Everyone recognizes GM’s importance to the area, but YSU employees get no respect


In response to the Sept. 15 editorial, “Public should be livid...,” oh, how the worm has turned.

Because I have a job in today’s economy, I am NOT entitled to a bonus, no matter how small or large it may be? Excuse me for working for someone and something in this town that has a product worth buying ... a great education from YSU. YSU has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state and employees who are paid among the lowest in the state. Tuition increases are the norm in all state supported Ohio schools of higher education because state support has dipped to approximately 32 percent of our budget — yet we elected an “education governor.”

As YSU goes, so goes our city of Youngstown. Besides, folks, the parameters for this bonus were negotiated by both our union and the university’s bargaining team.

Hmmmmm, because of the median income of Youngstown is lower what I make, could it be because I have worked here 14 years and moved up the pay scale and taken on more responsibility to get re-classified 1 grade higher in that time period? Nah, that probably had nothing to do with it. By the way, I earned $9.81/hour with a bachelor’s degree from YSU when I started at the university, and I had to take and pass a civil service test before even being considered for employment.

There is danger in painting everyone who is a classified employee at YSU with a broad brush. This broad brush approach was also done with GM employees when they got outrageous raises, guaranteed overtime pay, special GM pricing on vehicles, and fantastic health care benefits, to name a few. But our community is faithful to a fault when it comes to GM Lordstown. There have been big campaigns with radio and TV ads and billboards to keep production at Lordstown. Politicians and The Vindicator express dire consequences with the “trickle down effect” for the Valley should Lordstown go down. That’s great, but where is the support for the registration worker, clerical worker, building and grounds worker, parking personnel and countless others at YSU that aid the Valley’s most precious natural resource (our kids) in striving for a degree that will certainly help them earn more than the median wage in Youngstown?

I, for one, do give outstanding care and service to our students at YSU that is far above what is considered adequate. With me, students absolutely come first and I am dedicated to them and to YSU. I know you will find many ACE Union employees, police, and faculty that have the same work ethic that I do. Come work at my job for just one day.


Administrative Assistant 1

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Youngstown State University