Authorities suspect suicide in death of Elkton prisoner

By D.A. Wilkinson


The death of an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Elkton is being treated as a possible suicide.

Edmund Ross, a spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., said that David A. Goetzke, 44, was found dead Monday in his cell and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced.

A crime-scene investigation will be conducted, Ross added.

A spokesman from the Elkton facility did not return a call.

According to the bureau of prisons, the Elkton facility houses male offenders. The facility also has an adjacent satellite area that houses low- and minimum-security male offenders.

Goetzke entered the federal prison from the U.S. District of Montana on Dec. 15, 2009.

He was sentenced to 235 months on charges of coercion and enticement involving a young boy in a case that began in 2003.

Goetzke wrote a letter to the boy in 2004 that said, “I miss wrestling around with you. That was always fun. And giving you a back rub.”

He also said he was a homosexual and graphically described what he would like to do with the youth.

A federal jury found Goetzke guilty of attempting to persuade, induce, entice or coerce a minor boy to engage in unlawful sexual conduct.

Goetzke argued in an appeal that the evidence presented at the trial was insufficient to support a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated the facts were not in dispute.

According to federal records, Ross said, Goetzke entered the federal prison system in Milan, Mich. He later was transferred to Elkton.

“There are a number of reasons he entered the system there,” the Ross said. He said they could include better programs for the inmates or being closer to their homes.

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