Government can’t do it all

Government can’t do it all


I think we have two huge problems in all levels of our government. First, we have too many people working for the government. Second, we have too many people on some sort of government entitlement program. Our society has become one large circle of 300 million people with everyone’s hand in the next persons pocket.

We in the very competitive private sector cannot continue to support all of the people feeding at the public trough. We in the private sector who bail the government out every minute of every day can’t continue at this pace much longer. It is no wonder our jobs are vanishing. When the private sector built a relative Utopia (compared to the rest of the world) we expected the government to keep peace and leave us alone. We built a strong entrepreneurial culture with solid family values. We understand that the government couldn’t give us anything without stealing from someone else. Today’s philosophy is that of the government playing the role of the nanny and providing everything. The fallacy of that thinking is the government produces no goods or services that cannot be done better and cheaper by the private sector. The government can only increase the taxes on those producers.

I am a Libertarian and I fear if the Republicans and Democrats don’t stop drowning us in red ink we are going to back ourselves into the Third World.


Mineral Ridge