Turn back the clock on trickle-down economics

Turn back the clock on trickle-down economics


I can’t believe that our government named an airport after Ronald Reagan — and an aircraft carrier. This guy and his trickle down theory helped to destroy the manufacturing base in this country and cost workers their jobs. All of those tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate America went back into their pockets and helped them move their businesses overseas and to Mexico. Then along comes G.W. Bush and he gives the richest 1 percent another tax cut. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture? At least there can be something done about G.W.’s tax cuts, but what Reagan did is irreversible and we will have to live with that forever.

Something can be done if only our people in Congress step up and make these back stabbing companies pay through the nose for what they have done to the working people in America. Roll back those tax cuts for the rich, take back the tax breaks given to companies who have moved overseas and to Mexico and give tax incentives to corporations that bring jobs to America.