Healing music: Salem woman channels God’s peace on new CD

By Tracey D’Astolfo

Sue Deutschlander wants to give people peace in these troubled times.

To meet that goal, the songwriter and musician has released a new CD, “Songs Inspiring Grace and Hope.”

“I feel people really need hope and a sense of grace right now,” she said. “When I sing and play, I feel the peace of God very much transfers into the music, and will help people feel some peace and a sense of security.”

Deutschlander, who practices Reiki and hypnotherapy, said she felt the need to reach out through music after seeing changes in people’s outlook and moods.

“I noticed an increase in clients with extreme anxiety due to the current state of the world,” she said, “and I know that feeling of hopelessness and intense pain.”

Years ago, Deutschlander suffered extreme pain and depression after a work-related injury. Surgery failed to help her, and she was left debilitated. After three years with no relief, she healed herself through Reiki.

Deutschlander has since become a proponent of Reiki, a spiritual technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. She has taught and practiced Reiki for more than 14 years.

Deutschlander said she was guided spiritually to create the CD.

“I sat for months with the material and let the spirit tell me how to get it out there,” she said. ”The whole time I worked on it, I was very aware of the hopelessness people have been feeling because of personal tragedies, the economy and the stress of fast-paced life in general.”

Deutschlander, who will perform selections from the CD at Borders Books and Music in Niles next weekend, said the CD has been having the effect she hoped for. “People have told me they actually experience the proverbial ‘peace that surpasses understanding’ when they listen to the music,” she said, “but I don’t take credit — it’s a gift.”

Two of the 12 songs on the CD, “Psalm 23” and “Lord’s Prayer” were written by Deutschlander, and four others were co- written by Deutschlander and Sarah Blocksom of Lisbon. Also featured on the album are the vocals of Jessica Speece of Ellsworth and Youngstown Symphony Orchestra violinist Mariana Szalaj of Boardman. Tony Valenzizi of Boardman added percussion and guitar to the Latin-tinged “Spirits of 9,” and also mastered the CD’s recording.

All arrangements, music, vocal tracks and accompaniments were provided by Deutschlander, who recorded the CD at her Salem home studio, Blue Porch Music.

Deutschlander, known as Reiki Sue, works at Shine! Center of Awareness for Beauty Wellness and Being in Columbiana as a Reiki healing master and certified clinical hypnotherapist.

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