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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Published: Tue, March 17, 2009 @ 12:04 a.m.
  Canfield Group Assault

February 22, 2009. Canfield, Ohio

February 22, 2009. Canfield, Ohio

Malvasi 911 call
Audio clip

By Elise Franco

CANFIELD — A group assault will land 10 Cardinal Mooney High School students in Canfield court Wednesday.

An incident that occurred during the early morning of Feb. 22 between Michael Malvasi Jr., 18, of Canfield, and Dominic Jackett, 18, of Youngstown, prompted Jackett and a group of nine more adult and four juvenile males to confront Malvasi Jr. at his home on Timber Run Drive, police reports state.

Both men told police that Jackett and several friends were parked on Fox Haven Drive in Canfield Township about 12:30 a.m., when Malvasi Jr. pulled up behind them in his car.

Detective Dave Benigas, of the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department, said Jackett’s car was blocking the road, so Malvasi Jr. honked his horn signaling Jackett to move.

“Malvasi then exited his vehicle and struck Jackett in the face,” Benigas said.

Jackett told Canfield detectives that he didn’t provoke Malvasi Jr. and decided to gather a group of friends to go to the Timber Run Drive home and talk about what happened. Malvasi Jr. attends Canfield High School, police said.

Canfield police said when the group arrived at Malvasi Jr.’s home just before 1 a.m., they approached the front door and tackled Malvasi Jr. from the porch onto the front lawn.

The victim’s mother called 911 from inside the residence.

When police arrived the fight had already been broken up, and some of the males attempted to flee.

Officers observed Malvasi Jr., who had been kicked and punched several times, shirtless with visible injuries to his face, hands and chest.

Michael Malvasi Sr., the victim’s father, was also involved in the altercation.

Malvasi Sr. had a cut to his forehead after being punched by Kyle White, 18, of Youngstown, the police report says.

White told police that Malvasi Sr. came outside, began yelling and grabbed him by the collar, which is why White said he punched him in the head.

Malvasi Sr. informed police that a security camera on the family’s property recorded the entire episode.

Over the next few weeks, police took voluntary statements from all parties involved then showed each of them footage of the fight outside the Malvasi residence.

Canfield Detective Brian McGivern said the adults were cited in lieu of an arrest.

“Basically these 14 kids were all good kids who got together and made a bad decision,” he said.

James Cooney, assistant principal at Mooney, said he would not comment on the incident until more information was known. Sister Jane Marie Kudlacz, principal of the school, did not respond to a message left seeking comment.

The 10 adults will appear in Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield at 5 p.m. Wednesday on a charge of aggravated trespass.

Additionally, four of the men, Scott Johnson, 18, of North Jackson; Matthew McWilson, 18; Nicholaos Frangopoulos, 18; and White, are charged with assault.

Malvasi Jr. was charged by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s department with assault in relation to the initial incident on Fox Haven Drive, and will also appear Wednesday in Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield.

If convicted, each first-degree misdemeanor charge could hold a sentence of six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Cases for the four juveniles involved in the episode will be reviewed by the Juvenile Justice Center.


For details on charges, visit this link.


1teacher1994(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

“Basically these 14 kids were all good kids who got together and made a bad decision.”

What a joke. Mooney should be proud of their fine Catholic young men. It's the Mooney difference.

I suggest as a Canfield resident that Mooney students keep their trouble in Youngstown where it belongs.

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2NoBS(2761 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You're right, teacher. A gang of 14 thugs is just that - a gang of thugs. I'd bet most of them have been in trouble before. They may not have been punished before - Mooney connections being what they are - but I'm sure this isn't the first thing they've done. That quote you picked out caught my eye, too. I suppose they were just turning their lives around, too.

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3beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You all know that when we were in school we would have done the same thing. Keep in mind, the Canfield boy who started the whole thing is being charged with assault as well. The headline should have read " Ten Mooney students and one Canfield student....

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4computer_rick(137 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

What? No comments as of yet about how the Canfield student deserved this, by reason of where he lived? A great big ho-hum. Remember when the Boardman McD's was the site of weekly after game fights between the annointed ones of Mooney, and whomever happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Never made the news, but then, nothing "bad" that happens to one of the little darlings growing up in privelege ever does... Eventually they will get that job at daddy's law firm, or some County or State job. And a few years after that, the reunion where they get to relive those glory days, fatter, balder, and maybe wiser... (while their own kids repeat the cycle, ad infinitum)

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5boardmanneedschange(364 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I'd be willing to bet all the money in the world that this incident won't keep these "gentlemen" off the football field this fall. What a joke, lock them in the county for six months and let bubba make a few deposits.

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6Heard_it_all_before(62 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Because of the privileged status of some of the names and school attendance of these "kids", a thorough investigation was done and charges filed. When this happens in many areas, it is just "business as usual". It is an interesting comment on the double standard when this incident causes such outrage among well-to-do white families, while crime in other neighborhoods goes unabated. Having said that, when a person arrives home to find a large group of guys waiting for him with the guy he was just in a fight with -- I think it is reasonable to beileve they aren't there to "talk".

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7ursulinemom(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

why is it always everybody else and not the "canfield child" that caused the problem? just because you have money doesn't mean you can't be a punk. some communities know how to hide their problems...money always talks!!! my son went to grade school with dom jackett and he comes from a great family, he's a good kid and even good kids get provoked and make bad judgements. grow up people, kids make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. get a life and quit bashing catholic schools!!!!!!!!

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8ads(109 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

If the Mooney kids were not blocking the street in the 1st place this most likely wouldn't have happened. It's always nice that 10 kids jump I mean show up to "talk" to one kid, what did they think would happen. Basicaly the location of Mooney and what has happened to that area only proves what breed comes from there now. THUGS!

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9valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

UrsulineMom, I am a graduate of Ursuline. These people are not bashing Catholic Schools, if you want that go to the Vindy Sports Discussion Board, cough HaterNot.

These kids made some dumb decisions that is for sure. They may be great kids from a quality school in Mooney, but it doesn't mean they are invincible to the law. I expect the judge to teach them a lesson or two. Hope to see Krichbaum get this case.

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10SRSTinAtown(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I thought 18 was adult age. Whether or not they are in high school, they are still an adult once they reach the age of 18.

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11lea(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

first of all we are all grown here and kids will be kids 18 how were u when u were that age exactly. i am a 2000 graduate of cardinal mooney and very proud of it. the canfield boy threw the first punch notice he was charged as well. if u threw a punch at somebody what do u think is going to happen their all kids. not saying that either of them were right but he started the whole fight.and as far as living in youngstown that has nothing to do with it if it was a canfield boy against a canfield boy would it be different. Grow up suburb areas really have the best drugs and they grow them out there own homes meth labs marijuana what planet are u living on. Mooney sets high standards for students and teacher what are they just suppose to move because the neighborhood is bad come on have an open mind crime is everywhere. and just because u go to mooney does not mean your a catholic that has nothing to do with what happend here Grow up get educated and start in your own backyard. because i'm sure if u have your own 18 yr. at home he or she ain't nearly perfect as well as u and me.

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12beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Shame on the Vindy for stopping the video where it did and putting it as the heading on their web-site. A picture says a thousand words - all bad for Mooney. But if you look closely you can see the Canfield boy on the ground after he tackled a Mooney boy - the first time.

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13nikkiware(6 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Funny thingt majority of the kids that go to Mooney don't live in Youngstown. Thi is not a Youngstown issue or Canfield issue. This is a bad decision and all parties will have to face the consequences. People need to quit trying to make this more than what it is. It was wrong and those involved should be punished accordingly noone's kid is perfect and sometimes they have to learn from experience just lke the rest of all human beings. Hopefully this punishment will get them all back on track so they can become productive members of society and not ignorant, close minded individuals as some of the people who posted comments earlier on here are.

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14lea(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Right and i bet u the canfield boy probably has some sort of drug in his system. Why wold he just feel comfortable getting out his car to punch someone. check dad to i'm telling u this is commen knowledge. suburb kids do drugs its easy access and they have the money to get the drugs given to them by their well to do parents living in the suburbs.check in your own backyards before we start pointing fingers. and living in the subs don't mean nothing they have different crime than city crime. domestic violence, arson a family member killing another family member rapist sexual pred. and the same thing happens in the city so crime is everywhere.

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15aeparish(669 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You can't tell me that each and every one of these boys didn't know what they were doing was wrong, the "victim" included.

