Catholic Church and pope are under assault by the media

Catholic Church and pope are under assault by the media

The media are at it again. They are hyping a story in which they play a major role in the cover up. Why would they do such a thing and risk exposing their own complicity? It can only mean that the prize is worth the risk, and the prize is nothing less than the destruction of the Catholic Church and traditional standards of morality.

When you read or hear the media’s relentless assaults on the pope and the Catholic Church regarding the misconduct of a few priests, something becomes strikingly evident when the gender of the victims is revealed: male, male, male. Do I detect a pattern here? Missing from the accounts is the identification of female victims.

The print and broadcast media like to use code words like pedophile and child sexual abuse, and they use them incessantly in the hope that you will too. However, these code words are just a cover up for the real problem that existed at the time — homosexual priests. Because of political correctness and the mores of the time, the church, in an effort to be tolerant, turned a blind eye and allowed into the priesthood homosexual men who then did what some homosexual men do — they attempted to recruit adolescent and teenage boys.

The church knows the root problem and has quietly taken steps to correct it by stopping the influx of homosexual men into the priesthood and dealing with the ones already there. Unfortunately, the church is still too concerned about political correctness — as demonstrated by its embrace of the global warming hoax — and it is afraid to be too open in how it is addressing the real underlying problem. In the meantime, the media continue their assault and their cover up of the homosexual connection in the whole affair.

Joseph K. Waltenbaugh, New Castle