Missing: a sense of outrage

Missing: a sense of outrage


I am amazed that there hasn’t been more outrage over the failure of the Youngstown school system. It was recently revealed that the city’s school system was the worse in the state, the lowest out of 610 districts. My question is this: why is Dr. Wendy Webb still the superintendent of this failed school system?

Dr. Webb has had ample time to turn the district around and obviously doesn’t have what it takes to do so. The blame must start at the top and work it’s way down. The future lives of the children of Youngstown are at stake and we don’t need excuses, we need action. We need to call for the immediate removal of the current superintendent and find a replacement who can appreciate and conquer the enormous task of turning this school district from failure to success.

Let’s quit worrying about what the outside of our school buildings look like, and start paying more attention to what’s going on inside them. Youngstown taxpayers are paying a lot of money to the school system and deserve better than the results currently being displayed.