Mahoning County Court filings



Marriage licenses

Robert J. Domico Jr., 35, of Poland and Gina C. Morell, 31, of same.

Jesse B. Hardin, 39, of 3241 Orrin Ave., Youngstown, and Desiree S. Creech, 30, of same.

William J. Robb Jr., 45, of 5696 Villa Maria Road, Lowellville, and Deborah L. Guerriero, 44, of same.

Angelo A. Mocella, 25, of 510 Boardman-Canfield Road, #26, Boardman, and Megan L. Mechalchuk, 21, of same.

New complaints

Citimortgage Inc. v. Wayne Augustine et al, complaint in foreclosure an reformation of mortgage.

Citimortgage Inc. v. Brad L. Pugh et al, foreclosure.

Paul Larson v. Erin Klekot M.D. et al, civil complaint, other torts

RBS Citizens Bank v. Gary J. Ritchie et al, foreclosure.

Ohio Receivables LLC v. Frank A. Shubert, complaint.

Ohio Receivables LLC v. Christine Fink, complaint.

Ohio Receivables LLC v. Benjamin T. Higham, complaint.

Capital One Bank (USA) formerly Capital One Bank v. Barbara Hofus, breach of contract.

HSBC Bank Nevada v. Rita M. Bracht et a, complaint/money.

Citibank (S.D.) N.A. v. Nicole G. Vinion et al, complaint for money.

Richard Styiles v. United States Liability Insurance Group et al, complaint for breach of contract.

Discover Bank v. Marco A. Torres, complaint.

William M. McSuley 2004 Living Trust et al v. Dorothy D. Bukovi, complaint alleging conversion, seeking a declaratory judgment et al.

Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc. v. E. David Ivack et al, foreclosure.

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Matthew Nicholson et al , complaint for foreclosure.

One West Bank FSB v. Casey Conover et al, foreclosure.

Kenneth C. Marks v. Reliable Title Agency Inc. et al, complaint.

Extreme Machine & Fabricating Inc. v. Avery Dennison, other civil.

State Dept. of Taxation v. Terry J. Miller, complaint refiled.

Brent Gambrel v. Ohio Athletic Commission et al, complaint/jury demand.

CitiFinancial Inc. v. Carol M. Baumgartner et al, complaint in foreclosure.

HSBC Bank USA N.A. as trustee v. Troy R. Wallace et al, complaint for foreclosure.

CitiMortage Inc. v. Laura L. Ricciardulli, foreclosure.

FIA Card Services N.A. v. Samuel R. Savon, complaint/ money.

Kimberly Zurz Director Ohio Dept. of Commerce et al v. K. Co. LLC et al, complaint.

FIA Card Services National Assoc. v. David L. Brant, complaint.

Capital One Bank v. Margaret R. DePaul, complaint.

PNC Bank in interest to National City Bank, Kalamazoo, Mich., v. Orlando Carabbia et al, complaint.

Chase Bank USA v. Donald Hanna, complaint.

In re: Steven Pinciaro v. Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, notice of appeal to a court of Common Pleas from an appealable order.

Rosemary Camarao et al v. Gregory Moore, complaint with jury demand.

Ann R.Evans-Stephens et al v. John F.Gurgle et al, complaint.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

William R. Larson, 7464 Huntington Drive, Apt. 6, Boardman.

Rose M. Cocita, 2255 Sprucewood Drive, Youngstown.

Bryan J. Erb, 1592 Furnace Road, Mineral Ridge.

Sheri L. Balash, 6338 Harborview Drive NW, Canton.

Margaret E. Cruz, 129 Terrace Drive, Boardman.

Clara Jane Gotshall, 18393 5th St., South, Apt. 201, Beloit.

Anita C. Dinard, 3405 Maple Spring, Canfield.

Nizar Diab, 4853 Westchester Drive, Apt., 314, Austintown.

Daniel Gonzalez, 581 Coitsville Road, Campbell.

Roberta Shaffer, 16 Woodland Ave., Campbell.

Althea D. Pearce, 757 Wilbur Ave., Youngstown.

Phillip Walls, 49 Euclid Ave., Youngstown.

Roy L. Smith Jr., 2218 Kensington Ave., Youngstown.

Mary C. Bodnar, 5616 Cider Mill Crossing, Youngstown.

Lois R. Lunich, P.O. Box 2592, Youngstown.

Michael J. McCormick 2030 Everett Ave., Youngstown.

David P. Beeson, 138 N. Main St., Youngstown.

