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Blame Boehner, not Pelosi

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blame Boehner, not Pelosi

I write in response to the Dec. 18 editorial “Valley should stand up in support of Rep. Ryan.”

No organization stands more for Congressman Ryan than the Mahoning County Democratic Party. We fully support Congressman Ryan and the great work he does and will do in the future on behalf of the constituents of the 17th congressional district.

However, if Congressman Ryan loses his appropriations assignment it is not due to the fault of any Democrat, but the fault of a fellow Buckeye, Republican Congressman John Boehner. Evidently, the new speaker has not learned a basic lesson in politics. That lesson is a version of all politics is local. We suggest that “voters are more parochial than partisan.” If he will not assist a fellow Democratic congressman and hence people in this great state, he is more partisan than parochial.

The speaker-elect has made a determination to cut all house committees across the board by 5 percent. ( If two people are on a diet and only one is overweight why place the other on austerity measures?) Since committee assignments are done by seniority there is nothing the national, regional, state or local Democrats can do to change this long standing policy. We may be so bold as to suggest maybe some committees not be subjected to the 5 percent reduction rule since not all committees are equal or overstaffed. This way Congressman Ryan would retain his seat and the speaker-elect can remain loyal to his home state.

Maybe the Republicans in the 17th District and regionally can petition speaker Boehner to not have this committee subjected to the 5 percent reduction. However, to suggest that the Democratic Party either ignores this area or doesn’t have the political might to help it misstates the ability of these political entities to help in this situation.

We assure your readers under the current leadership of the Mahoning County Democratic Party there will be no more “shoplifting our voters” without attention to our area. It was evident by the number of visits to this area by the current governor. He understood this concept and we will be sure other Democrats in the future do likewise.

David J. Betras, Canfield

The writer is chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party.