco(3 comments)posted 5 years ago

-------------Photoman Stated"No one should have to live in fear and, right now, too many people are doing so. We need the responsible, mature adults to start taking charge of their neighborhoods and reporting and controlling these thugs who shoot innocent bystanders and continue to intimidate their neighborhoods." You are correct but, has been passed down over many generations in Youngstown. Very hard to break this pattern when this is all they may know.
Like teaching the kids to show disrespect to Police, Teachers, Firefighters and Paramedics by spitting on the grown when they see them. Trust me I have seen it many times.

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26Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

No respect ? Sad but true . The kids are taught at a very early age that society owes them .

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27rloh330(43 comments)posted 5 years ago

Stan are you a veteran?

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28redvert(2109 comments)posted 5 years ago

As has been stated many many times, until the black community says enough is enough and decides to take back their neighborhoods the black on black crime will continue. Do I think it will happen? Of course not, "I no snitch", even when innocent little kids get caught in the crossfire.

When nothing changes, nothing changes!!!

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29tammy84(1 comment)posted 5 years ago

Wow all this is so much to take in. I grew up with Rodney and Gloria Weaver (his sister) on Quinn street. I knew nothing but good things of him and his family just trying to make it. I however do think USEless! should be revoked from this site b/c obviously he has no clue what the struggle is all about. Besides most blacks don't wanna live in Boardman, Austintown, or Poland no way. This is so sad just another victim.

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30auz2(7 comments)posted 5 years ago

I never met this man, but I still think we are all failing to remember that this is still a life lost. This man had friends and family who loved him and will miss him. Grief is hard enough to bear in this situation. Posting rude and/or ignorant comments about him will not make it any easier for the family nor should it make you feel any better about yourself.

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31Nunya22(315 comments)posted 5 years ago

I dont know why people are acting like Austintown, Boardman, Girard, Poland, Niles etc places are the safest neighborhoods like no crime ever happens there. And what is all this race bs of black and whites last time I checked crimes were being commited by all races/nationalities all over. This ignorance is what is holding us all back as a whole.

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32redvert(2109 comments)posted 5 years ago

tammy84, I didn't know this man, sounds like you did and the impression I get from yours and others is that he was a good person. I don't know but I am guessing that you are a member of the black community. If so you need to stress to the black community out there that they owe it to this man's and other's families that will deal with similar situations to come forward with information. Someone knows who this person is by car description or whatever. This stuff will end when the black community says enough is enough!!!

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33bfpeer08(5 comments)posted 5 years ago

First thing is first. Why can't we all get alonmg. Secon thing and the most important is that a young man's life was stolen. It doesn't matter who he was or what he may have done but a person does not need to be gunned down like an animal. We live in a society that is full of animals and for people to blame it on one race or the other. You should be ashamed of yourselves for playing a race card. There is no such thing as perfect and no one deserves to be killed. My heart and prayers go out to this family in their time of need! Please people instead of talking ill about the dead please let them rest in peace.

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34Nunya22(315 comments)posted 5 years ago

@USA1 I have lived in Austintown and Youngstown, which I still currently live in Youngstown on a nice street. I also went to college in Niles. I'm not saying Youngstown is the best place ever but people need to realize crime is happening all over. I seen it first hand in some of the areas I listed above in my first reply. If you wanted me to go there I could list examples of things I seen.

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35bfpeer08(5 comments)posted 5 years ago

sorry missed spelled along and second in my comment

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36auntie(6 comments)posted 5 years ago

I am a WHITE female living in the same streets of Youngstown where this sad and tragic stuff happens very frequently... I didnt know Rodney personally, but know many people who did. I have heard nothing but great things about him and it is a shame that people have to get on the local newspaper site and badger and degrade someone that they dont even know... Give the kid a break USA...He was just one of the many of us trying to get out of Youngstown the right way... Ignorant people took that from him and his family... So hold back the insults, ignorance, and selfishness and have some much needed respect for Rodney and his family... God bless you all... My prayers are with you...

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37Nunya22(315 comments)posted 5 years ago

I would also like to say R.I.P. to Rodney

http://www4.vindy.com/extra/tributes/... I didn't know him but my boyfriend was friends with him and one of my girlfriends was in a relationship with him he seemed like a cool guy.

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38AXLE69(181 comments)posted 5 years ago

Uh oh,usa1 pro-conservaterican is having his comments removed again.I guess he will have to change his username once more like he did when he was Pro-American.Let`s have a contest and see who can come up with the best new username description for him.I submit Pro-Teabagger Amurrican 00.

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39northsideart(111 comments)posted 5 years ago

Condolences to the family of the victim. I hope their pain is eased soon.

It's extremely rare in Youngstown when a murder victim is purely a victim. The murdered individual is typically a criminal who is paying the ultimate price for the life they chose. It's truly scary to think that innocent, law-abiding people are now becoming the targets of Youngstown's predators.

