Founders were a liberal bunch

Founders were a liberal bunch

Much has been said about what the intent of the Founding Fathers was when they wrote the Constitution. Those right wing conservatives would have us believe that they wanted a weak central government with all the power given to the states. They would have us believe that the authors of the Constitution were conservatives themselves and the liberals have weakened what the Founding Fathers wanted our government to be.

I take issue with the Right based upon how the Constitution was written. I believe all the writers of this great document were liberals through and through. Who else but liberals would have come up with the First Amendment granting us freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the freedom to express it, and the right to present our grievances to our government? All freedoms that just irritate the right wing. Who else but liberals would have thought of the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unlawful search and seizures of our homes and papers and the right to be secure in our homes? Again a freedom the Right would love to see abolished. The right to a fair trial by a jury and to have a lawyer as stated in the Sixth Amendment sounds pretty liberal to me. The Founding Fathers protected these freedoms by requiring two thirds of the states to ratify any amendment.

Over 40 years ago while I was learning about the Constitution, my teacher spoke of George Washington’s belief that the government of the United States should be strong and centralized. The Conservatives have often stated erroneously that Washington believed the opposite.

Perhaps the American people should wake up and pay attention before the right wing conservatives rewrite the history of our country and the Constitution!

Tom Hall, Lisbon

Million-dollar question and more

For two years in a row recip- ients of Social Security are being denied an increase in their benefits.

Little did I know when I made plans for how I hoped to enjoy my “Golden Years” I would find them to be as tarnished as the pennies I’ve been forced to pinch.

I cannot believe the greatest country that I love and live in is in the position that it finds itself today. I find myself questioning why are so many Americans struggling to survive due to unemployment.

Why should people have to make the choice of buying food or medicine?

Why are there homeless sleeping on the sidewalks of our cities? Why are people prisoners in their own homes because of the high crime rate that could cause them to be robbed, raped, or murdered?

Why should any veteran who gave so much for our country ever be given shabby treatment?

The million dollar question: Why do those who are voted into high positions of power by “we the people” have no problem when it comes for them to receive raises, perks and bonuses (while the needs of those voters are simply ignored)?

While I may never be given the answers to my questions the one thing I am 100 percent sure of is whoever said “Life is not fair” hit the nail right on the head.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Remembering the candy butchers

The photo of Vindicator col- umnist Esther Hamilton in the Years Ago column brought back memories. She was all dolled up to be hostess of her annual alias Santa Claus show at the Stambaugh Auditorium. No other local person had the “in” she had with businessmen, civic leaders and the public in general.

Esther had drafted celebrities called “candy butchers” to canvas the crowds for funds to help Youngstown area families. The result was thousands of dollars for the needy.

I got to know Esther as a 23-year-old announcer at WFMJ. I produced her weekly 15 minute radio show. Everything went well until one Christmas Eve, the 15 minute program, produced on a 15-inch vinyl recording, disappeared. I think she forgave me.

Ted Conner, Youngstown

Alcoholism isn’t a crime

Since when is it a crime to be a alcoholic?

In his column last Sunday, Bertram de Souza seemed not to see that Kelly Pavlik brought the right kind of attention to the Mahoning Valley with his championships. He didn’t lie, cheat or steal — he worked hard to achieve his goals.

Kelly has many supporters who hope and pray he will be successful in his rehabilitation. We won’t kick a man when he’s down. We’ll be in his corner, rooting for him.

Marie Jones, Boardman