Peace Race Tips: Race day etiquette

Week 10:


Congratulations you have made it to race week! You are awesome and I hope to meet all of you at the end of the race. This section is to help you and the others around you have a great experience. Here are the top ten things to keep in mind during your race:

1. Begin your race towards the back of the pack in the middle of the road.

2. Run in a straight forward motion. Do not weave in and out of people. You might trip them or cause yourself to fall.

3. Start off slow. Races begin really fast but within the first mile things settle down. You will begin passing those people who flew by.

4. Upon getting to the water stop move towards the water but be aware of people behind you. If you don’t want water move away from the stop.

5. Upon taking water, if you are going to walk then stay close to the water side and move off the path of runners. Discard your cup to the side of the road. Blend back into the stream of runners.

6. If you want to pass someone then look for an opening. Let them know that you are passing, “passing on your right (left)”. Keep your elbows down.

7. Once you have passed commit to the pace. Do not pace and stop to walk. If you need to walk move to the right of the road.

8. If you are jamming to the beat of your I-pod be aware that you need to hear what is going on around you. Also be aware that not everyone likes your music choices … turn it down and by the way … you aren’t in the shower we can hear you!

9. Be nice, be friendly and take it all in. We are all out there for the same reason. We want to compete and enjoy the day. Runners are the greatest group of people that you could ever be surrounded by enjoy them and be one with them!

10. When you see the finish line…kick in to high gear. Let the crowd of people carry you to that blessed place. The most important thing I can teach you is finish with a smile!

You Rock!

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