‘Blair Witch’ at 10: Movie is still scary

By Roger Moore

ORLANDO, Fla. — Producer Robin Cowie remembers showing “The Blair Witch Project” to some friends of his father’s, investors and potential investors, in his dad’s basement.

“The film finished, there was this stunned silence, and my dad jumped up and started apologizing! He just stumbled into it, and I was shocked, ‘What have I DONE?’ But a friend of the family who was working for Blockbuster interrupted my dad and said, ‘STOP! I think this movie’s amazing. You’ve got a hit here!’

“Everybody enjoyed the movie, except for maybe my dad.”

Cowie laughs. It’s been 10 years since “The Blair Witch Project,” Haxan Films’ micro-budget horror hit, became the textbook example of how to make and market a movie outside of Hollywood. Those involved had their lives change. And some, like Cowie, have had kids “who have grown up with ‘Blair’ [and the riches it provided] always a part of their lives,” Cowie notes.

Saturday night, the movie that changed horror comes back to the place it was launched, the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Fla. “The Blair Witch Project” will have a 10th anniversary midnight screening at Enzian, with Cowie there to answer questions afterward.

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