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16ytownoptimist(86 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

As a Mooney alum from the 80's, I can tell you that there have always been stupid altercations like this among high schoolers. In this day & age, there are videos & the internet which give much more media attention than a one time blurb in the Vindicator did years ago. All individuals are to blame but this doesn't mean that by osmosis the neighborhood around Mooney H.S. has led all these kids into thug life. Give the school credit for staying in this neighborhood (same with Ursuline). Net, net, good values are instilled but high school kids with developing minds will always do immature, stupid, hot headed things. Turning 18 doesn't automatically equal good decision making skills that one has in their late 20's+. Oh, & Lea does have a point, kids from the nicer suburbs do have the better drugs (more $) & easier access to alcohol (parents wine cellars & well stocked bars). It has always been that way whether kids are in grade school, h.s. or college. A day in court will give them all a good scare & growing up lesson.

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17aeparish(669 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Lea, make some sense out of yourself, would you?

You say, "living in the subs don't mean nothing they have different crime than city crime." From that, I suppose I gathered that you mean suburbs have different crime than the cities do?

Okay, so city and suburbs have different crime. Whatever that means.

Then you describe a variety of crimes and say, "the same thing happens in the city so crime is everywhere."

Isn't crime, crime? Make up your mind. It's either different or the same in cities versus suburbs. It can't be both.

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18DragonFly664(198 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

No one seems to answer the questions......1. why was Jackett blocking the street. 2. Why did Malvasi punch him. 3. Why were the kids from YO in canfield, there really is noting to do there. 4. And isnt there a curfew?? There is much more to this then anyone is saying. But of course it will be covered up. And there is much more important news then a bunch of spoiled brats getting into a fight.

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19beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

DF664, just because you attend Mooney doesn't mean you are a kid from "YO in Canfield". There are no questions to be answered. The judge will decide. For all of you bringing drugs into this, please get a life.

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20123456(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

As an alum from the 80's I can say we did the same thing... repeatedly. We looked for altercations with the kids from neighboring schools on the south side. We were bored and looking for trouble. After graduation I became good friends with a lot of the "enemies" realizing that we were all in the same situation. Bored teens looking for excitement and using school pride as a justification.

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21lea(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

crime is crime but different crimes happen more frequently in different areas all i was saying is that don't just think crime only happens in the inner city and i made much sense in what i was saying kids will be kids don't just throw them under the band wagon because their city kids. all kids should be treated equal regardless.

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22luckyleo(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

First of all, I'm not from the area and believe I can give an unbiased view. None of these kids did anything right. But the way the article is written is astonishing. They almost make it sound like the Canfield boy deserved this because he was the first aggressor. So if Jackett wanted to take him one-on-one I would say he might be deserving of that. But that's not what happened. It took a whole group of Mooney boys going to the Malvasi residence to "talk"? Give me a break - who believes this stuff? ALL these boys should spend some time in jail. They weren't looking for a talk - they were looking for trouble and they sought it out and found it. From personal experience I know at least one of these Mooney boys has been in several altercations with the law. And no matter what school they're from if they have enough money and the right connections they'll get a pass. And there's no justice in that.

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23scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

WOW...where do I start?
1) The jelousy of most everyone on this post whining about Canfield money is testiment to just how childish YOU are.
2) mpc's comment "Wow, lets talk about the grown man who came out and attacked a high schooler" really floored me. Can ANYONE out there actually tell me that if 14 people were attacking your son you would stand by and watch????? They are VERY lucky he kept a level head and "only" threw punches. I personally probably wouldn't have -- regardless of age.

Now as for the actual article;
No one will probably really know what was said but I doubt the kids just honked. I also really doubt the Mooney kid " gather a group of friends" just to go and "talk to him".

How did the Mooney kids know where he lived anyway? They were blocking a street he didn't live on, went to gather some friends to talk, and somehow found the house this kid lived at?
Lots of unanswered questions that I'm sure will come out. For all you suggesting this will be swept under the rug remember you have powerful names at Mooney battling what appears to be a well off family in Canfield. My money is on the Canfield kid.....14 against 1 will almost always go to the underdog in the court of law.

(and NO I don't live in Canfield)

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24scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

oops my mistake. I thought it was 10 adults and 4 juvies, not 10 total.
rest of my comment above is good to go

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25DragonFly664(198 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Beinghonest- for one I never said I went to Mooney, and what the heck are they doing in Canfiled at midnight?? THere is noting to do in Canfiled. I dont care where the heck they come from YO, Niles or Boardman.

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26scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

In Canfield, blocking the street in a fairly exclusive neighborhood after midnight?

Sounds like they were waiting for something......or someone?

Maybe someone named Malvasi?

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27aeparish(669 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Dragon, there's not a whole lot to do anywhere around here if you really wanna go that route.

These kids were looking for trouble and that's what they got.

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28proud1(6 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Why does the video skip between 49:20hrs and 50:20hrs? We can't account for 1 minute of footage here. WHY?

I also count 14 individuals walking up to the house... That should mean 14 charges of tresspassing. I also heard 4 of the 12 were juveniles. That means that 4 charges of curfew violation are in order.

Watch the video and charge the ones who through punches with assault. Also charge the Canfield kid (Malvasi) with assault for striking the other (Jackett) in the street earlier in the night. Let me prosecute them. I would ask for any charges we could drum up. Its time to teach these people (not kids- they're 18) a lesson.

I heard a rumor this is all because they were at a school dance that night and one kid is dating the other kids ex-girlfriend.

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29Mahcntyvoter(30 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Kids will be kids. I think more people need to have a nice little fight every now and then. Look at "daddy" in this picture. Instead of bringing his boys inside and waiting for the police he is all geared up with gloves on. Even his son after getting beat up still doesn't learn his lesson and is mouthing off when the fight is broken up. I beleive his charges are from another fight that he started with one of these kids friends. If you start problems with either your fist or your mouth you should be able able to handle it when it comes back at you. Otherwise learn your lesson. The "mooney" kids obviously didn't think this through. The last thing you do is show up at someones house to start a fight. that was definitely stupid. They were probably in canfield because "Mooney" people do live in canfield also, by the way. Again kids are kids. It is sad that people on this site are so jealous that they are worried about these kids still playing football because of this. Yes they should be allowed because mistakes will be made and they obviously are receiving a punishment.

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30JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Slow news day? Regardless I'm with scrooge.

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31123456(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hey TheLostPatrol, 17% of Mooney students' families are below the poverty level,so yes a lot are on assistance programs and not just the athletes. I applaud the parent's dedication to a good education. Another portion of the student body is from the "wealthy" burbs of Canfield, Boardman and Poland. Both schools in the article have great kids, nerds, geeks, punks, jocks, and primadonna's. The comments in this thread reveal a lot more about the adults in this community than they do about the kids!

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32gio428(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

It does not matter what school these kids are from!They went to the Malvasis with every intention to cause trouble!This is not a Mooney-Canfield issue.Does anyone know if these kids were drinking prior to having the nerve to go up to the Malvasis door?I bet you they were!Ask why they were parked on the street and would not let Mr.Malvasi around.I am sure they were at a party on that street where alcohol was being consumed.And as far as Mr.Malvasi interfering on his sons behalf,i know i would on my childrens behalf if 14 kids stepped foot on our property!Look at the disgraceful video of those kids that came over to "Talk".

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33jimiohoh(88 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

When this all came down at the house, what ever happened to calling 911???

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34mahoningvalley12(36 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

ummm does anyone question that these kids will get off with little more than a slap on the hand...had they been from another community they would of been called thugs but because this happened in Canfield they are all good kids who made a bad decision? this is an embarrassing story

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35ads(109 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I am so tired of seeing people say "kids will be kids". Kids don't need to be out looking for trouble and starting fights. Regarless of where these kids are from, fighting is stupid and they should all be charged. So hey everyone kids will be kids, what happens when one gets killed?

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36beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Not sure about curfew charges since they were in a township. The reason the Mooney boys were in Canfield is because they were at a friends house - yes, he lives in Canfield and attends Mooney. I agree if a bunch of kids came to my house and started on my kid I would probably start swinging a baseball bat. I know a lot of these kids, Kids they are, and they mad a bad decision, some, several bad decisions. They should have done it the old fashioned way. Wait for him to leave his house follow him and THEN beat the crap out him. Because he deserved that for sucker-punching the Mooney kid as he sat in his car.

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37ursulinemom(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


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38ursulinemom(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


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39beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

What gets me is at the end of the video you see several people walking back into the house, one is the boy who was originally assaulted by the Canfield boy. It looks like he did come to the house to talk and the Mooney brigade followed.

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40valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I am going to go out on a limb and label this the most read story ever on Vindy.com...

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41shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I know the whole group of Mooney boys that showed up at the Malvasi residence and I am friends with Michael and have been tp there house multiple times. The Malvasi family is very kind and the Mooney boys have all been brought up in good families. The majority of these Mooney boys live in Canfield and some in Poland or Boardman. Maybe three at the most live in Youngstown. It is unfair to call these boys "thugs" because none of them are. I have been friends with these two groups of boys my entire life and theyre all good kids that make stupid decisions. Fights will happen and the Canfield group of boys has already gotten even. People need to drop this matter.

