Marriage licenses

James P. Rogenski Sr., legal age, 225 Clear Water Cove North, Austintown, and Mary Beth Ernest, legal age, of same.

Dennis H. Donnelly, 65, of 4809 Ellwood-New Castle Road, New Castle, Pa., and Catherine C. Folmer, 58, of 136 Creek Drive, Slippery Rock, Pa.

Douglas W. Bowman, 38, of 386 Fairground Blvd., #101, Canfield, and Virginia C. Lexso, 38, of same.

James J. Rockenfelder, 40, of 17470 Lakewood Ave., Lake Milton, and Melissa L. Campbell, 37, of same.

John W. Jarvis, 39, of 5910 Lightner Place, Poland, and Laura L. Svader, 32, of same.

William P. E. Birchfield, 34, of 7212 Sheldon Ave., Boardman, and Karen M. Phillips, 30, of same.

Jason C. Beaford, 34, Navarre, Fla., and Meghan L. Thomson, 24, of same.

Paul A. Mallin, 23, of 3376 DeCamp Road, Youngstown, and Kimberly L. Moore, 23, of 660 N. Main St., Poland.

Domestic relations

Shayla Anderson v. Dennis Harris, dismissed.

Cindy Schwab v. Kenneth Alexander, dismissed.

Charles E. Kougher v. Tara C. Kougher, dismissed.

Monique v. Hightower v. Anthony Rivera Cordero, dismissed.

Lori Demart v. John Demart, dismissed.

April Morgan v. Wendy Gifford, dismissed.

Amy Burkhart v. Lorey Weston, dismissed.

Debra Waselich v. Brian C. Waselich, dismissed.

Cynthia Torres v. Jose Torres, dismissed.

Shaylane Gregory v. Mario Wright Sr., dismissed.

Jamil Burke v. Raymer Jones, dismissed.

Donald Boyd v. Tracy Williams, dismissed.

Diane Kovalovsky v. Bradley Rehak, dismissed.

Tiara Heard v. Jaylin Redman, dismissed.

Cierria L. Bennett v. Christopher Young, dismissed.

Roger Hess v. Brenda L. Hess, dismissed.

Shannon Demar v. Kelly Jones, dismissed.

Tomasina T. May v. Leslie Howard, dismissed.

Raymer L. Jones Sr. v. Jamil Burke, dismissed.

Demetrius Ward v. Keyonia M. Moorer, dismissed.

Keyonia M. Moorer, v. Demetrius Moore, dismissed.

Sheryl Koulianos v. Steve Koulianos, dismissed.

Karen Garcia v. Brian Golec, dismissed.

Lynn Givens v. Deborah Ivory, dismissed.

Carlotta Tucker v. Michael Harsch, dismissed.

Angela Cambert v. Robert B. Williamson, dismissed.

Tracey Smith v. Kenneth Smith, dismissed.

Dawn Butcher v. James Duris, dismissed.

Kurtina Kennedy Adkins v. Troy Adkins, dismissed.

Roselyn Newman v. Daniel Newman, dismissed.

Cassandra Sharp v. Tad Balio , dismissed.

Jason Martin v. Laurie Forsythe, dismissed.

Misty McRoberts v. Antwoin Stuart, dismissed.

Amanda Holmes v. Joseph Holmes, dismissed.

Joannia S. Brink v. Gary L. Teague Sr., dismissed.

Richard Bates v. Monica Jo Bates, dismissed.

Tamar Ethington v. Annette Dwight, dismissed.

Tammy Perkins v. Wilton Rupert Jr., dismissed.

Leslie Howard v. Tomasina May, dismissed.

Tammy Ford v. Eboni Cruz Banks, dismissed.

Mary Howell v. Amos M. Haynes, dismissed.

Joyce M. Brabant v. Lawrence E. Brabant II, dismissed.

Richardo A. Joseph v. Samantha Joseph, dismissed.

