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Published: 5/17/09 @ 12:00


New complaints

American Express Centurion Bank v. Timothy Figley, money.

Unifund CCR Partners v. Margaret Randolph, money.

Douglas Hoppel v. Richard Felman, money.

C.A. Curtze Co. et al v. Adrian Kithas et al, money.

Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. v. Scott Seeley, money.


American Independent v. Karen Molter, judgment for plaintiff.

EduCap Inc. v. Erin Smith, judgment for plaintiff.

Discover Bank v. Jackie Horvath, judgment for plaintiff.

Divorces filed

Jeanette Spencer, 16442 Cannons Mill Road, East Liverpool, v. James Spencer, of same.

Janet Seachrist, 47101 Pancake-Clarkson Road, Rogers, v. Christopher Seachrist, of same.

Gary Casto, 16136 Susan Drive, East Liverpool, v. George Casto, Chester, W.Va.

Divorces granted

Amy Brown v. William Brown.

Sandra Solomon v. Brad Hansen.

Darryl Davis v. Sheryl Grim.

Dissolutions filed

Richard Roos, 210 Pennsylvania Ave., East Liverpool, and Barbara Roos, 1609 Main St., Wellsville.

Charles Muskgrove, 851 Eighth Ave., East Liverpool, and Amy Muskgrove, 608 1‚Ñ2 E. Fifth St., East Liverpool.

Dissolutions granted

Deanna Ayers and John Ayers.

Christine Papania and James Papania.

Deena Milhoan and William Milhoan.

Joseph Armstrong and Leigh Armstrong.


Marriage licenses

Justin L. Michalovic, 28, of 2847 Mahan Denman Road, Bristolville, and Tiffany M. Hinkle, 24, of 1229 Hyde Shaffer Road, Bristolville.

Heath N. Cline, 19, of 137 Butler St., Niles, and Phyliss H. Brown, 23, of 140 Miller St., Warren.

Gerald K. Vellente, 52, of 2261 Howland-Wilson Road, Howland, and Pamela D. Beadnell, 45, Akron.

Jason M. Boylan, 25, of 1984 Warren Ave., Niles, and Jennifer C. Edison, 24, of same.

Andrew J. Brooks, 44, of 6451 Yoder Ave., Kinsman, and Deborah A. Green, 44, of 4951 state Route 305, Fowler.

David J. Pounds, 59, of 44 Camrose Drive, Niles, and Anna M. Adams, 58, of same.

John I. Zdelar Jr., 45, of 6336 Merwin Chase Road, Brookfield, and Kimberly A. Wallace, 42, of same.

Urie E. Miller, 27, of 7973 Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield, and Irene A. Byler, 30, of 9311 Laird Road, Middlefield.

Joseph B. Burns, 21, of 1547 Cullinan Ave., Masury, and Erin K. O’Meara, 22, of same.

James T. Scott Jr., 62, of 499 Third St. S.W., Warren, and Crystal R. Currie, 46, of 1050 Bane St., Warren.

Joshua V. Bays, 21, of 793 Belvedere Ave. S.E., Warren, and Kayla L. McGowan, 18, of 1566 Drexel Ave. N.W., Warren.

Cory B. Begeot, 26, of 10533 Cableline Road, Newton Falls, and Duana R. Sears, 29, of 330 Adams St., Newton Falls.

Ronald J. Corradetti, legal age, 249 Robbies Run, Cortland, and Renee A. Sebastian, legal age, same.

Scott M. Verrill, 36, Quincy, Mass., and Pia M Torres, 30, of same.

Gregory A. Miller, 48, of 1636 Gypsy Lane, Niles, and Patricia A. Koehnlein, 30, of 636 North Road, Niles.

William E. Blake Jr., 31, of 770 state Route 193, Vienna, and Sheila M. Russell, 23, of same.

Nicholas J. Allen, 28, Hilliard, and Jessica L. Governor, 28, of 6110 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland.

George A. Robinson, 24, Richmond, Va., and Carrie A. Miranda, 25, of same.

Willis R. Weaver, 25, of 10016 Bundysburg Road, Middlefield, and Cindy W. Miller, 21, of 3979 state Route 534, Southington.

David G. Long, 34, of 413 Baldwin Ave., Niles, and Carrie S. Johnson, 26, of same.

Jeremiah D. Nitso, 27, of 8109 Addison Road S.E., Masury, and Tiffany A. Jackson, 29, of same.


Dennis A. Beach CPA Inc. v. Mills Machine et al, cognovit.

Huntington National Bank v. Michael J. Gianoutos, cognovit.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Homer L. Ginkinger et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Beneta R. Anderson et al, foreclosure.

Home Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. of Niles v. Robert L. Hurd et al, foreclosure.

