God-fearing patriots resent being labeled unAmerican

God-fearing patriots resent being labeled unAmerican


I take great offense at the cartoon by John Cole on Sept. 8’s Page of Opinion featured in The Vindicator. The cartoon implies that Americans who opposed Obama’s speech to the public school system are complete idiots who can’t spell, calling Obama a “soshlist and notzee” and won’t ‘lissen’ because he may indoctrinate our children. Then Obama says in the cartoon, “And this is why it is so important to get a good education” (so you won’t be like those idiots). “We the people” have been labeled unAmerican, extremists, racists, an angry mob and now complete idiots.

I resent Nancy Pelosi’s “unAmerican” label most. She, rather than Joe Wilson, owes America an apology and it would be nice if it came before we ask her to leave office. She is not a permanent fixture.

I just returned from the March on Washington, D.C. I have never been so proud to be an American. The crowd was a mix of children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, middle and upper class, God-fearing, Christian, law-abiding (leaving the police with not much to do), patriotic, conservatives and, yes, we’re angry, but we are not a mob. When God Bless America was broadcast by video on huge screens, it brought tears to the eyes of “we the people” who raised our hands toward Heaven thanking God for America. Is that the behavior of a mob? We represented only one-tenth (guesstimate) of those who wanted to be there. If the number of 1.5 million is accurate, 15 million would have been there if they could have.

Why are we angry? Because greed and corruption in Washington are thick enough to cut with a knife. We simply cannot trust them because we have been lied to point blank. The liberal media manipulates the news to an unacceptable extent. Background checks of members of Obama’s cabinet, ACORN and his czars reveal astounding bias, corruption and tax evasion. Obama’s college records are sealed. That alone begs the question — what is he hiding?

He told us the health-care reform bill would not insure illegals. The truth is there is nothing in place to prevent it. Joe Wilson may not have behaved in a professional manner but he told the truth — Obama doesn’t. Until we have a president and Congress that will tell us the truth, the marches will continue — until they listen up or we kiss them goodbye.



Wilson was out of line


The ignorance of Republicans is just appalling. When George Bush was in office, I am quite sure a few Democrats wanted to call him a bald face liar. It is a disgrace against the office of the presidency. Only an ignoramus from South Carolina would do such a thing.

I also believe this has to do with the fact that Obama is black; it is racist.

The congressmen knew what he was doing and waited until the most opportune time to do so. I think he should have been censured at the least. Let’s put a trap on his mouth.