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42shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Yes, I agree. It is unfair to be judging these boys because I know theyre all good kids that were brought up in good families. They just make bad decisions cause theyre all still young and childish.

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43boardmanneedschange(364 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Like I said, lock them all up in the county and let bubba make a deposit or two. All these kids, regardless of where they are from, should be locked up for at least a month without mom and dad to help them from the system.
It's also obvious to me by all the "I did that kind of stuff when I was a kid" comments that the majority of people on this board are not fit to raise kids to be anything other than the suburbanite junkie weirdos and inner city thugs that this area is famous for. I say since summer is coming that we get a good sheriff up here and build a tent city of our own to get some results.
Its too bad that all the good kids who choose to live clean and try to be someone have to deal with a growing majority of suburbanite wanna be thugs who listen to too much hip hop and the crazazy uneducated parents who keep paying good money to keep those loser kids noses clean.
Kids will be kids is definitely not a fitting excuse for these idiots.

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44shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

theyre all young and dumb. it was a dumb fight and theyre not thugs!

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45BG93(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Beinghonest, my guess is he was outside fighting in 25 degree weather because they drug him into the yard (there is a video, watch it).
I don't think any of these guys are thugs, if so, someone would've been seriously injured. If you watch the video, I'd guess none or maybe 1 of these kids has ever fought before...probably more like dorks that were upset their friend got rolled earlier in the evening. Anyone who needs 10+ friends to go "talk", is likely a big pu$$y, and judging by the video, he hangs with a similar crowd because those kids couldn't even keep him down with a 10-1 advantage.
As far as why this is getting attention when numerous other assaults do not or have not in the past, it's probably the video evidence. Video works in a courtroom setting, as opposed to a "he said/she said" sort of case where there is no evidence. We all know fights happen often, but if it's not recorded and no witnesses come forward, there is no case to be had.
I love the comments bashing the dad, like anyone wants to see their kid attacked by 10+ kids, would you just stand by and think "I hope they teach him a lesson"????

Suggest removal:

46proud1(6 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Look, they're not good "kids", they are dumb adults! They collaborated a plan to get a group of "kids" together and go to the Malvasi home to confront the Malvasi boy. There was a PLAN to go there. That means they had time to think about their actions and maybe they should have thought of the consequences too. I am not from Mooney, Boardman, Ursuline, Poland or Youngstown. I could care less where you are from. Because you live somewhere doesn't make you a thug. Going to a home with a group of your friends to confront somebody does. Whether you wanted to talk this out or fight... you went to someones property without consent to be there! I don't want to sound like I'm defending the Malvasi kid either but gee, common sense would tell you that if he was at a house wher he wasn't invited and was causing problems... hmmm maybe the 14 "Kids" should have called the cops on him. Maybe because they didn't want the cops at a party where they were drinking.

Neither side is innocent. That's why in my origional post I said I hope they ALL were charged with something. Township or not, curfew is midnight on the weekends, thats a fact. After 1am your kid has no driver license if he's under 18 and can be charged with driving under suspension. Thats a fact.

Parents give there kids too much freedom. 18 or not, they are high schoolers. Wake up PARENTS! Who cares if they are suspended or kicked off the football team? You can't suspend them. They weren't at a school function. OHSAA does have sanctions for violating substance abuse policies or criminal acts so OHSAA will have to monitor that, however the beloved football season is still months away. Who said they were football players anyway? Forget football! JAIL TIME baby! That will wake them up! Maybe dads should kick the boy's a$$e$. Thats what mine would have done if it were me. And I turned out okay! Oh, by the way, mine would have been next to me fighting off the hoodlims too. Any parent would, and if you say different, you're lying.

Come on people. Look at it from these views.

1. Malvasi punches Jackett in street. GUILTY- Malvasi of Assault

2. 10 Adults/ 4 Juveniles show up at Malvasi home- ALL GUILTY of either Assault, Tresspassing, Curfew Violations, disorderly conduct, etc...

3. Numerous texts were sent through out the night... if any were unwanted by the other party, file charges of telecommunications harassment.

4. Once the cops showed up, if they suspected alcohol was involved, ask them to submit to a BAC test (breathe test) and if they have any in their system, charge them with underage consumption. You don't have to be driving to be charged with that. Just drinking under 21. Thats a fact.

So get over it. Were all just lucky no one had a gun because we'd be reading the obits instead of this article.

Suggest removal:

47Max(98 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Seriously, you people need to know that facts before you go making stupid comments, like "what were these thugs from Youngstown doing in Canfied", and "they're all going to school at Mooney on free rides." You sound like idiots when you say stupid things without knowing what you're talking about.

As a Mooney alum and parent (my kid wasn't with this group), I DO know the facts, and knew them that morning. Most of the Mooney kids DO NOT live in Youngstown. They were at a Mooney party on Fox Haven, which happens to be a dead end cul-de-sac - therefore, it's not like the Malvasi kid was just "passing through". He was there because he KNEW the Mooney part was going on and was coming to confront them and cause trouble. And yes, he and his dad are trouble-makers.

This is not to defend the Mooney kids. I know all of them, and several of them are in fact "punks" & deserve what they have coming. I'm sure there was drinking involved, and quite honestly, I'm sick of these parents that allow these parties. But to make this a headline article is ridiculous. Did anyone notice that the tiny story just below it says "Two Dead on Youngstown's South Side"? Isn't that just a bit more notable? Come on Vindy, quit making such a huge issue out of a high school fight.

All of them deserve punishment, and quit pointing fingers. They're all to blame for stupid actions.

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48card(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

There is always two sides to every story and each side will tell it how they saw it happen. That does not mean either side is correct. Adults & kids make stupid mistakes hopefully the kids will learn from it. As for the adult in the situation, it appears he has not learned yet. I do think is funny how the camera is only on the kids from Mooney, so do we really know what was happening out of the view of the camera. It seems that maybe someone who has a connection to Canfield had enough influence to get this on the front page of the vindy almost a month after it happened. If it wasn't front page news then, what makes it so interesting now? I am going out on a limb to say because Mooney kids were involved. Just remember kids from every school system, race and religion screw up.

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49JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Libel, excessive caps and delusional parents -- this thread has it all, the literal hat trick. Damn good thing cameras weren't as prevalent in the mid '90s, that's all I know.

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50jmoney(6 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

14 Adults walk onto my property to confront my son!! Not 1...14 to "talk"! Then I see my son being pulled off the porch and assulted by 5 of them. Those that have an 18 year old son, think about what you would do? Are you going to come and stand in the doorway and yell, "hey guys, stop beating up my son!!" "Hey I told you stop assulting my son or I'm going to have to come off this porch and you dont want me to!!" Is that what some of you people think Malavasi should of done? 14 males, some of which looked larger than both the son and father, were standing on his front porch. They were going to talk...I didnt know you needed 14 people to talk with 1 other person about an altercation that you may have had with them. Why open the door, call the police and let them send the "kids" home. I do believe the mother called 911 the article stated. How about this scenario...14 males walk onto my property and onto my porch. They grab my son off MY porch that is on MY property. An altercation takes place...now 7 walk off my property, 4 LIMP off my property, and 3 are drug off my property by any of the other 11 left standing. That is how the scenario would of played out on the street I live on no matter whether it was in the city or the burbs. You DO NOT go looking for trouble on someones property because you never know what trouble you may find!! Malvasi has every right to defend himself and his family any means necessary especially if these "kids" got the "u know whats" to walk onto HIS PORCH and do what they did! Regardless of the past troubles or if they were drinking at a party or in the car that "would not move", do not go running to someones house looking to take care of the situation unless that is what you intend to do the civilized way. Why didnt the Lockett "kid" get out of the car when he got punched? He didn't have enough of his friends to help him fight?

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51Max(98 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I also find it quite interesting and "convenient" that the camera runs consistently throughout the incident while the Mooney boys show up and the confrontation starts, while the boys are fighting, and then, when the dad comes out, the camera suddenly skips through the part when the dad was involved. Hmmm, funny, isn't yet. And it just so happens that the dad gives this video to the vindy.
My, my.

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52gmann415(268 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

awww petty the little preety boy who got his behind beat. im sure he,s cused some problems for someone b4. common canfield people, get your heads out of your butts and look at your kids. you all act like your little girls and boys are too good for any trouble. did you know that most of them venture into youngstown to buy pot. look at the probation officer Laura burke, her son dragged a dead body under his car. im sure he hit that person but guess what? money is going to buy him out of that. im sure he was drunk got scared and fled away from the mcdonalds so the cops couldnt find him. why else would of he ran. another case of goodie good boy and mommys and daddys money protecting him. if the vindy and cops reported everything that went on in the oh so great poland and canfield then everyone would see how rotten the little jocks and cheerleaders are and mommy and daddy couldnt cover it up no more. i guess when u have money you can avoid publication like that.

