Traficant speaks out on CNN

Former Congressman James A. Traficant appeared live on CNN's American Morning program today. Some highlights:

• On his incarceration in which he served much of his time at a medical facility in Rochester, Minn. "They said I had a medical problem," he told CNN's John Roberts, because "I wouldn't take the medication" saying he didn't trust prison officials.

• On whether he will run for Congress: "I am not sure at this point," he said, noting, "the only way I can get back at the justice department is to get back into Congress."

• On fighting for Delphi salaried workers benefits: "If we can take care of people all over he world we can take care of the people back here."

• If subpoenaed, he would go to Germany to testify on behalf of John Demjanjuk.

On observations by Mayor Jay Williams that Traficant "no longer represents who we are," Traficant said he had yet to meet the mayor, adding in a list of his own accomplishments, "Those three bridges he crosses when he goes to work? I built them."

Traficant told Roberts: "I am going to have a lot of political opposition, should he run for office, "but I don't give a damn."

He also added a "Beam me up," for old time's sake.

At 10 a.m. Traficant will work as host on WKBN radio on 570-AM.

Watch and Tuesday's Vindicator for more coverage.

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