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God responds to prayers in different ways

Published: Sat, April 17, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m.

How big does the storm in your life have to get for you to take your eyes off of Christ and put them on your circumstance?

Although God may not respond to your prayer the way you thought he should, that surely does not mean that he failed you. Your cries in the night for help are not going unanswered, for they are always heard by a God who knows how to provide for your need. He has created a course for your life and the twists and turns you must take are not meant to hinder you but rather to get you ready for something far greater. Scripture is filled with verses where God’s strength is revealed in those who trusted him.

We read in Exodus in the Old Testament where the Israelites were led on a 40-year journey in the desert to get to the land God promised to give them. But because their hearts were hardened and unbelieving, God directed them the long way around. His plan was to give them peace from their enemies and a land that was overflowing with every good thing. However, most of them did nothing but grumble to God. Their faith was not in God but focused instead on only that which their eyes could see. They did not have faith that God could give them what he promised, though every day he provided them with all that they needed. It was for that reason most of them died before they ever got to the land. They thought the giants in the land were bigger than their God! They were dead wrong. Only Joshua and Caleb had faith enough to trust God, and they led their people to win over the enemy in the land given them.

In Genesis, Joseph was thrown into a pit by his brothers and then sold into slavery. As dark as it was in that pit, God was using this injustice against Joseph to get him ready to rule in the palace of Egypt. Joseph had to travel as a slave in chains to Egypt. He was sold to a commander there named Potiphar and forced to work in his house. Joseph then was thrown into prison after being falsely accused of a crime. Here is a man who went from the pit, to chains, to slave and then to prison.

Where was his God? As painful as it was for Joseph to endure all this, God was using this trial as training. He was equipping this young man to be the top royal commander second only to Pharaoh. That was quite an elevation for just a young shepherd boy.

The truth is that God will not promote you to a higher calling without first equipping you to succeed. The pain that you are experiencing is the chisel God is using to perfect his plan for you. You are literally becoming a work of art in the kingdom of God. Your struggles never had any power to destroy you.

God knows well how to cause all things to work in harmony with the purpose he has ordained for you. All of your troubles are unfolding into his perfect plan to bring you to victory.

Though you can get weary as the pain of your situation overwhelms you, there is hope knowing that there is a divine purpose for your momentary problems. It should help you to know that God saw these stumbling blocks in your path before you were born. He could have led you around them but instead he has chosen to use them to make you stronger as he takes you over and above in strength and glory.

His plan is to make you royalty in a kingdom that will never end. It was for this exact purpose that Christ died, so that you might have an abundant life even while facing the wind and the waves of the raging sea of life.

My prayer is that you understand that all God allows in your life, he allows for a specific purpose. He will never send you alone in the battle, for he is always with you. The days remaining in this perishing world are numbered and known by God.

He sees the beginning and the end and all that goes on in between. He is with you right now.

You must never let the lies of the enemy make you feel defeated.

God can and will do abundantly more than anything you can ask or imagine.

Marianne Lordi attends Old North Church in Canfield.


1cozmo(32 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I think you have it backwards!

You said:
"How big does the storm in your life have to get for you to take your eyes off of Christ and put them on your circumstance?"

Most of the time its the storm that causes them to put their eyes on Christ. Its when things are going good that their eyes are not on Christ.

You also said:
"The truth is that God will not promote you to a higher calling without first equipping you to succeed."

My questions to you would be what do you mean by equipped to a higher calling? and How does one become equipped by God?

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2marianne(66 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I don't have it backwards, cozmo. I am speaking to believers who trust in the finished work of Christ. Even though we have faith in Christ, there are times when the storms in our lives may cause us to fear and take our eyes from Christ. Like when Peter was walking on the water under the power of Jesus. When the winds and waves got strong, Peter took his eyes off of Christ and foolishly feared for his life even though the Master of the wind and waves was with him all along..

How does one become equipped by God? By seeking to live a life for Christ. All through Scripture, God did big things through those who trusted him. One instance I wrote in the article was about Joseph, a young shepherd boy with no knowledge of running a country such as Egypt. But as a slave in Potiphar's house, he learned how royalty lives. In prison, he learned patience and wisdom by believing that his God was still with him. Joseph had the favor of God even when he was in the dungeon. He was trusted by all the guards. When he got out, his heart was prepared to rule Egypt and to forgive his brothers. Joseph was used by God to save the Jewish people. That is how God equips those who seek to do his will. Seek and you will find.