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53shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Yes, isn't it just so ironic that the video skips the part where Mr Malvasi and his son hit people? If the son didn't want to fight then why did he even come out of the house? If it were me and I saw 14 kids on my property I would call the cops and not even open my door. Dumb part on Mr & Mrs Malvasi for opening the door and engaging with the Mooney kids.

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54babs68(58 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Well....Think of it like this.

They didn't use guns there were no knives just an old fashioned brawl. I think that says something about the kids, that they atleast tried to negotiate there differences.

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55CanfieldStudent24(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

they are probably all drunk they live on my street I should know so they are all stupid for underage drinking and fighting drunk.

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56rmzrez(134 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hey this goes on in my town of Boardman all the time WHATS THE PROBLEM the cops should have covered it up like we do

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57shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I agree Canfield student. They live in my neighborhood in Canfield as well. I attended Canfield High School and I know a lot about all of these boys. I like them all, but they were just really dumb to trespass, but I mean the Canfield boys did the same thing, but they just didn't get caught..

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58scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Here's a little vocabulary lesson for everyone who doesn't think these guys are thugs;
"a cruel or vicious ruffian"
now if you don't think 10-14 (whatever number you want to use) go to "talk" to 1 person doesn't constitute being a thug, watch the video again but this time with you eyes open!

Shek, tell your friends that if they aren't man enough to "talk" 1 v 1 they better stay home, put on their dresses and cuddle with their mommies.
What a bunch of (as Arnold puts it) Girly Men!

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59wonderingwhy(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I don't not agree with anyone getting into a fight...ever. With that said, I am wondering why anybody cares which high school any of these kids attend. Does it really make a difference? I am a 90's Mooney grad...and very proud of it...I am also a Canfield resident and a teacher at a local high school (No, not Mooney or Canfield). I see fights break out all of the time in the hallways between groups of boys or girls of all races, religions and financial backgrounds...and believe me, they think that they are justified to have these fights no matter what the reasons were that they fought in the first place. This is not a matter of where someone grows up, goes to school or how much money a family has. It's about acting your age. Unfortunately, people who are 17 & 18 years old are acting their age when they are fighting because they are still trying to get control of their anger at this age. I am not condoning their behavior, nor am I taking sides in this matter. They were all wrong. However, everybody who is "Mooney/Canfield-bashing" or "money-bashing" has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Get over yourselves. The kids had a fight. They are going to court. Leave it at that. If you hate Mooney or Canfield, don't send your kids to school there. What's so hard about understanding at least that much? But, understand this: no matter where you send your kids to school, there will be fights...are you going to post a comment on Vindy.com about that?

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60shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Scooge, you dont even know the whole story so don't pretend like you do because Michael Malvasi is one of my best friends and yes he has admitted to causing trouble with this group of Mooney guys before so don't call them thugs because if you call the Mooney boys thugs you have to agree with me that the boys from Canfield would be considered as thugs also. Thugs use guns and knives to get their work done and none of this was present. Thug fights usually end in a killing and this was just an old fashioned fight being resolved. I agree with you that it was very dumb to bring 10 boys to fight and I warned the Mooney boys before that it was a bad idea, but young boys are stubborn and they dont listen. Malvasi has been in his fair share of fights and he beat up a boy that was 4 years younger then him, but since his family has money he was able to get out of it.

I am so sick of people calling these boys "thugs" when you don't know the real story about it. I know these boys, YOU DONT!

Wonderingwhy: I agree with you 100 percent. VERY WELL SAID. Both schools are good and it doesn't matter where the kids attend and both parties were wrong. Scrooge you should take note of that before calling Mooney kids "thugs"

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61beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

sobeit and shek be careful what you say about the old man. I said something, a lot less harmful than what is being said about the kids, and the Vindy staff removed it.

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62shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I never said anything bad about the old man. The Malvasi family is very kind to me every time I am over their house. And it's also very sad that this video and article had to be published because those Mooney boys that got in the fight received out of school suspensions today. It wasn't even a fight that is affiliated to the school but since the article was in the paper it gives Cardinal Mooney a bad name. What a shame!

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63lucyinthesky(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

castration! double castration

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64shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


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65ads(109 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

A little extreme!

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66shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

lucyinthesky -- Would you do that if these boys were your children? RIDICULOUS!

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67bearpal118(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

If you watch the video, you can see the group of boys pull the Canfield student out of or off of his porch. The fact that 14 of the Mooney students even felt the need to "discuss" a situation that happened earlier is wrong. They were there as a mob to do just what they did. The entire attitude that "NO BODY MESSES WITH ME" needs to stop. I doubt that this one young man did something to EACH of the Mooney students. The dad needs to be commended. If I walked out of my house to see that a MOB of young men were beating my son--not just one on one--I would have taken a ball bat out with me. Yes, the situation would have been worse, but I live in Indiana. Here you are permitted to protect your home and person. The Canfield dad and son should have safety in their own home. The fact that they are from Mooney or Canfield should be irrelevant. A gang is a gang. This should NEVER be acceptable.

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68ilaffalot09(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Personally, I don't know the full truth, and I am not even sure who does (becuase apparently the police were lied to by these kids). But what I do know is that this is RIDICULOUS. Who is letting all of these students get away with drinking?? And I am not just talking about these 10. And then,.. to get parents involved. Don't these parents have enough sense in them not to get involved in kids' fight, as opposed to try to stop them?? What the hell is wrong with these people?? Maybe the 60 days of jail (on both ends of the party) will straighten them out.

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69scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Shek, I don't care where these guys go to school/live/shop/sleep/etc. The fact of the matter is they ARE THUGS!! 10 guys do not gang up on 1 guy and be called anything less...regardless of weapons or outcome. Get your head out of the sand and realize the group you hang with. Some of my old "best friends" who were "good kids" are dead or in jail. They came from all walks of life too - broken homes, affluent homes, even "good families" as you put it.
No I don't know these kids personaly but I do KNOW them. I hung with them, partied with them, and WALKED AWAY FROM THEM.
Do yourself a favor and walk away from your thug friends-irregardless of the school they go to.

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70speechless(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Understandably we all have been young before and done something foolish. No one in sthis situation is without fault from the initial contact until the time the altercation disbursed.

What I am tired of hearing about is that these 18 year olds still don't know right from wrong. That is total bullcrap... If these 18 year olds are responsible enough to drive, enlist in the military and even elect a public official they should know right from wrong. You are saying they don't know bette than why in the hell are they out past 11.

Mr. Malvasi is not excused for throwing the first punch however why go to someones house, why pull him off his porch and why not man up and fight one on one. If it were my child you bet your britches I would have been off that porch and kicked some ass. There is nothing worse than a woman going through the change of life.

This has nothing to do with what community these children are from. Mooney students not only come from Youngstown, they also come from Boardman, Poland, Canfield, Struthers and even Campbell. Canfield students aren't infalible but that doesn't mean this kid should have been beaten on his own property. Tresspassing can be defendablle by the owner of the property, For example wasn't there a kid last year in Campbell that shot the young man that tried to break into his house.

If these kids were drinking and developed beer muscles the Canfield police should haver ecognized that andthey should have all been arrested with an additional charge of public intoxication by a minor, an investigation should have been conducted of where this alcohol came from and if in fact they got that alcohol at the said party the homeowners should be charged with delinquency to minors. SO there is an entire can of worms that prosecutors can begin to unrael.

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71student829(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I'd just like to say that of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but most you writing these posts don't even know these Mooney boys. Do you?? You don't really know what happened that night cause you weren't there. A lot of people are against catholic schools and personally i think it's because you never went to one and you don't get it. So their looking for any reason to find something bad to say about it. I'm pretty every school has "altercations" but you don't see the vindicator printing a front page article about it. Those boys are good kids, im not condoning what they did but everyone needs to chill out. You all act like you've never done something bad before. They made a MISTAKE. get over it.

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72dmets(575 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

First off all the kids are at fault. I don't care where they live or go to school. Fighting and assult is fight and assult no matter who you are. These are things that have always happened throughout time in high school. Do I think it's right? NO! I think maybe if ALL these boy are used as an example, kids would think twice! As for "thugs", no I don't see them as "thugs". Personally i would have turned a hose on all the kids.
As for shopaholic what you just typed is slander and defamation of character. I hope for your sake they do not trake you down through your IP address!

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73Askmeificare(1167 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

After reviewing the video, at least two were carrying basic weapons and that shows intent. I would hope prison sentences for those carrying these weapons - youthful, high school indiscretion or not. Also, they approached an individual at his home as a gang with a premeditated plan of action indicated by the gangs actions toward their personal blocking, self staging and running interference especially toward the father / homeowner, not as a matter of an inquiry - again intent. I advise Canfield to protect their property values and pound the gavel until it snaps with a loud and clear message - for all.

