Report: Obama's stimulus program led to 13,144 Ohio jobs

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A state report says President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan has saved or created 13,144 jobs in Ohio.

The preliminary data released today is part of a national effort by states to calculate in real time the effect of a government spending program.

Ohio is scheduled to get $8.5 billion in stimulus money over the next several years. State budget director Pari Sabety says Ohio has spent about $1.6 billion so far. Only $335.6 million of that fell within this week’s reporting deadline.

The state didn’t immediately describe the nature of its stimulus-funded jobs. In California, the stimulus was credited with saving or creating 62,000 jobs in public schools and state universities.

Sabety says much of the early spending in Ohio has gone to unemployment benefits, Medicaid payments and other social service programs.

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