Samantha Joseph v. Richardo Joseph, dismissed.

Julie Simpson v. Anthony D. Simpson, dismissed.

New complaints

Katrerry Jones v. Marsha Ryan Admr. BWC et al, workers’ compensation.

Huntington National Bank v. Roger L. Wilfong et al, notice of filing of merger documents.

Julia Butryn v. Marsha Ryan Admr. BWC et al, workers’ compensation.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Tina Ritchie et al, foreclosure.

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Peter Frazier II et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Bank USA at trustee v. Thomas M. Marciano et al, foreclosure.

Clyde Weimer v. Charles W. Herrholtz et al, money.

Ohio Valley Mall v. Lam Hgoc Hoang et al, money.

Ohio Valley Mall v. O’Mara Enterprises Inc. dba Bonanza Family Restaurant et al, money.

Warner Management Co. v. Sterling United Portfolios Inc., money.

The Cafaro Northwest Partnership v. Smart Wireless Inc., money.

Rosemarie Bettile v. Lucky Junkets Inc. et al, jury demand.

American Express Centurian Bank v. Anthony Beshara, complaint.

Barbara A. Novak v. Bridges R US Painting Co. Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

HSBC Bank Nevada v. Junior Damous, money.

Real estate

Tracy H. Burnette to Wilbert T. Hughes, Redondo Road, Youngstown, $69,000.

James F. Nellis et al to John W. Tomory et al, Greenmont Drive, Canfield, $185,000.

New Falls Corp. to Bruce A. Rigelsky, Judith Lane, Struthers, $20,000.

JAB Investments to Green Hill LLC, Bright Ave., Campbell, $18,900.

JAB Investments to Green Hill LLC, Hyatt Ave., Campbell, $31,500.

JAB Investments to Green Hill LLC, W. Fairview, Campbell, $22,500.

Bank of New York, to David Priest, New Road, Austintown, $73,000.

Barbara A. Bish to Timothy A. Kawalek et al, Nottingham Ave., Youngstown, $103,500.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Christine Garay, 911 Madison Ave., #80, Youngstown.

Robert D. Smith, 307 Jefferson St., Youngstown.

Gretchen Baldwin, 17440 Mock Road, Berlin Center.

Robert Farmintino, 290 Sanderson Ave., Campbell.

Lynn A. Kana, 3930 Nassau Court, Youngstown.

Daniel R. Grantz, P.O. Box 4084, Youngstown.

Karen S. Stilgenbauer, 1695 N. Duck Creek Road, North Jackson.

Judy Antolik Phillips, P.O. Box 671, Canfield.

Terry D. English, 1762 Paisley St., Austintown.

James L. Gane, 1610 Country Club Drive, Youngstown.

Jonathan T. Koontz, 6675 Silica Road, Austintown.

Roger W. Lewis, 148 Robinwood Drive, New Middletown.

Steve M. Kopkash, 6637 Clingan Road, Poland.

Rachel M. Skok, 428 Blossom Ave., Campbell.

Ronald A. Marks, 426 W. Georgia Ave., Sebring.

Autumn Joy Claytor, 230 Kendis Circle, Youngstown.

Erica Dawn Kaurich, 1693 Case Road, Beloit.

Natalie J. Brown, 4201 Logangate Road, #302, Liberty.

Christopher A. Schumaker, 5192 Pinecrest Ave., Austintown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Gia Voitus, 6439 Diana Drive, Poland.

Joseph L. Tisler, 548 12th St. Campbell.

Patricia E. Taylor, 1148 N. Four Mile Run Road, Youngstown.

Jesse Ruby, 17962 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Milton.

Harvey J. Wilson, 12537 Beard Road, New Springfield.

Carl J. Sidoti, 17352 Glenwood Ave., Lake Milton.

John Robison, 184 Homestead Drive, Niles.

Deland E. Quarles Jr., 4901 Fifth Ave. Ext., Liberty.

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