Letter was a clunker

Letter was a clunker


A letter that appeared in The Vindicator, Aug. 25 from a misinformed Hermitage resident needs a response.

1. Toyota Corollas sell for approximately $18,000 and not $30,000 as the write suggested. They get 30-35 mpg and some even get 40.

2. Implying the Toyota automobile is a “foreign” car is indicative of the writer’s lack of knowledge. I own a Toyota that was manufactured in Kentucky which means Kentucky residents benefited from the Toyota plant with wages for its workers and the community and state also benefited from tax dollars provided by the company.

3. It appears the writer would have the government take away an individual’s right and freedom of choice and limit “cash for clunkers” to vehicles from just the “bailed out” companies, GM and Chrysler.

The “cash for clunkers” government sponsored effort not only increased the national debt, but failed in its efforts to boost GM sales.

Most people choose to purchase a vehicle based not just on its cost, but also on its record for frequency of repairs, gas mileage, body integrity and trade-in value. This is still a free country, although with this administration and its dozens of czars (some of them with very questionable backgrounds), some of the freedoms we have may be short-lived.


North Lima