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74Max(98 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I'm sorry to disagree with you, student829, but these boys are not what most people would call "good kids." (Both Mooney and Canfield people included) Good kids don't beat the hell out of someone, (again, both parties included). I'm sick of people making excuses for bad behavior. That's part of the problem with todays society. Everyone has an excuse.

As a Mooney alum, parent and supporter, I DO know these kids. While I am surprised that some of them were involved, there are a few of them who are trouble-makers and have had incidents in the past, including having cocky, arrogant attitudes (not unlike many high school guys), but that is a fact. They were stupid to go to this kids house and attack him, so they deserve whatever punishment they get. Hopefully it will teach them a lesson that obviously their parents haven't taken the responsibility to do.

Yes, it does appear that the Malvasi kid may have instigated this whole thing by throwing the first punch, but that doesn't excuse the Mooney kid's stupid behavior. They should have been smart enough to handle it differently. One-on-one fighting is one thing, but taking 14 people to confront someone on their own property is idiotic.

What bothers me, though, is the way this is being treated by the Vindicator. They are making it out to be headline news. Come on, it was a high school fight. And although it escalated into assault charges, this kind of stuff happens all the time. Kids get shot, teachers attacked, etc, at the public schools and it's a little blurb in a side column in the Vindy. Because it's Mooney kids, it's the headline on the main page of Vindy.com. This is totally irresponsible journalism.
But that's what I'd expect from the Vindy.

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75scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

dmets stole my thunder on shopaholic's comment.

Vindy, you may want to remove that post before shop gets into something they didn't intend.

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76jodirt(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

this has gotten absolutely ludacris.. dare i ask any of you skeptics who could cast some of the stones that you have casted? who could honestly exploit young adults the way that you carelessly have, spread rumor that have absolutely no fact to them, turn your backs on families who have been nothing but gracious to their community, and contradicted yourselves time after time? please explain to me how you could be a "privledged" "thug" or how "jockett" is a "pu$$y," when it has been stated over and over again that he went there after he was sucker punched (let me tell you, that was courageous!)

This matter has been totally taken out of porportion and that putting it in the public eye has completely amplified the entire situation.. In lieu of graduation these boys now have tremendous stress not only from this personal fight, but now public scrutany.. So please, before you judge this group of genuinely good hearted (yes, good hearted) boys, really evaluate yourself as harshly as you're critizing them and then be my guest in casting stones :)

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77canfieldmom(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I live in canfield and know at least 5 of the boys involved in this stupid incident. I don't care if the kids were from Mooney, Canfield or whereever. All of them,including the ones that happened to be lucky enough to have not turn 18 yet should be punished.
This whole entitled generation needs to learn there are consquences for their actions.
The Mooney kids should not have blocked the road in the first place but felt entitled to do so.
The Canfield boy should not have punched the Mooney kid but knew his parents would get him out of any trouble
The boys shouldn't have showed up at a private resaidence looking to "talk"
The canfield parents should have never allowed the door to be opened to what they considered "thugs"
There is blame all over the place. Sort it out in court but make sure its fair. Don't let the kids whose parents have money or influence get off while the ones who don't are left to take the rap.
Punish them all equally. and that includes the juveniles whose names were with held from the paper.

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78amr(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

jodirt is right...no one knows the complete TRUTHFUL story but the ones who were there..be adults and don't write rude unjustifiable comments. I know that what happened that night involved rong decisions on behalf of the mooney teens and the malvasi family. If no punch was thrown on fox haven drive than none of this would of happened and there honestly was no motive behind the fist thrown on fox haven drive...no one including the malvasi family is innocent...the kids at mooney have enough on their minds and their familys are going through a great deal of stress and this just adds fuel to the fire that is unecessary. This will soon all be sorted out and solved in court..until then the right and ADULT thing to do would to just lay off and be happy it wasn't your chid who was involved in this awful altercation. Mistakes happen and people pay for them...everyones school has their issues some are bigger than others and some unfortuantely leak out to the media. Unitl you know these boys personally do not make assumptions and accuse them of having prior misdemeanors or having caused trouble before. I know them and they are great guys just with the rong idea that night!

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79cmhspride(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Let me tell you why everyone is blowing this so out of proportion: Its because everyone thinks "oh they go to a catholic school they should be perfect". Did you hear about the chaney boys who tried to rob a mcdonalds at 5 in the morning? Oh you forgot already? Thats a big shock.... If it were Ursuline you would react the same way. If you haven't noticed most of the people who go to Mooney aren't actually from youngstown, so you can't say that its the neighborhood. Everyone hates Mooney because we're a catholic school. So I can't even say all you rich people whining because most of the kids who were in the fight got money too. So I guess I'll just say KICK ASS MOONEY!

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80Panick01(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The allegations brought upon the students in this video are incredibly despicable.Everyone shown in this video are at fault. These Mooney boys didnt want things to get out of hand. Not because they're rich, or thugs, or because they live in youngstown. It just happened to get blown out of proportion, and it still continues today!!! People need to realize this was a group of highschool kids. The immaturity of ALL those involved was the reason for this engagement. How can someone point the finger, without even knowing the person they're bashing! Lets not be hipocrits people, put yourself in both parties shoes. There was no alcohol nor drugs involved. Its FACT not FICTION. Its called being in the wrong place at the wrong time mixed in with an overdose of testosterone. No one can say Jackett shouldnt of been blocking the street, he was simply trying to make his way up the street patiently waiting. Malvasi made the first action, acting tough, and starting fights. My friends thats what you call a THUG. Dominic and his friends went back to the Malvasi residence to talk about the dilema. Once again, because of hot heads the situation got carried away. The Malvasi's antagonized this entire "beating". Of course ill say again what these young men did was wrong, and they'll gladly admit it, but the Malvasi's shouldnt be let off the hook that easily. 1st off why is the video cut? Why when the Malvasi's have two cameras did they only submit one. Why do they have video cameras in the front of there house in the first place! Obviously paranoid for some reason. They live in Canfield so im sure it cant be the "thugs" walking down the street making them paranoid. I am not commenting on this to start fights. Not to bash the Malvasi's. Im commenting to represent BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. Mooney does not "breed" thugs or druggies. It breeds the same as everyother highschool - TEENAGERS!
For all the adults gossiping about this event take a step back and look at yourself! Gossip is evil, so pointing the finger, and making false accusations makes you as guilty as the immature teen throwing a fist. Fighting is not the answer, and if you take a good look at this video Dominic Jackett tried preventing this fight, and yet is being accused of causing all of it. Lets be the mature adults you say you are, and quit baggering and pointing the finger. ESPECIALLY just because they go to Mooney. Set your prejudices aside! Both Cardinal Mooney and Canfield are good schools. And a piece of advice for everyone else, if a group of fourteen kids show up at your house, lock the door and call the police. DONT take your shirt off, strap leather gloves on your fist, and start throwing punches. Even if you didnt start it!!
-QUIT GOSSIPING LIKE LITTLE KIDS both Mooney and Canfield.

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81AniDan(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

As a graduate of Cardinal Mooney and a resident of Youngstown, I am appalled by the comments following this story about as much as I'm concerned about the story itself and the video accompanying it.

At no point would I condone violence and there is fault on both sides, but the coverage of this story is ridiculous. The headline suggests that the Mooney students were solely to blame when it is clear that they are not. The video is clearly edited, as there is no way a full out melee could take place in 2 minutes and 47 seconds. The angle doesn't show what happened at the door. Why not release the other camera angle for the full story?

Knowing that some of the kids involved are under 18 and by law their names are not being released, it was irresponsible of vindy.com to host the video on this site. I know some of these students, and one of them is very clearly identifiable in the video, and he is underage.

The reporting on this story is quite exaggerated. Frankly, I've seen worse fights in classrooms during elementary school in Youngstown. The students have all been suspended from school even though this was not on school property or during a school function and that does a disservice to them as students.

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82mooneystudent(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Being a mooney student, I believe these boys got what they deserved. That is some of them. At Mooney, there are those who actually work for what they earn and then there are those who have it handed to them! You're right, some of these boys have been in trouble before. Other assault accounts, DUI's, etc. Bein Mooney football players, or students who are friends with them they believe they can do whatever they want and get out of it without consequences. A lesson that humbles them and brings a good reputation back to the school. If they continue the lives the way they are, they will not be remembered as "State Champs." They will just be another body on the bar stool.

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83metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Must have watched too much Jerry Springer! lol.

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84asdfghjkl(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

AMEN MR. PRESIDENT! panicks words are wise.
mooney is a family..thats why 14 boys showed up. we protect eachother.. the boys are hot heads and things got out of hand
whats done is done, LET IT GO

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85thebettergroupofcardinals(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

well looks like mooney has trash. bringing a group of 14 kids to attack one person is just barbaric. get over it, mike asked thetried to get the car to move and it didn't so now the driver has to pay the consequences. deal with it a little punch in the face, boo hoo. in my opinion a religious school should not have their kids going to attack another person all of them should be kicked out.