Some more honest statistical data on Youngtown's crime problem:


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40Shandre83(20 comments)posted 5 years ago

@Stan, yea you are right about the ribbons, but that happens everywhere.
@USA1, your mind is really lost. Everybody in Youngstown is NOT ignorant. There is actually good people there. My parents have lived in the same house for the last 26 yrs and not once had a problem. If you would pay attention sometimes you will see that people in the burbs are orginally from Youngstown. So no matter how you look at it, everybody in this area has ties to Youngstown jerk

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41AXLE69(181 comments)posted 5 years ago

I`m not worried about your user name usa1-pro-conservaterican.I find the whole thing very,very amusing.Sort of like watching your gal Palin trying to speak coherently or you trying to justify why you believe it`s find and dandy to kill someone in church because they don`t believe in the same things you do.Just want people to be aware your comments have been banned many times before and suspiciously you turn up with a new username.Nobody on here but you seems to have that problem.If you can`t handle yourself civilly then maybe this forum isn`t your cup of tea.What do you say on here except imaginitive drivel about socialism anyway? Not much else really.But that`s ok.Unlike you,I believe in freedom of speech.But you just can`t seem to keep your prejudices and nasty words from seeping out can you usa1-pro conservaterican? I wonder how you lasted so long working at GM? I`m sure with the diverse workforce there,you had a difficult time not going off the deep end didn`t you? You sure mention Barney Frank often.You guys related? lol

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42KingGator(10 comments)posted 5 years ago

My Condolences the family. My nephew John Jones Jr. was shot and killed in Youngstown. When family and friends have lost a loved one they need your prayers. God Bless

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43Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

""This reminds me of the Old West — a once prosperous town is now a ghost town because of the lawlessness," Willis said. "The culture has changed. I just hope the city gets a grasp on the crime."


2010 is here and nothing has changed .

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44AXLE69(181 comments)posted 5 years ago

Dr Tiller didn`t MURDER any babies usa1 pro-conservaterican.He was a doctor performing a legal medical procedure at the request of a pregnant woman.One thing you never mention is that he REFUSED to do many,many abortions because he didn`t believe they were justified as a medical procedure.That`s what you can`t seem to comprehend usa1 pro-conservaterican.You support the murderer Roeder,he is the COWARD.He shot a well respected,religious,family loving man in the vestibule of his church.Hopefully justice is served and he hits death row this year.So using your warped conservative criteria,anyone who doesn`t adhere to your beliefs deserves a bulllet in the head?Let`s see,you pretty much hate everyone outside of your local teabag group,Glenn(crybaby)Beck and your gal Palin so I guess we are all in danger Vindy Bloggers.BEWARE.Like I wrote, I`m not worried about the fact you had to change your username because you can`t control the nasty drivel you write on here and had your comments removed.That`s your problem,not mine.I was just doing a public service for the other bloggers and letting them know that you and Pro-American were one and the same.It`s sort of funny that you`re so concerned with me mentioning your username when you waste valuable space repeating the garbage of the paranoid,crazed right about your Presidents name.I bet you`re friends with Orly Tatz on FaceBook huh? LOL.The question I asked about GM didn`t have anything to do with your work record but how you managed to survive without going off the deep end having to work with a diverse workforce? I mean anyone that has read the hundreds of posts on here under both your OLD and NEW usernames would soon discover there`s tons of hate rumbling around in your head.You brought up Barney Frank again? Hmmm.What DO you and Mr Frank have in common? Not that there`s anything wrong with that.Don`t forget to watch the Haiti benefit show Friday night and give till it hurts Pro-usa1 Americanconservaterican.

Suggest removal:

45Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

AXLE69 "

"Dr Tiller didn`t MURDER any babies"

He just saved 60,000 of them from life ouside of the womb . Right ? Hitler spared millions of Jews from living to old age also . He broke no German laws in doing this . Doctor Tiller had no remorse in getting rich killing many thousands of babies . Today Hitler and Tiller share the same reward for eternity .

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46Ytown_born_and_bred(27 comments)posted 5 years ago

It is correct that there is a problem with intra-racial, but there is time and board to discuss it and this isn't one of them. Someone has died in a senseless murder, just like all, if not most murders are senseless, however, it seems as if this man was not a thug, it seems as if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every murdered victim that dies in Ytown is not a thug either.

Suggest removal:

47Ytown_born_and_bred(27 comments)posted 5 years ago

Shandrs 83: "And you make me regret going to the military, going to Iraq, knowing that I am DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM and I think you really don't deserve."

Stan: Troops in "DESERT STORM" had yellow ribbons tore down at their homes here in town by blacks . They fought in Iraq for both blacks and whites . There are no regrets by the whites for going because of this .

I'm curious Stan, you post links to just about everything else, i.e. a picture of the victim in this article and the urban dictionary site, where is the link to back of the statement that you typed above?

Suggest removal:

48Ytown_born_and_bred(27 comments)posted 5 years ago

@paulb, the statistics are helpful, however those were the ones REPORTED. That does not include the ones that go unreported and I am quite sure with some of the peo in Boardman, that come across as being holier than thou, are willing to sweep some under the rug because someone may have been raped by an uncle, father, family friend, or who ever. And MOST statistics can be manipulated as well, so I really would not rely too much on SOME of them anyway.

Suggest removal:

49northsideart(111 comments)posted 5 years ago


you are wrong.

Suggest removal:

50trustintheLord(5 comments)posted 5 years ago

How did the discussion go from a poor man's death to abortion? USA1 get your head out of your ass! I will say a prayer for you, seems as though you need one!

My thoughts and prayers with this family. I am a niece of Angeline Fimognari and understand the grief this poor family must be going through. You will be in my prayers!

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