Mahoning County Court filings



Marriage licenses

Joshua M. Hergenroder, 28, of 196 E. Maryland Ave., Sebring, and Sarah A. Yeagley, 26, of same.

Marquis R. Perry, 26, of 557 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, and Nikita N. Turner, 27, of 721 Brentwood Ave., Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Carol L. Hanson, 116 Oakwood Drive, Beloit, v. Joseph R. Hanson, P.O. Box 71, of Sebring.

Jennifer J. Walter, 5791 Sheridan Road, Apt. 1. Poland, v. Daniel A. Walter Jr., 1602 Everett Ave., Youngstown.

Michelle Ponce, 599 Beach Ave., Boardman, v. Oscar Ponce, Howell, N.J.

Teresa Paris, 568 Poland Ave., Struthers, v. Anthony Paris, of same.

Tammy L. Nosse, 6698 Appleridge Drive, Boardman, v. Daniel A. Nosse, 1903 Brown St., #2, Akron.

Dorothy M. Amicone, 516 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, v. Frank Amicone, 6224 Appleridge Drive, Boardman.

Christine Blotzer Miller, 5603 London Drive, Austintown, v. William R. Miller, Hilliard, Fla.

Marilyn D. Bethuy, 3732 E. South Range Road, New Springfield, v. Joseph A. Bethuy, of same.

Dissolution asked

Shannon Potina Rovnak, 763 Tudor Lane, Boardman, and Richard A. Rovnak II, 3310 Flo-Lor Drive, Youngstown.


State v. James Swearengen, sentenced to six months in prison on each count.

State v. Timothy Hippely, placed on CCA supervision for three years and completion of after-care program.

State v. William James, court imposes three years’ CCA supervision.

State v. Carlos Javier, court imposes 18 months’ CCA supervision.

State v. William Oliver, sentenced to three years in prison on each count to run concurrently.

State v. David Harter, sentenced to two years’ CCA supervision, monitored by APA.

State v. Carlos Javier, three years’ CCA supervision monitored by APA.

State v. Tasha Torres, dismissed.

Joanne R. Douglas et al v. Michael Douglas et al, order of magistrate.

Lynn Dean admr. of the estate of Bertha M. Dean v. Tyrone Peakes, dismissed.

Tonia Adams v. Forrest T. Adams et al, order of magistrate.

Washington Mutual Bank v. Henriko Chung et al, correcting distribution filed.

The Huntington National Bank v. James R. Fitori et al, foreclosure.

Michael Howard et al to Linda Riley, settled.

Margaret Malvasi v. Brian Richendollar et al, magistrate’s decision hereby adopted and made action.

Commonwealth Real Estate Investors v. Linde Gas LLC l, order of magistrate.

The Huntington National Bank v. Anthony J. Pastella et al, settled.

Tramane Pixley et al v. Derrick L. Johnson et al, settled.

The Huntington Bank v. Latonya Jones et al, dismissed.

Windsor Health Care Center v. Ross James, dismissed.

Robert Hough et al v. James Ferkle, dismissed.

Labor Ready Mid Atlantic Inc. v. Spring Fresh Cleaning Services, dismissed.

Midland Funding v. Richard Doolin, judgment for plaintiff.

Capital One Bank v. Annette Hart, order of magistrate.

2914 Biley Road, LLC v. D&L Energy Inc., order of magistrate.

Bank National Assoc. v. Joel G. Smith et al, dismissed.

Capital One Bank v. Adrionna Zecher, order of magistrate.

Monica Wilds v. Carrie Spires, dismissed.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Clinton Fairchild et al, foreclosure filed.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Kathleen Felger et al, foreclosure filed.

Donald Brown et al v. Matthew Tubbs et al, order of magistrate

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Bell E. Miller et al, foreclosure.

PHH Mortgage Corp. v. Felicia Herrieott et al, order of magistrate.

Deutsche Band National Trust Co. v. Calvin Williams et al, dismissed.

Wilton Rupert v. Will Ford, decision of magistrate.

Shenique Marlowe v. Martina Moore, decision of magistrate.

Patricia Marlowe v. Martina Moore, decision of magistrate.

Shenique Marlowe v. Tina Hall, decision of magistrate.

Harold Witherow v. Peter Kerby, decision of magistrate.

Roy Johnson v. David Everitt, decision of magistrate.

Priscilla Gotay v. Aida Rodriquez, dismissed.

Keith Smith v. Leeland Hunt Jr., dismissed.

Real estate

Joan Cavliaere et al to Dante J. Dirienzo, Evelyn Avenue, Youngstown, $42,400.

Lawrence E. Smith to Lawrence J. Smith, Brownlee Avenue, Youngstown, $48,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Property, Janet Avenue, Canfield, $9,000.

Eric R. Cahalin to John P. Thomas et al, Mellinger Road, Canfield, $25,200.

Vickie J. Lisotto to Lawrence L. Lavin, Topaz Circle, Canfield, $266,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust 2005 -2 to James Buray et al, Navarre Avenue, Austintown, $35,000.

Elie A. Mardun to Jeffery E. Hisrchl et al, Eagle Trace, Boardman, $340,000.

Robert S. Kiman et al to Kimberly A. Gonda, St. Andrews Court, Canfield, $123,000.

Glenn W. Garwig et al to Rachel E. Seelye, South Cadillac Drive, Boardman, $98,000.

Bruce J. Wills et al to Quan Thai Vo et al, 617 Angeline Drive, Boardman, $155,000.

Justin M. Cassey to David E. Pickens et al, Countryside Ridge, Austintown, $179,900.

BAC Home Loan Services to JAB Investments Inc., South Portland Avenue, $9,500.

Arlo Brookhart et al to Kate M. Colla, Mercedes Place, Canfield, $83,500.

Mary M. Santana et al to Alexander J. Medina et al, Southern Boulevard, Boardman, $44,500.

Michael Pecchia et al to Freddie Lopez et al, Crestview Drive, Youngstown, $101,000.

Marc A. Watkins to ERZ Enterprises LLC, Lisbon Street, Canfield, $22,500.

Karen N. Hempstead to Lisa Driest, Grimm Heights, Struthers, $76,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Robert B. May et al, Kent Road, Salem, $89,900.

Jason Mays et al to John D. Paluga, Redwood Place, Canfield, $246,000.

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