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86redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

This has been exciting, but compare it to what would of been written if this had happened on the south side.

"police report shots fired, two DOA's, no body see nothing"

Come on people don't make a big deal out of kids fighting. Fourteen kids showed up to try to intimidate one kid and things got out of hand. First time a similar thing has happened in the last 100 years? No! Will it happen again? Yes!

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87poluyg(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

omg, you have to be kidding me with all these comments! if you know the facts about mooney, you would know that a very high percentage of kids attending do not come from homes that are overflowing with money...let's be serious....alot of families make great sacrificies to send there kids to private schools because it is important to them..so get the FACTS istead of making up your own....
bottom line this was nothing more than a high school brawl...they happen ALL THE TIME...this time the surveillance camera brought it to the forfront....they just got caught...if you noticed in the paper under the BIG mooney headline two people died on the southside, but you probably didn't see it because the vindy was too caught up in a highschool brawl...anyone involved in the fight should be held accountable for..this is a good life lesson for all!.

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88cardinalpride(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

ok i am very proud to call myself a cardinal....im very dissappointed to see people talk about how mooneys location means that we are thugs. We have very intelligent kids that go to our school, and yes some made a bad decision but you people need to shut your mouths. we all make mistakes and you are acting like they committed a murder or something. The title was very unfair. The canfield boy started it all. He should have been included in the title. Yes i agree our boys shouldnt have gone back but they are standing up for one of their friends.Actually no they are standing for one of there brothers..At mooney they teach us all to be one and like brothers and sisters. We all look after each other and we love everyone. So you better get your story straight..I am a student myself at mooney and i disagree with all this comments. I love our boys and they should be free of all charges. Mooney isnt the only school that did something wrong. Canfield did also. So stop blaming it all on MOONEY !!! I know people from canfield and i love them a lot but they have people who make bad decisions to..Mooney has a lot of pride and we will stand our ground. And the vindy as got the whole story wrong. Im proud of our Boys

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89cityguy(109 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Wow 107 comments and counting--on the same page two dead in a shooting and 5 comments...

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90hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The best thing that the defenders of the Mooney men could say is just what the principal said, "No comment." There is no way to justify their actions, and posting a slew of misspelled, ungrammatical excuses just reflects even more poorly on your school.
This is a typical comment here: "Come on Vindy, quit making such a huge issue out of a high school fight." Gee. Where were you when a high school fight at Chaney last year made for several days' headlines, and months of negative comments in discussion boards -- much of it from the same parochial boosters?
So are readers interested in this story? Yes. Hypocrisy is always juicy reading.

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91Commonsense1964(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The fact that the Malvasi family had video cameras "all over" outside of their home and the comment made by Mrs. Malvasi to Mr. Malvasi as follows '"if your Dad knew what was going on" speaks volumes. I will refrain from making any implications but I wonder about the "missed footage" from the home video? IE: Mr. Malvasi charging at a Mooney student and "drawing first blood"?
This is not a Mooney versus Canfield war.
Both parties were at fault and it should be dealt with according to the law....not the "family law" of days gone by.....the real law that is supposed to exist in Mahoning County today.

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92valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The Mooney kids TRESPASSED on this mans property and proceeded to initiate a fight. These kids are going to get into some serious trouble.

The fact this man has camera's goes to show he has got some $$$. I can only imagine the attorney he got against these kids.

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93kingcanada1(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

what the *^*&^%$ is everyone calling the mooney students thugs. yes there were fourteen of them, but it was a high school fight, with just fists
isnt it true that for whatever reason the mooney kids were parked in the road, Malvasia knew they were there to confront one of them. He punched one of them in the face.
I saw the Vindicator, with the list of charges, why are u not talking about the Canfield kid he got assualt to. He started this whole thing.
Great editing of the clip whoever.
u cut out the part where the dad was choking one of them.
PEOPLE!!! we are argueing over a fight that happened a month ago, just because mooney was involved. There are ALWAYS fights happening.
And about 6 comments on the article 2 dead on south side!!!!

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94legalchick(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Such a shame people have nerve to bash the parents of Michael as they were defending their son,something i think all of us would do if in their situation.Also,the Malvasis had no intention on filing charges against these boys,until a few of their parents decided to take matters in their hands and try to file charges against Michael.Little did they know the video tape existed.Even in the video at the end the Malvasis have the boys come inside,True Class after what they did to their son.Thank those wonderful parents of the Mooney boys for trying to implicate Michael and it back fired and the Malvasis had no choice but to press charges and submit the tape.

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95valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

KingCanada, I cannot believe you are defending these kids....

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96Commonsense1964(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

An additional comment to the replies regarding grammatical errors. This unfortunate story is NOT about misspelled words and ungrammatical excuses (which should read grammatical errors BTW). Hellsbelles, (nice name!), stick to the issue at hand!
It was an unfortunate incident and once again should be dealt with, but adding fuel to the already seedy by type of commentary does not help the issue at hand. Both have been at fault, but unfortunately, Mooney has once again received the brunt of negative publicity. Much has been left out of this story and hopefully during due legal process justice will prevail. As long as the Malvasi's are required by law to release the "hidden or destroyed" footage . If not, shame on the justice system for allowing the "family law" to prevail.

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97MooneyMan2009(9 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

14-0 state champs.

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98legalchick(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The fact that 14 kids are coming to Malvasis,ringing their doorbell after 1 in the morning is enough for any one with Common sense to see that they were coming to instigate a fight,period.Lost footage,all the footage, whatever.there is enough proof in the video we see here to show these kids were looking for trouble.

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99Max(98 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You high school students really need to stop making yourselves look worse by posting dumb comments. Grow up. Or stay off these message boards.

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100getatit(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

over all i think it was a pretty good battle i mean i like the kids who threw a few drop kicks in there and then moved out of the way for the bigger guys to step in and take control.. im glad the mooney kids wore their lettermen jackets to be identified better and who would have thought there would be a security camera to catch it all on tape. Way to go guys. 14 on 1? Mike Malvasi that says alot about you you should prolly have a parade or something it took 14 kids to beat you up ... mooney guys.. pathetic

Suggest removal:

101valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hahaha... the damage has already been done to the school on the South Side. They gotta love this publicity.... NOT

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102hvacguy(33 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Lack of proper parenting skills.

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103gmann415(268 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

father and son must of been feeling pretty macho to open their door at 1am to a bunch of kids. what did you think, that they were out selling candy for their schools. if you had as much brains as you do money you would of called the cops.

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104qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

first of all, i remember being 7 years old, sitting in church, hearing a great homily. the priest said "there are 3 sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth." that is the reality of this situation. what happened before and during does not matter, because when you have a video recording that is all that will really stand up in a court of law.

secondly, i do not think it is fair, at all, to bring parenting skills into the mix. for the record, the kids weren't just out to be out, they had their sweethearts dance that night. dances end at 10, 10:30...get in the limo/cars and go to boardman...eat dinner in a large party, and you probably won't get out of there until about midnight. anyone who is a parent knows that you can drill all the rules into your child's head, but what they do when they leave the house is what they do. all you can do is learn from it.

i do agree, that this is being made into a "mooney" issue. shame on everyone who is happy that it is "bring the school down." where you go to school has NOTHING to do with it. this isn't a "catholic education" issue either. how many children attend public schools but still go to church or a place of worship come sunday morning? being religious isn't about going to class, it's about living religiously. and anyone who is religious knows that is also about forgiveness and "he who is perfect may cast the first stone."

no one is perfect, and we have all made mistakes. these boys just got caught. what we should be focusing on is learning from this, and looking at our own lives, not judging these boys. don't you think it's humiliating enough having to deal with this? these were ALL, everyone from both schools involved, good kids who made a bad choice. we should pray for all of them that they learn from this, and become better people. i hope you all will do the same as well.

Suggest removal:

105getatit(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

the mooney kids made a great decision... why not bring 14 of your friends to fight one person?? lesser of a chance of being humiliated..but its looking like being humiliated is the least of their problems

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106gmann415(268 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

qtpie. nice comment. i know where u r comming from on that comment. but understand this. thes kids from canfield,boardman,poland are all stuck up snobs and they enjoy making life hell on the less fortinute ones. and at the same time they use mommy and daddys money to hide the rotten things that they do.

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107metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Both sides were a fault here. if everone just got along and backed down there would have been no fight. It is hard to say who threw the first punch.

