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REPORT CARDS | Mahoning County designations

Published: Fri, August 27, 2010 @ 10:27 a.m.

The Ohio Department of Education released school report cards this morning for 2009-10. The designations for school districts in Mahoning County:

Austintown, Excellent.

Boardman, Excellent.

Campbell, Excellent.

Canfield, Excellent.

Jackson-Milton, Effective.

Lowellville, Excellent.

Poland, Excellent with Distinction.

Sebring, Effective.

South Range, Excellent.

Springfield, Excellent.

Struthers: Excellent.

West Branch, Excellent.

Western Reserve, Exellent with Distinction.

Youngstown, Academic Emergency.


1ValleyNative(174 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

All excellent, mostly, then the YO. Ha

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2Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Isn't that something,..

Out of all of those districts named. Along with those scores Youngstown is the one with the most corruption in governance, the pumping in of drugs to create discourse. And happens to have absolute non qualified incompetence entrenched in it's school board system.

Somehow they have a damn 24 year old and a girlfriend of a historic politically corrupt family. Perched cashing big time checks fleecing the Youngstown districts funds.

The deck is stacked against the kids in the Youngstown district and the residents are going to have to get the thieves, and incompetent out of the money mill.

As well as realize they don't have neither a democrat party nor local governance they've got criminals roosted to ensure their damn failure.

In regards to the crippling criminality it's not a race card being played here. But that score card damn sure shows who's targeted and look at who's getting paid with city, state and federal funds to do it.

The residents of Youngstown is going to have to take action and get the orchestrators out of an array of offices. Because if this and the crime roles aren't enough to show them whats going on nothing will.

Show your strength and resolve at the polls and demand removal of incompetence from within that hijacked school board.

Where it's revealing and I cite is as a criminal damn shame. The State and Federal government diplomatically calls it an EMERGENCY.

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3Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

"Youngstown, Academic Emergency."

Being very rich in culture makes up for the emergency . All of the others combined couldn't begin to compete .

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4Valleys_Voice(149 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Everyone wants to point fingers and laugh but how come nobody will step up and start making changes for the Youngstown City Schools? People need to start being accountable for these alarming academic results. It starts with parents who don't educate or discipline their children at home, followed by teachers who expect the bare minimum, and principals who need to assert that it's not black vs. white. As former Chaney principle Bob Spencer put it, "it's a Red and Grey thing."

These students will not contribute to today's society in any meaningful way, they will follow the course that their parents and teachers have set for them, and dreams will be non existent. This needs to be addressed now. Not tomorrow or next year, but today.

By the way I'm a Chaney grad, anyone have a rebuddle or want to diss the YCS district, we can go round and round all day.

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5marilyn99(20 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

When is the responsibility going to belong to the parents and the students and not everyone else? The thing that is wrong with any school system is there is no indiviualized teaching accomplished. Students are forced to keep pace with a system that has nothing to do with the person, only the group. School should never be about competition but about learning at ones own pace and in ones personal field of strength and talent. It only seems easier to herd students into a classroom and demand as a group a set pace is kept but, all it does is make one student feel above another and another student feel beneath another. What learning is there in that? Learning is not a sport. It is a process of growth and information that prepares one for adult choices and levels. That is what education should be from first grade to the last grade. Ann Varmus

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6gman5700(5 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Well Voice thats a great start blame it on the parents and teachers. But the real blame should fall on Wendy Webb and the entire school board. These people have been on the board for years and watched the district fall into ruin. Now Wendy gets to retire with her cushy 100k per yr pension. No one expects Youngstown schools to comete with Poland or Western Reserve or even Lowellville and Canfield but seriously, academic emergency on top of fiscal emergency now for the past several years with absolutely no improvement. People try to say its cuz they're an inner city school, I say bull! It's because the people dont really care about it and re elect morons like Lock Beachum and the other school board members every time.

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7Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Here's the deal

In similarity to a number of others I'm a former Youngstown public schools grad product myself.

Which I want the same opportunities and environment for these kids. As I and my friends and former classmates received and benefited from years ago,.. we OWE them that.

But make no question about it, if they're going to get it, It all starts and ends with the school board and parents.

The teachers and principles are merely subject to the criteria and curriculum set and the students that they're tasked with trying to teach and manage.

Along with setting non waiverable academic standards. Those board members need to be at those schools on a constant basis checking the progression and method of how it's being sought to achieve.

The parents need to be informed that their input, interest and accordance of sending a manageable student isn't a request it's their non wavering obligation and requirement.

Lack of discipline isn't to be tolerated and with record keeping to track grooming, conduct, attendance and the such,.. MAJOR PROBLEMS.

When efforts of teaching a student is shown to be a problem due to lack of parental support and or involvement. It has to be duly noted and acted upon.

Acted upon in a manner where the parent is summonsed to a meeting for communicated resolve. Before formal hearing of further actions on the students truancy and delinquency is addressed.

Which brings us to that worthless board of mere place holding check casher's. Not earning their pay and allowing some alleged parents.

To send problem children of their device and creation to disrupt the environment for the vast majority of others,.. and dare allege they're sending them to school.

Which is more sending them out the house. So the alleged parent. Can engage in something or interact with some nobody that they bear more interest in,.. damn shame.

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago


See just like the heads of anything else. Structure is set and enforced from the top. Where when there's non compliance heads roll and a##'s get ejected out of seats.

The sad reality is some of those dear children are mere check, food stamps and medical and housing benefits receipt pons. For mere " baby makers " that will never amount too nor support anything or anyone but a social menace.

Where if you start linking obligation to those children to the receipt of those lifeline benefits. You'll get a host of violators off their a##'s and ensuring they don't get disqualified for assistance by neglecting those children.

As for the horde of corrupt officials elsewhere. They're only there because those lack of interest baby makers don't even care enough to know who to vote for along with not supporting their own children's efforts and opportunities to learn.

Where if the child isn't receiving the support from the parent JFS aide and children services are to be summonsed and benefits sanctions implemented via lack of adherence.

Send the damn signal that in return for assistance nobodys going to continue to pay for feeding, housing and assist in clothing non parental failures.

So I'm not blaming the children but I damn sure am focusing on that worthless board, no count parents and local officials turning the children and parents out into criminals to feed their game of hijacking local governance.

I can care less about what violators are offended by my candid conveyance. To which to get this fixed there's no going around and round about it either.

The order is comply or be fired if you're a employee of the school system. And or denied further assistance if you're on it or access to the school even if you're not,.. PERIOD !!!

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9Valleys_Voice(149 comments)posted 4 years, 9 months ago


if you didn't know, strict uniforms, much more so than the private schools of Youngstown, have been in place for YSC for a number of years, maybe 10? This isn't a boarding school so separation of genders doesn't really apply. But I think their does have to be some type of separation based on abilities. Here is my example:

Foreign countries such as China separate the children at a young age so as to focus that individuals needs and attention on a specific subject. If, at the age of 10, that child is proficient in math, then that child will undoubtedly focus their education on that subject.

The same thing should be applied here, not only in Youngstown, but nationwide. I see it being much more successful not only in providing a valuable education, but helping to ensure our America is being run by the best and most effective individuals.

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