What went wrong in Canfield?

What went wrong in Canfield?


Please, say it isn’t so.

The article on the Oct. 28 Vindicator front page about deplorable living conditions had to be a story from a Third World country. Something like this couldn’t happen here in the U.S.A. Wrong, it was right in Canfield, to be exact.

I haven’t been able to get those two little boys off my mind ever since reading the article. If I told you what I wanted to see done to the parents, I probably would be put in jail. It is sacrilegious to bring your two sons up in such filthy conditions. You are lucky they are alive, the seven dogs and three cats weren’t so lucky (or maybe they were). If these people needed help, there are people and organizations out there that could and would have helped them.

How could this family fall through the cracks, and not be noticed. Someone should have been paying attention.