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108qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

the mooney kids made a great decision... why not bring 14 of your friends to fight one person?? lesser of a chance of being humiliated..but its looking like being humiliated is the least of their problems

getatit-they were at a dance. they were following each other....that's what happens. should any of them have gone to his house? no. but they were protecting their friends/friend...whatever the true case may be. and yes, humiliation is the least of their problems. my point was the fact that remember being that age, and someone being the "talk of the school" for a week? imagine being the talk of the town.....even as adults it is embarassing when we get questioned at a meeting and don't have the answer...we are convinced everyone in the office will talk about it for weeks. my point is that the media is talking about the incident enough, i don't think anyone, in general, needs to break down the individuals involved.

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109westside(47 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Nobody finds it odd that the house has a security camera installed???

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110studentuhs(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

There really is no reason for this to be front page news. You'd think with all of the other articles being published that something a little more "newsworthy" would receive this kind of attention but no...

Just this month at Ursuline, a total of 14 kids were suspended. Would you have known that if it weren't for this post or another non-vindy source? Probably not.

-3 for a fight ON SCHOOL PROPERTY (2 senior girls vs 1 freshman girl). Each got 5 days of out-of-school suspension.

-8 kids for watching the fight and not telling a faculty member (some also believe the 8 were suspended for stealing cookies from the cafeteria, where the fight occurred). These kids got 1 day out-of-school.

-3 freshman girls for DRINKING IN SCHOOL. Yep, someone decided to throw a birthday party by spiking a bottle of vitamin water with crown royal and getting hammered before a liturgy. These girls got 3 days out-of-school because they went to an AA meeting, which reduced the suspension from 5 days.
One of the involved parties' boyfriends beat up the kid who told on her (turns out it was her ex) outside of school property. You didn't see that in the paper!!!

These 3 situations and the Mooney-Canfield fight just go to show that yes, kids who attend Catholic schools CAN AND DO act in the same manner as those who attend public schools. I really hate to say that because Catholic schools exist to instill Christian values into students, but evidently, some students just aren't grasping that concept. I'm sure at public schools they discourage violence in some manner, as well. We can talk about revamping education among teens for this type of behavior all day long, but long story short, kids will be kids. I'm not excusing any of the parties from their actions or justifying what they did, but honestly, what did you expect? The common denominator here: both the Mooney kids and the Canfield kid are just that -- kids; teenage boys. There is no difference between the two; neither is perfect. From the Ursuline examples I provided and comments made by others, you can clearly see that this kind of thing, though sad, happens more often than not, and we need to stop placing such an emphasis on it.

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111redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Westside, lots of people have security cameras. Bet there are hundreds in the county!

Valleyred, you can easily setup a complete security camera system with a motion detector trigger for less than $300.00. Doesn't mean big bucks.

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112misohappy(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

10 guys versus 1 guy - forget the schools or area these kids were from. What the heck were they thinking. I saw the video - they were punching and kicking that kid in multiples! Their lucky the kid did not get seriously hurt from that altercation because their charges could be a heck of lot worse. Give me a break that they were good kids - they were stupid kids. 10 guys versus 1 guy - again what more is there to say? Remember the Florida Youtube video - this is similar.

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113getatit(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

once again Malvasi your the man you got up and wanted more

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114westside(47 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I don't buy that redvert. They have a camera because they expect that there will be something to film. I spent plenty of days (and nights) in those neighborhoods during my recent high school years and there's definitely not a need for security cameras. The only houses in the city that have cameras are crack houses for christ's sake!

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115poluyg(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

B*#&$S......SO PLEASE!!!

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116hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

No, "Commonsense", I mean excuses that are ungrammatical -- yes, it is a word. But I will agree that I am horrified by more than grammar here. The attitudes expressed defending this behavior are disturbing. As a start, for example,
1. The idea that the only unfortunate aspect is that there were cameras present that recorded the behavior.
2. The idea that being an accomplice in intimidation and assault expresses love and brotherhood. (As if Jesus liked to go out with the twelve apostles to call out the Pharisees -- can you see it?")
3. The idea that any other illegal incident anywhere in the valley nullifies the interest or guilt of this one.

We have seen in the news that students from another school tried to pry open the door of a McDonalds' Restaurant in the middle of the night. When thwarted, they tried to flee, and were caught and charged. Let's try to apply some of the statements from this thread to their situation. If they sound wrong to you, you have some insight into how many readers feel about their use in regard to the Canfield situation.
"No one is perfect, and we have all made mistakes. these boys just got caught. what we should be focusing on is learning from this, and looking at our own lives, not judging these boys. don't you think it's humiliating enough having to deal with this? these were ALL, everyone from both schools involved, good kids who made a bad choice."
"...some made a bad decision but you people need to shut your mouths. we all make mistakes and you are acting like they committed a murder or something."
"The students have all been suspended from school even though this was not on school property or during a school function and that does a disservice to them as students."
There are others, but you get the idea. None of these comments apply to Chaney students, and none should apply to Mooney students.

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117drseuss(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

this is absolutely insane. i truely do not understand the extent of this problem. look at what our country is going through and we are more concerned with what a group of high school students are doing, particularly mooney high school students. it's wrong to hope for anyone or anythings demise. i don't see anyone in the youngstown (boardman, canfield, poland, etc.) area complaining when mooney brings home a state title? people are proud to say they live in a community with such tremendous athletes. however, it was high school students who got into an altercation with one another. people walked away with cuts and bruises but no one left concussed or with broken bones. it is completely unfair to think that these mooney students should act a certain way, and that they shouldn't be getting into this type of trouble, granted they shouldn't, all because they go to a catholic school. however it seems that the canfield boy (a public school student) is permitted to act in such violence? private or public both parties should take the heat for what had happened, not one over the other. some of these boys are being charged as an adult. completely put aside the fact that these boys are 18 years old and think this way : they are all (mooney boys and the canfield boy) seniors in high school. their senior year is coming to a close and they should be stressing over college, and graduation. not court dates and possibly jail time. the bottom line was it was a minor fight.

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118columbus50(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

what should of happened is this.
Kid stays in car, sucker punches nobody and nothing happens. Once he did the kid in the car should have gotten out whipped him right there and it is over. Never come back to a fight with more people nothing good can happen. only coward jump people. Men fight one on one

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119keepnreal(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Mooney guys, learn from this mistake. Be extremely careful how you react to these type of situations, you guys are thugs because you react to an idiots stupid, arrogant, ACTION! And one more thing. STAY out of KLANFIELD! Just keeping it real all!

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120The_public_is_blind(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Listen people, I currently go to cardinal mooney highschool and I grew up with most of the kids in this assault and personally, aside from 3 or 4 I don't care for, they're all great kids and they were doing exactly what everyone that reads this comment would do in this situation! Backing up a "brother" and you people have no right to refer to all mooney kids as bad people just because we beat all the schools you and your kids go or went to, or because of a fight which took place nearly 6 Years ago!!! Hahaha and are all you adults honestly this bored with your pathetic lives that all you have good to do is bash on schools you wouldve been privelaged to attend? And the malvasis kid started the entire thing by punching jacket when he was parked in his car waiting for his buddies! Not for a fight you morons! Dear lord can you people think rationally and be mature? I'm 17 and I have more logic than most of you! It's kinda sad.

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121hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

More than one Mooney student has written posts with strong gang mentality: "..back up a brother" by beating someone who won't back down for you.

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122bellamac(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I am not a Canfield or Mooney person. I truely cant believe that some of you are accepting this behavior just because of where these young men are from. No wonder kids are the way they are today because its always someone else that started it or they put the blame on someone else if this was my child i would not be saying well it wasnt his fault i would be punishing my child instead the "fine" young men will probably just go on and nothing will be done because once again it not their fault right oh no its never your child its always someone elses child who is to blame. Way to parent no wonder kids are the way they are. THAT JUST BLOWS MY MIND.

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123jodirt(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

hellsbells, i am in awe of you. you have such acute intelligence.. you're a fantastic speller, you can reference the bible, you make great citations, and you seem to have the qualifications to speak in terms of the law.. yet, it seems like you're here for the wrong reasons? just so you know, this isn't an opportunity for you to condescend people.

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124footballfan17(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You Idiots. It was a fight! stop calling them mooney thugs because if they were thugs would have drove passed his house and shot it up. like and half those kids dont even live in youngstown. what about malvasi kid he taughts them even after the fight but why isnt he a thug? is it becuase he has a rich house in canfield with cameras and his paretns dont care he has started several fights in the past and then wonders why the kids show up. oh and mr malvasi is a straigt up man strangeling an 18 year old boy. not a thug though cause he lives in canfield. seriously it was a fight and the 6 that were involved should be introuble including MR. MALVASI. But as for tresspassing, mr malvasi brings one of the kids in after the fight is over so wow ok. You people wanna ruin these kids future over a fight but if a black guy gets shot on the south side it takes 45 minutes for the cops to show up.... you people are pathetic.

