Man arrested for attacking officer

By John W. Goodwin Jr.

The man had to be restrained by an officer and a tow truck driver.

YOUNGSTOWN — A Campbell man is being held in Mahoning County Jail on $45,000 bond after police say he threatened an officer then assaulted the officer with racial slurs and his fists.

Christopher Depofi, 52, of 13th Street, Campbell appeared before Judge Robert P. Milich of Youngstown Municipal Court for arraignment Friday morning on a list of charges associated with an altercation with Officer Carlo Eggleston late Thursday evening.

Depofi has been ordered to post the $45,000 bond before getting out of jail and have no contact with Eggleston.

According to police, Eggleston responded to a traffic accident investigation where a woman claimed Depofi was responsible for a hit and run on her car earlier Thursday. Eggleston determined that Depofi did not hit the woman’s car, but Depofi did not let the matter go.

Reports say Depofi began to berate the woman and use foul language to describe the woman. Eggleston, reports say, realized Depofi had been drinking and ordered the man to submit to sobriety testing.

Reports say Depofi failed several sobriety test, then reentered his car and started it in an attempt to drive away. Eggleston grabbed Depofi’s keys but was hit in the stomach and mid section by Depofi who was still inside the car.

Depofi, according to reports, then got out of the car and unleashed a barrage of racial slurs and threats toward Eggleston. He also punched the officer in the face twice before being restrained by Eggleston and a tow truck driver on the scene.

Reports say Depofi offered Eggleston an apology while he was being transported to the county jail.

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