Dann writes apology to family, Valley for mistakes

Note: Marc Dann asked The Vindicator to publish a letter of apology he wrote for the mistakes he made that led him to resign as attorney general a year ago. Here is that letter:

When I apologized a year ago to my family, the employees of the Attorney General’s Office, the people of Ohio and friends and supporters in the Mahoning Valley for the mistakes I made in the Attorney General’s office, I’m sure it had the hollow ring of a politician trying to hold onto office.

Now, after a painful year of private tears, soul searching and reflection, I wanted to again express my apologies and regret to my family, the people of Ohio and particularly, to the people of my adopted home.

I deeply regret that the reputation of the community that I love has been tarred by my failures.

Hundreds of volunteers and contributors, including many from Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties, worked thousands of hours and contributed millions of dollars to give me the opportunity to serve as Attorney General.

I will forever be grateful for that support.

To those who helped me win the office, I hope you will remain proud of significant accomplishments we achieved in the short time I served as Attorney General. I wish that my personal weaknesses would not have caused those accomplishments to fall short of what was possible.

I am deeply disappointed in myself because we were well on our way of doing incredible work in the Attorney General’s office for consumers, victims of crime, transparency and accountability in government and for our valley.

Worst of all, I live every day knowing that my conduct inflicted pain and embarrassment on the people whom I love the most.

I have learned a lot in the past two years.

I have learned the importance of being humble even when you have reasons to be proud.

I have learned that the phrase “family is more important than anything else” is more than just a political platitude.

I’ve learned about the difference between fast friends and true friends.

I’ve learned that before you take on the political establishment in Columbus and the largest corporations in America, you better have your own house in order.

I’ve learned that even in the worst of times, the people of the Mahoning Valley have been kind and supportive of me and, more deservedly, of my family.

To the many friends, neighbors and strangers who have reached out to us with love and support over the past year, thank you.

To those I let down, I am truly sorry and I will work hard the rest of my life to re-earn your trust and respect. ­­— Marc Dann

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