Robert F. Banks III, 13037 Leffingwell Road, Berlin Center.

Michele Trebus, 2509 Redgate Lane, Austintown.

Rayann R. Radowick, 3745 Indian Run, #4, Canfield.

Peter J. Vass, 3856 Loma Vista Drive, Youngstown.

John H. Kidd Jr., 79 Skyline Drive, Canfield.

Terry L. Lucus Jr., 355 Bradford Drive, Canfield.

Karen Lee Russo, 179 Erskine Ave., Boardman.

Marc M. Eichert, 50, of Curtis Ave., Canfield.

Bonnie R. Clinkscale, 4159 New Road, Austintown.

Lester J. Wolfe, 15942 Heiser Road, Berlin Center.

Jerry D. Morris, 7157 Forest Hill Ave., Youngstown.

Randall M. Nutter, 1954 Farmdale Ave., Mineral Ridge.

Lester L. Romine, 489 Roselawn Ave., Lake Milton.

Ryan N. Long, 10435 Bandy Road, North Benton.

Martin F. Runyon, 115 E. Maryland Ave., Sebring.

Barbara J. Kinsley, 5643 Radcliffe Ave., Austintown.

Hance Dennis, 560 Cohasset Drive, Youngstown.

Terri Lee Naylor, 4041 Jefferson Court, Youngstown.

David Alexander, 1792 Paisley St., Austintown.

Gordon A. Coyier III, 2810 Burbank, Youngstown.

Sam J. Gatta, 7400 West Blvd. #209, Boardman.

Daniel Figueroa, 339 S. Broad St., Canfield.

Dorothy J. Villers, P.O. Box 364, Youngstown.

Dawn Baran, 394 W. Wilson St., Struthers.

Robert W.Christy , 3838 Meander Drive, Mineral Ridge.

Melissa J. Sellers, 1662 Meadowbrook Ave., Youngstown.

Jason Ty Jackson, 127 E. Kentucky Ave., Sebring.

Victoria P. Tommie, 737 Brentwood Ave., Youngstown.

Chana D. Cronin, 11099 W. Calla Road, Salem.

Jessica L. Rudrick, 1711 Wellington Ave., Youngstown.

Deborah L. Johnson, 381 Norwood Ave., Youngstown.

Jeff A. Hamm, 5644 Vassar Ave., Austintown.

Pauline Stinson, 148 S. Truesdale Ave., Youngstown.

Joseph A. Rapovy, 496 8th St., Struthers.

Eugene G. Camuso Jr., 48 S. Brockway Ave., Youngstown.

Deborah A.Lawrence, 60 Overlook, Struthers.

Robert W. Dobson Jr., 8019 Forest Lake Drive, Boardman.

Lisa M. Spencer, 2622 Algonquin Drive, Poland.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Daniel Lewis Richardson, P.O.Box 615, Lenox, Ga.

Christina M. Ruby, 139 Dehoff Drive, Austintown.

William Smaltz, 135 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown.

Randall T. Rodrick, 456 W. Omar St., Struthers.

Diane M. McHugh, 225 Alabama Ave., Sebring.

John O. Dascili, 3855 Cumberland, Austintown.

Thomas J. Walko, 157 Runnemede Drive, Boardman.

Wali Z. Salauddin, 245 Lora Ave., Youngstown.

Marinos E. Liodakis, 290 Park Drive, Campbell.

Franklin Raymond Paynter, 3034 Redgate Lane, Austintown.

James L. DeArmitt, 31 Shadyside, Boardman.

Kelly Jo Salandro, 1313 Red Tail Hawk Court, #4, Boardman.

Michael Lyon, 875 Detroit Ave., Youngstown.

Mary Jo Smith, 228 Kerrywood Drive, New Middletown.

Quincetuna E. Fowler, 909 Hawthorn St., Youngstown.

David C.Beil, 3032 Straley Lane, Youngstown.

Suzanne Schneider, 70 Rockdale Ave., Boardman.

Todd M. Williams, 3715 Nottingham Ave., Austintown.

Dominic M. Centofanti Sr., 2430 Shetland Lane, Poland.

Edward J. Stein II, 609 Harvard Place, Austintown.

James A. Yoder, 4800 Brookwood Road, Boardman.

Gary Lee Shane, 56 S. Yorkshire Blvd., Austinstown.

Gregory Bruce Budd, 628 Duke Circle, Austintown.

Suzanne Cavalier, 2130 Redwood Place, Canfield.

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