What’s the working agenda at theses tea parties?

What’s the working agenda at theses tea parties?


I watched a couple TV news spots the other day on the Tea Party movement. If this group wasn’t so potentially disastrous it might be comical. These are people running around with tea bags on their heads waving signs against taxation, government and as far as I can determine, currently anything having to do with Democrats.

Apparently largely uncoordinated, one bunch is in Nashville holding a convention, another is on a cruise in the Bahamas (I guess this is the faction unbothered by taxes) advocating President Obama’s impeachment because he isn’t a citizen, and still others (including two founders of the movement) are in Washington, D.C., demonstrating because they won’t attend the Nashville convention due to its $500 ticket price.

In not one of the spots I watched did I detect even a hint of what they proposed for correcting any of the problems they claim to be protesting (except, of course, Obama’s impeachment). Bottom line seems to be just defeat anybody now in office, regardless of party.

The original intent of this movement was launched by people claiming to be Independents and was fanned further by the recent election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Now it looks like it has been hijacked by the far right Republicans. How else can they explain spokespersons like Sarah Palin and Alan Keyes?

Some of the statements made by Tea Party members, the signs they carry and choice of spokespersons make me wonder if they might be partaking of substances much stronger than tea. More than a political party, they look like what we in the military used to claim about civilians — a bunch of people in different kinds of clothes running around with nobody in charge.


Mineral Ridge

Quite a deal for corporations


A constitutional amendment to make the Constitution, as it was written, for the people, is long overdue. As it says, “We the people make this Constitution for ourselves and our posterity.” No where in the Constitution does it give any rights to nonentities. The Declaration of Independence, the basis of all our laws, says all men are created equal and have rights. It does not say corporations have rights.

Corporations do not have a conscience or soul. They cannot be punished as a person. You cannot put a corporation in prison. You cannot put a corporation to death for murder, because it has no life as does a human to be taken away. It can only be fined and it recoups the money by passing the bill on to the us. It cannot serve in the military and give its life for its country. It has no allegiance to this country and our flag. It has no heart that can break at the site of a dead or wounded solder.

And now the Supreme Court says corporations have the same rights as service men and women who put their lives on the line for this country. That it has the same rights as the mothers and fathers who sent their child to die for this country. As the brothers and sisters who will never see their siblings. As the wife who lost her husband. As the child who will grow up without his father. As the men and women who have come home from serving this country with horrible wounds.

As it now stands, corporations not only have the same rights as humans, but have superior rights that come without any responsibilities or a bothersome conscience.


New Springfield