Marriage licenses

James L. Mitchell, 33, of 258 Oakley Ave., Boardman, and Reanna Hardey, 28, of same.

Christopher C. Philips, 26, of 221 S. Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, and Betsey A. Dickey, 25, of same.

Kevin M. Freaney, 27, of 24 Walden Drive #14, Natick, Mass., and Heather E. Heavner, 24, of same.

Matthew J. Campbell, 26, Long Branch, N.J., and Kristin L. McDonald, 27, of same.

Leslie H. Carter, 53, of 3349 Orrin Ave., Youngstown, and Tina M. Carter, 47, of same.

Michael H. Savich, 38, of 4970 Pine Lake Road, New Springfield, and Charise L. Savich, 34, of same.

Jay R. Drotleff, 59, of 4595 Butler Grange, Salem, and Mary E. Williams, 58, of 2770 S. Duck Creek Road, North Jackson.

Jason M. Fox, 28, of 18066 Mahoning Ave., Lake Milton, and Angela L. Sadler, 33, of same.

Lawrence E. Toney, 60, of 563 W. Warren Ave., Youngstown, and Margret A. Hooper, 50, of same.

Divorces asked

Jennifer J. Brocious, 4697 Barrington Drive, Austintown, v. Samuel A. Davis, Eighth Street, Wellsville, and 4697 Barrington Drive, Austintown.

Kimberly A. Hutcheson, 663 Purdue Ave., Austintown, v. Duane A. Hutcheson, of same.

JoAnn McDowell, 110 E. Wood St., Apt. 902, Youngstown, v. Donald L. McDowell, 1048 Hawthorne St., Youngstown.

Joyce A. Bovo, 659 Fifth St., Struthers, v. Steven D. Bovo, of same.

William H. Costello, 6079 Frontier Drive, Poland, v. Christine M. Costello, of same.

Ailene Schuler, 2356 Birch Trace, Austintown, v. Lawrence E. Schuler, 4630 W. Middletown Road, Canfield.

Mary Guzaski, 76 Third St., Campbell, v. Shaun Guzaski, 1227 North Road #143, Niles.

Nicole A. Cline, 317 Carnegie Ave., Austintown, v. Rex E. Cline, 319 Harrison St., Newell, W.Va.

Joseph A. Miller, 44077 Metz Road, Columbiana, v. Alissa J. Miller, 138 Carnegie Ave., Austintown.

Dissolutions asked

Max L. Johnson, 10416 Palmyra Road, North Jackson, and Kristine M. Johnson, 3168 Whittier Court, Poland.

Kevin R. Anderson Sr., 50 Roslyn Drive, Youngstown, and Joyece E.D. Anderson, Columbia, S.C.

Richard J. Lalumia, 62 E. Western Reserve Road #3, Youngstown, and Carolyn Lalumia, 3835 Indian Run #5, Canfield.

Migdalia Rios, 170 S. Bruce St., Youngstown, and Fernando Rios Jr., 326 W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Kristy L. Boyles, 2187 Cranbrook Drive, Youngstown, and Eric C. Boyles, 3451 Almerinda Drive, Canfield.

Nanette L. Bucci, 795 Porter Ave., Campbell, and Michael L. Bucci, 1468 Maplecrest, Austintown.


State v. Leroy Gore Jr., court imposes five years’ probation and to complete in-house program at CCA.

State v. Austin G. Jones III, court imposes three years’ probation.

State v. Jeffrey E. Ward, court imposes five years’ probation.

State v. Nelson O. Padilla, sentenced to one-year probation and to enter day-reporting program at CCA.

State v. Kevin Marks, sentenced to five years’ probation and to complete outpatient reporting program at CCA.

State v. John Mounsey, placed on probation for one year.

State v. Jason W. Fabek, sentenced to one-year probation and six months’ driver’s license suspension.

State v. Ronald Madden, sentenced to three years’ probation.

State v. Jurita Perdue, court imposes four years’ probation and to make restitution.

State v. Prince M. Noisette, court imposes five years’ probation, no contact with victim and/or her family, enroll in sexual counseling programs, complete day-reporting program at CCA.

State v. Joshua J. Cogar, court imposes three years’ probation, to complete inpatient substance program at CCA.

State v. Jerry L. Glenn, sentenced to three years’ probation and to report to Mahoning County Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes Program.

State v. Robert Vinion, sentenced to one-year probation.

State v. Ronald Gilbert, sentenced to three years in prison, to run consecutively to another sentence, driver’s license suspended for four years.

State v. Angel Ortiz, sentenced to 36 months in prison.

Ronald Edgerton v. Deborah Croxall et al, order of magistrate.

Soffiah H. Abdullah et al v. Pamela Phelan et al, settled.

First Place Bank v. Kevin J. Kern et al, confirmation of sale with deficiency judgment.

Suzanne E. Davis v. Courtnie L. Whitacre et al, settled.

Krystyna Adamczak v. Andrew J. Beistel et al, settled.

Fidelity Bank v. Martin Clinkscale et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Susan C. Montgomery v. Pembrooke Place Nursing and Rehabilitation et al, dismissed.

American General Financial Services Inc. v. Robert Zoppelt Sr. et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Reo Properties Corp. v. Tanisha N. Bowman et al, amended confirmation of sale and distribution.

Bank of New York Trust NA v. Matthew Zurburgg et al, dismissed.

Charles W. Barrett v. David Mayfield et al, settled.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Frank P. Romandetti et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Shasta Shabazz v. Nora Crystal, order of magistrate.

TC Redi Mix v. BR Knez Construction Inc., decision of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Ronald Adams et al, return order of sale without execution.

Karen Kaster v. Forum Health et al, settled.

Deutsche Bank Trust v. George Rafidi et al, foreclosure.

James S. Fisher v. Hynes Industries Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Tiffany L. Fowler v. Qi Wu et al, settled.

Darlene Cole v. Gary Crim, order of magistrate.

Midland Funding NCC2 Corp. v. Robert Cochran, judgment for plaintiff.

Mary Lou Ivan v. Ohio Turnpike Commission et al, order of magistrate.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Linda J. Martin, judgment for plaintiff.

Janine Keshock v. AFG Industries Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Carl M. Daviduk v. Beeghly Oaks et al, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Blanca Santos et al, foreclosure.

Wright Patt Credit Union v. Kevin M. Connors et al, foreclosure.

Citibank South Dakota NA v. Kimberly A. Kaharich, default judgment for plaintiff.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. v. Eddie L. Jackson, judgment for plaintiff.

David J. Kennedy v. Nicole M. Williams, settled.

Alyssa R. Snitzer v. Mary E. Crum, magistrate’s order adopted.

Rose Jordan v. Milton Glen, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Steve R. Berdis v. Brian J. Romine, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Ryan E. Frangos v. Deborah K. Matacic, order of magistrate.

Deborah K. Matacic v. Ryan Furney, order of magistrate.

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