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3Jake(112 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Amazingly, God hasn't answered any prayer in a way that can be proven to have been an answered prayer since the Bible was written. All of those obvious miracles in the book but not one since then.

God gets credit for lots of things, but they are never things that can be seen without any other possible explanation, as 100% coming from him. Something good happens, God did it, no questions asked.

People will believe just about anything, if they really want to believe it.

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4cozmo(32 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


I think that it is wrong to say that if you fully give yourself to God he will bless you. That is not always the case. It might not always be Gods Will. People then expect to always be blessed if they follow God.

You said:

"God did big things through those who trusted him"

Look at John The Baptist! Look at the apostles and early Church fathers! They all trusted God yet they were all tortured/beheaded/crucified.

I think that modern day churches have drifted from the Truth of what it means to follow Christ. Joel Osteen and other famous pastors of these mega churches teach that if you follow God he will always bless you abundantly. A lot of people are led into church on that basis.

You are right that we must love God with all our heart, but we must be willing to die for him, and say "God, not my will, but yours will be done, no matter what it brings me" I think that we need to look back at how christianity was in the beginning. Not what Christianity has become today.


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5marianne(66 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

cozmo, it is ALWAYS God's will to bless those who seek him. Always! John the Baptist was blessed but was taken from this earth because his work here was done! The reward he is experiencing now was worth all that he endured. Those who suffer for Christ will all receive a reward that will far outweigh what they had to go through. You are basing all of your idea of what is a blessing on what the world considers good. What does it gain you to have everything on this earth and lose your soul for eternity? Part of my blessings are from the suffering that I have to go through. I can write about Christ because he has met me in every storm and I know his power! I write from experience. Jesus will take you through the battle and make you stronger in your faith for having gone through it. And he will give you joy despite your problems. That is why the Apostle Paul felt blessed even though he was imprisoned, stoned and left for dead. Blessings aren't money and power. Blessings are anything that brings you closer to Christ! That is the only thing that is going to matter to you one day and for eternity!
And please, don't listen to the Joel Olstein type preachers or those prosperity ones! They lead more people to hell. Olstein preaches only about what God will do for you. I never hear him telling people that you must take up your cross daily! He leaves out the cross and just offers you your best life now. Preaching only part of the truth is the same as preaching a lie!

Jake, I didn't quite get how you came to your theory that God hasn't answered any prayers that can be proven? Maybe not in your life. He has done miracles in my life and others too. Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? That might be your problem if you don't. And I find it interesting that you are concerned that God is getting too much "credit" for things happening. Ironically, when disasters happen ( and yes, God must allow them) non-believers suddenly shake their fist and God and ask how he could let this happen! So do you believe like they do? That God can stop disasters but he is nowhere to be found when good things happen? Sadly, Jake, you will find out one day how wrong you are. I just pray it won't be too late for you.
You said, "People will believe just about anything, if they really want to believe it".

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6cozmo(32 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


I thought it seemed that some of your articles came off that way in regards to the prosperity blessing. Blessings come with anguish and suffering. Why would God want to bless someone with all kinds of money when He tells us its harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to fit through the eye of the needle?

You answered my question and reaffirmed the point I was making:

"Blessings aren't money and power. Blessings are anything that brings you closer to Christ!"

Thanks and God bless

The problem is that most "Protestant" churches dont see it or teach it that way.

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7marianne(66 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

cozmo, you are right that churches now days don't want to make the congregation uncomfortable by preaching the cross! That is so sad because the Cross is your power. God may bless a person with money. In Scripture, Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon, etc. were all very wealthy! But God alone knows what is good for you. It must be best that I am not rich or else I would be! I trust God's judgment. The preachers that are preaching prosperity and wealth will one day face God who will say to them as he did to Job's friends when he showed up saying : "Who is it that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge!". God takes very seriously ALL that I say and write. I never forget that!.

If you want to read all my writings, visit my blog at: www.mlordi.wordpress.com

God bless you, too!

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