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Canfield man asks for early release from prison

Published: Fri, December 3, 2010 @ 8:01 p.m.

YOUNGSTOWN — A Canfield man sentenced to three years in prison after dragging another man beneath his car and causing the victim’s death wants early release after being confined for six months.

Bryce D. Burke, 28, of Mercedes Place, filed a written motion for judicial release from the Southeast Correctional Institution in Lancaster, today through his lawyer, J. Gerald Ingram.

In the motion, supported by numerous letters from Burke’s family members, friends and employer, Ingram says Burke “has always shown genuine remorse,” has been a model prisoner, and has been “a devoted father” of two young children.

For the complete story, read Saturday's Vindicator and Vindy.com


1Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Like clockwork

This was unquestionably communicated in the non prosecution prior to the non judicial enforcement of all the crimes he heinously committed.

Odds are favoring Dollar to a dime he's let go and get away with literal murder. To include in a matter of months his entire record will mysteriously become misplaced.

All the despicably rotten snakes of corruption aligned in that production are surely destined to Hell. To include to hell with asking god to have mercy of their worthless satanic soles.

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2MFC997(258 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Burke clearly had no intention to harm the decedent. The kid was laying in the middle of the road of his own volition. He saw the kid under his car ... near death if not dead already ... he was inebriated ... and he freaked. It could happen to any of us. He has served time and this will stay with him the rest of his days. Leave his final judgement to the Almighty ...

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3saksmasher(9 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Do your time and shut up! The silver spoon will be reinstated soon enough. Accident or not Mr. Burke made very poor decisions and deserves every minute he was sentenced to serve.

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4Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago

@ MFC997

At your own peril,..

For one you don't know that the deceased was laying in the middle of the street. Secondly the driver wasn't just drunk or high { again } and irresponsibly operating a vehicle.

But see either he was so intoxicated he had no idea he'd lodged an adult sized human underneath a vehicle he was operating. Mind you a vehicle with such a low ground clearance that a small tree limb would have been detectable.

Or he was sober and just maliciously committed the vehicular murder with a series of events that would conclude it was with aggravated intent,.. Take your Pick there Judas.

See then beyond that even when informed that he had a person lodged beneath his vehicle. He didn't just flee the scene, he knowingly continued to drag the victim with no regard for his life,.. Serial Mistake?

Where all that was performed in conjunction while having displayed having enough conscious thought. To scurry home and or to a place of evading apprehension to hide both himself and the vehicle

Which is a triple dose of disregard for that mans life and the law. To include there's no medical record of him seeking medical assistance for the phantom shock you allege he was in,.. Got That?

Where upon either sobering up or fearing if he was tracked down by tips, eyewitnesses and forensics. It took like a week for him to turn himself in to cut a deal and the vehicle had even been cleaned,.. Oh the remorse of poor Mr. Bryce Huh?

See that's all the conscious acts and intent that needs to be revealed here. To include he didn't even get charged for DUI nor the vehicular homicide felony of hit skip. Even unquestionably after knowing he'd ran over and proceeded to drag a pedestrian to his death,.. Care to try refuting any of that?

See those aren't speculative serial blab they're the conclusive facts. For which it takes a rotten person of no morals or remorse to do something like that,.. Unquestionably !!!

So you can clearly save that blasphemous Satanist orchestrated sermon. That you pitched as a thought process with referencing the hereafter " Almighty " line.

Because in this world those of just character and preserved spirit only deals with the mortal facts. Which in this case differs so greatly from the slant you're trying to peddle,.. Irony?

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5Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago


This isn't personal for me it's a combined matter of human decency and spiritual conviction. Where with your trying to refuse acceptance of the facts. Where you try to belittle the life of someone that committed no crime. In and of itself reveals you're destined for Hell just like the diabolic drakes that physically partook in this caper,.. NO doubt about it.

For which beyond merely stating it by your implausible insistence. This reflective revelation to is conveying that you need to unquestionably know, realize and be ready for that,.. Feel Privileged?

See your playing pander puppet posturing as a puff adder that's trying to veil the pit of a pack of idolatry driven demons is the mere folly of fools,.. Woe be unto you.

For which the Almighty is no fool and neither is a varied some of us that preserve purity of spirit in a detectable manner of acknowledging and respecting that. And clearly you're unquestionably not one of us,.. as substantiated Fact.

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6citizenx(9 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Nunya...you are a complete and total idiot. One...if you are going to get on a soup box, at least spell check first. It is "soul" not “sole” you illiterate moron. The definition of "sole" is being the only one of its kind.

Two...don't talk facts when you don't know the facts.

(1) Mr. Burke was driving an SUV which sits higher so it doesn't have as low of clearance as you indicate.

(2) You say it was never proved that Mr. Culp was lying in the road. It was never proved that Mr. Burke was drunk (or high) as you indicated.

(3) Flight or flight does not require medical attention, so of course there is no medical record for the "shock" he endured. They were referring to basic human instinct of flight or fight. But there is medical records that he is in counseling for depression, etc. due to the incident. Why don't you have those records? HIPPA you moron. His medical history is protected under the law. As is Mr. Culps which is why Mr. Culp's fragile mental history and history of drug use never came out in court.

(4) It did not take Mr. Burke a week to turn himself in. He turned himself in the next day. The car was not cleaned.

If you want to talk "conclusive facts" get them right. And get a life. You are obviously personally involved in this case to take such a black and white stand on the issue without regard for the state of mind and actions of Mr. Culp. I’m sure toxicology reports will come out in the civil suit, and show that Mr. Culp was high and drunk that evening and holds some responsibility for the final outcomes of that horrible night.

What you talk about is not “conclusive facts.” They are 100% completely, and totally, speculative.

Finally, as for silver spoons, Mr. Burke was raised by a single mom who had four young children. She works as a probation officer. Last I checked, single women working as probation officers can’t provide their children with a life of leisure (i.e. spoon-fed with silver spoons). Mr. Burke is a son, a father, and was employed before serving his time. There is no record that he ever purposely and maliciously hurt anyone EVER. This was an awful accident. Nunya stop keeping the hate alive.

If you are truly a Christian, then you know that God asks us to forgive. Let only HIM sit in judgment.

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7JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 4 years, 11 months ago


*“soup box” – soap (extra points as this was the second sentence of a post that literally began with calling someone out regarding literacy -- well done, honestly)

*“doesn't have as low of clearance” – grammatically incorrect

*“It was never proved” – proven

*“But there is medical records that he is” – should be “there ARE medical records INDICATING that he…”

*“HIPPA” – HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

*“As is Mr. Culps” – missing an apostrophe to show possession

*“It did not take Mr. Burke a week to turn himself in. He turned himself in the next day. The car was not cleaned.” – poor sentence structure, consider combining and using commas and/or semicolons

*“black and white” – black-and-white

*“final outcomes” – doesn’t need to be plural

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