Driver shot by cop in struggle

Officer reportedly was dragged by car



A city police officer is not seriously injured, but an 18-year-old man remains hospitalized and an investigation is under way after an early morning shooting.

Cory R. Timmings, 18, of Youngstown, was rushed to St. Elizabeth Health Center at 2:36 a.m. Friday after he apparently was shot by a Youngstown officer in the parking lot of a bar in the 900 block of Midlothian. Timmings remained hospitalized late Friday evening.

Officer Phil Chance Jr., was taken to St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center for injuries to his shoulder, arms, hip and knees after the altercation with Timmings.

Police Chief Jimmy Hughes said Chance was released from the hospital after being treated for minor injuries. Chance, he said, is on leave from the department while the shooting is investigated.

“We are doing a complete investigation on possible criminal charges on the driver of the car and Officer Chance’s use of appropriate force. We are investigating this matter in its entirety,” said Hughes.

Hughes said he has been in touch with Timmings’ family concerning the family’s feelings about the shooting.

According to police reports, Chance and another officer were trying to control a large crowd that had assembled to watch a fight outside a Midlothian Avenue bar. Chance, reports said, noticed a car in the parking lot with loud music and motioned for the driver to turn down the music.

Reports say the driver, instead of turning down the music, aimed the car at Chance. The driver reportedly struck Chance with the car, forcing him onto the hood of the car.

Chance tried to reach into the car and turn off the ignition, but the driver reportedly increased speed and the officer was dragged.

Chance reportedly pulled out his service weapon and fired one shot into the vehicle at the driver. The car then sped away, leaving the officer in the parking lot.

Chance, along with other officers from Youngstown and Boardman police, finally were able to pull the car over on Lake Park Drive. After making the car stop, it was determined that the driver had been wounded.

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