Christine M. Tammaro v. George L. Ervin, other torts.

Midland Funding LLC v. Marcia J. Bobbitt, default.

Amerifirst Home Improvement v. Scott Ryan, default.

Federated Financial Corp. of America v. Donald J. Mild, default.

Extreme Machine and Fabricating Inc. v. James L. Corll, dismissed.

John F. Stewart v. Concord Steel et al, dismissed.

Rose M. Morgan v. Saber Healthcare Group LLC et al, dismissed.

Fannie Tarver v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, dismissed.

Paul A. Takacs v. Delphi Packard Electric Delphi National Benefits et al, dismissed.

Robert R. Carr et al v. JAS Manufacturing LLC et al, dismissed.

Gasoline Alley v. Rocco A. Soriano, dismissed.

Dolores Wargo v. Michelle Berendt, dismissed.

Tawnia L. Rutherford v. Randy R. Richman, dismissed.

Cassandra Coleman v. Daniel Hilty, dismissed.

Marsha L. Hitchcock v. Victor J. Palo LaCosta, dismissed.

State v. Demetra A. Richardson, granted probation.

State v. Randall Morgan Jr., granted probation.

State v. Billy Jo Brown, granted probation.

State v. Thomas Valentino, granted probation.

State v. Shawna Conn, granted probation.

State v. Scott C. Harker, granted probation.

State v. Destine Douglas, granted probation.

State v. Sofia Dovellos, granted probation.

State v. John J. Jones, granted probation.

State v. Shannon Wallace, granted probation.

State v. Todd M. Cerny, granted probation.

State v. Timothy J. Link, granted probation.

State v. Monray J. Bell, sentenced.

State v. Scott Douglas, sentenced.

State v. Brenden Clark, sentenced.

State v. Carla Hunt, sentenced.

State v. James Edison, sentenced.

State v. Robert W. McCorkle, sentenced.

State v. Michael A. Hale, sentenced.

State v. Terrance M. Robinson, sentenced.

State v. Lamont Mitchell, sentenced.

County treasurer v. William E. Alfonsi et al, settled.

Bank of New York v. Norma J. Depizzo et al, settled.

Grant A. Oakes Sr. et al v. Trumbull County Board of Health et al, settled.

James Hecker et al v. John E. Egolf et al, settled.

National City Mortgage v. Elmer J. Constantino et al, settled.

Forum Health Systems v. Charles M. Neff, settled.

Kenneth E. Nelson Jr. v. Ron Carrocce Trucking Inc. et al, settled.

Tisa M. Butcher et al v. Bonnie S. Debeaulieu, settled.

Arrow Financial Services LLC v. Alice M. Stevanus, settled.

James A. Naples v. Eric Ryan Productions LLC et al, settled.

Asset Acceptance LLC v. Monte C. Betts, settled.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance v. Antonio Lamota, settled.

Bazetta Township Trustees v. Denise Mott, settled.

Palisades Acquisition XVI LLC v. Charles E. Miller, settled.

Capital One Bank v. Rebecca Brady, settled.

Worldwide Asst. Purchasing v. K.R. Crisan, settled.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Richard A. Crevier, settled.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Keith J. Childers et al, settled.

CACH LLC v. Jennifer Mallog, settled.

Huntington National Bank v. Heidi L. Roberts, settled.

Unifund CCR Partners v. Larry A. Wolf, settled.

US Bank v. Clement R. Davis et al, settled.

Margaret Kather v. Adele Hantula, settled.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Brenda J. Kirksey et al, settled.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Edward L. Jordan Sr. et al, settled.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Kristina M. Dagres et al, settled.

Dissolutions granted

Carolyn D. Dechance and Cory R. Dechance.

Michelle A. Masters and Mark E. Masters.

Brian P. Daugherty and Jenna E. Daugherty.

Dewey J. Moats and Bobbie J. Moats.

Tina M. Clarke and John C. Clarke.

Linda C. Olmstead and Floyd M. Olmstead.

Carrie Reghetti and Michael Reghetti.

William Lyons Jr. and Michelle L. Lyons.

Divorces granted

Jeff Ford v. Sarah Ford.

Rosalind M. Stephens v. Ashen H. Stephens.

Phyllis Lloyd-Earwood v. David S. Earwood.

Wendi Peyton v. Eric V. Peyton.

Ashley N. Gathers v. Sheldon A. Gathers.

David W. Dasen v. Linda A. Dasen.

Shirley Hoffman v. Daniel Hoffman.

Natalie D. Hart v. Timothy N. Kellar.

Thomas W. White v. Lisa G. White.

Tami Keller v. William Keller.

Lanier M. Epperson v. Laurie Catanese Epperson.

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