We’re helping the enemy

We’re helping the enemy


I am troubled by a recent article in the paper about a 15-year-old girl from Hubbard who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance in school. She said it was her “right” to refuse since she is an atheist. The ACLU rushed to defend her.

She also added that she also didn’t believe in the pledge because “gays and lesbians don’t have justice.” What does that mean? How and why are we tolerating this blatant disrespect from our youth? She somehow has been taught to think that she can do whatever she pleases.

If she chose not to recite the pledge of allegiance, that would be one thing. But to refuse to stand in respect for the flag is quite another. We live in a country where our men and women paid with their blood so that our flag still stands. When did we just start accepting outright insolence in our children?

We are just handing over our children to Satan. And we wonder why we need more prisons to house offenders. Does anyone think that a teen like this will grow up and miraculously respect authority of any kind?

Similarly, a 10-year-old boy in Arkansas refused to say the pledge because as he said, the line “liberty and justice for all” does not pertain to gays and lesbians! Lord, help us all!

There may be people who disagree with me and that is fine. It isn’t going to change the truth just because someone thinks it is OK for our youth to act like this. Sadly, the enemy does not have to go far to push his evil agenda when he gets all the help he needs from our kids.