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125The_public_is_blind(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hahahahah do you realize that your calling mooney kids gang members?!? That's so dumb...grow up people! Honestly, your all small and wish you could bench even close to 135, your soft...I win, goodbye

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126The_public_is_blind(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hajaahhahahahahahaha goooooooood!!

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127jackotheclown55(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Okay. Not Thugs. Cowards. Fourteen on One? Seriously guys?

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128Moon84(14 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

mooney people make me poop my pants because even though they were already proven wrong by the video tape and the police; they keep making retarded comments thus making all of mooney look bad. let me rephrase that... worse.

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129footballfan17(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Get your facts straight. read the article only four are being charged with assualt so it was a four on one fight where if you watched the video the real punk is the malvasi kid with his shirt off on top of johnson beating on him. it wasnt like he was laying on the ground crying begging for 14 boys to stop hitting him. even after the fight was broken up mike was begging for more. watch the video bud :)

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130footballfan17(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

and moon84 im pretty sure your little canfiled buddies malvasi and big malvasi dont look to great right now. although im sure they will buy their way out of anything. Mike is a little punk who has a history of starting fights and clearly attacked johnson and any 50 yr old man that attacks an 18 yrs old boy is the poop that comes out of your ass next to how far your head is shoved up it. See ya tommarrow. bye!

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131Panick01(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The allegations brought upon the students in this video are incredibly despicable.Everyone shown in this video are at fault. These Mooney boys didnt want things to get out of hand. Not because they're rich, or thugs, or because they live in youngstown. It just happened to get blown out of proportion, and it still continues today!!! People need to realize this was a group of highschool kids. The immaturity of ALL those involved was the reason for this engagement. How can someone point the finger, without even knowing the person they're bashing! Lets not be hipocrits people, put yourself in both parties shoes. There was no alcohol nor drugs involved. Its FACT not FICTION. Its called being in the wrong place at the wrong time mixed in with an overdose of testosterone. No one can say Jackett shouldnt of been blocking the street, he was simply trying to make his way up the street patiently waiting. Malvasi made the first action, acting tough, and starting fights. My friends thats what you call a THUG. Dominic and his friends went back to the Malvasi residence to talk about the dilema. Once again, because of hot heads the situation got carried away. The Malvasi's antagonized this entire "beating". Of course ill say again what these young men did was wrong, and they'll gladly admit it, but the Malvasi's shouldnt be let off the hook that easily. 1st off why is the video cut? Why when the Malvasi's have two cameras did they only submit one. Why do they have video cameras in the front of there house in the first place! Obviously paranoid for some reason. They live in Canfield so im sure it cant be the "thugs" walking down the street making them paranoid. I am not commenting on this to start fights. Not to bash the Malvasi's. Im commenting to represent BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. Mooney does not "breed" thugs or druggies. It breeds the same as everyother highschool - TEENAGERS!
For all the adults gossiping about this event take a step back and look at yourself! Gossip is evil, so pointing the finger, and making false accusations makes you as guilty as the immature teen throwing a fist. Fighting is not the answer, and if you take a good look at this video Dominic Jackett tried preventing this fight, and yet is being accused of causing all of it. Lets be the mature adults you say you are, and quit baggering and pointing the finger. ESPECIALLY just because they go to Mooney. Set your prejudices aside! Both Cardinal Mooney and Canfield are good schools. And a piece of advice for everyone else, if a group of fourteen kids show up at your house, lock the door and call the police. DONT take your shirt off, strap leather gloves on your fist, and start throwing punches. Even if you didnt start it!!
-QUIT GOSSIPING LIKE LITTLE KIDS both Mooney and Canfield.

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132misohappy(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Take Mooney out of it and take Canfield out of it. You see 10 guys at one guys private residence, obviously turned in for the night without a shirt, being dragged to ground, kicked multiple times, being shoved multiple times and being punched multiple times by a majority of the guys there. What else is there to say? So the ONE kid may have started it, so what, the fact is TEN kids were going after that ONe kid at his private residence. I can't think of many defense's to that? And judging from the the shirt being off the kid, the alleged initial incident that prompted the retaliation had to happen some time before this, meaning they planned the damn thing! I don't think the kids are dredge of the Earth by any means, but come on people - in this situation- Im sorry- because its hard to see both sides. Clearly the 10 kids were in the wrong here. END of story!

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133Moon84(14 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

well footballfan17 you are right once again... im a graduate from mooney not canfield and i havent even met anyone of the canfield kids involved. im just saying that the mooney kids have disgraced my alma mater and they deserve to be punished to the fullest. yes malvasi jr also deserves punishment but he was clearly the victim here whether you like it or not. and malvasi's shirt was torn off by the mooney kids, he obviously wasnt showing off for anyone since he knew he was helplessly outnumbered.

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134misohappy(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Panick01 the proof is in the evidence - watch the video. I did not see prevention from anybody. I don't know anybody in this video! So I would consider myself a pretty neutral third party. All I saw were 10 or more kids come up to this family's private residence obvisiously to go after the one kid. Prevention would have been telling them that it was a bad idea driving there in the first place! Come on you can't be serious? The group of kids was clearly in the wrong here!

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135Moon84(14 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

thank you misohappy! everything you just said sums up the entire argument. if they still feel the need to disagree than something must be mentally wrong with them.

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136footballfan17(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Panick01 has it completely right. and yes the proof is in the evidence but they only showed one camera and its cut. it doesnt show the dad attack kyle but this is seriously being blown into a bigger thing than it is. the judge will decide tommorrow. you guys werent there and neither was I. we might see part of a tape but we dont know what was said and Dom not want a fight. (thats why he wasnt chargeed with assault cause he didnt fight anyone)

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137Moon84(14 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

footballfan 17 you are making mooney seem even worse with everything you say. why is it you said that you were there for the fight in one blog and then in the other you said you werent? that lie right there ruins the little credibility you previously had. if you are going to argue that everyone else needs to get their stories straight then you need to get yours straight.

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138beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Dear Vindicator,

I believe you owe Cardinal Mooney High School an apology - published on the front page of your newspaper. Since when are adults and teenagers, charge with crimes, identified by the school they attend? Mooney is not a town. You have made this a Mooney / Canfield issue. To have this the lead story on Vindy.com and identifying this incident with Cardinal Mooney High School, when it took place on a weekend is irresponsible and in poor taste. This was an obvious attempt to discredit Cardinal Mooney High School. YOU, YOUNGSTOWN VINDICATOR, OWE CARDINAL MOONEY HIGH SCHOOL A FORMAL APOLOGY.

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139valleyred(1103 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Mooney students on here defending these kids.... I don't think it is wise.. I know it is probably tough for you to see your friends on here do what they did, but they deserve to be prosecuted in the Court of Law.

Sure they may have been provoked, and I hope the Canfield kid is charged as well, but they initiated the violence.


Do not tell me they rang that doorbell at 1am looking to be diplomats, they were looking for a fight.

Everyone in that video needs to be charged.

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140qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

panick01-it seems like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders, and i applaud all of your comments.

THOMAS53-it saddens me when people refer to these students as "thugs." do your research. many of these boys have scholarship oppertunities, not just for playing sports but for their grade point averages as well. they are young men, teenagers, who made a bad decision. we are all guilty of making poor choices, whether it be waiting until the last minute to do a paper, telling a secret, having one too many drinks, etc. that happens everywhere. youngstown is still a great city, and many wonderful people have come, and continue to come from youngstown.

i agree that the vindicator owes cardinal mooney an apology. it saddens me to think that their school needed to be named. why? what good has that done? nothing. write all the stories you want-kids will still go on to college, and that mooney name will get them places. i went to mooney. went to college. got a job. got my masters. and am currently working on my phd. when people hear i went to mooney, it always turns into a "did you know this person?" etc. saying you went to mooney is something to be proud of, and no matter how many stones are thrown, mooney is still a strong family. that is the difference. anyone who knows mooney knows their slogan "we are for mooney and against no one." notice no retailiation stories from these boys families in the paper.

gossip is an evil thing. these comments have gone from being about violence and school rivarly to about these boys, their families, from both sides. their are more important things in this world going on. men losing their lives in iraq. children suffering from cancer. people suffering from AIDS/HIV in this country due to poor judgements in blood transfusions made in the 1980s. i hope this story dies down, because frankly, it doesn't make us as a society look very good, that we are more concerned with a bunch of boys fighting after a dance than what else is going on in our world.

boys-hold your heads high. learn from this. accept responsibility as you already have. and remeber-an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. be the bigger person now-it is never too late.

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141oneton(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I feel the Judge’s job is easy this afternoon.

Every one of these boys is wrong. None of them are “thugs”.

The judge needs to make sure they know they embarrassed their schools, their principals, their parents and most importantly themselves. Personally, I feel they’ll all think before doing something stupid like this again and not do it (lesson learned). No jail or fines required.

Most importantly, though, he needs to make it clear that this is not to escalate. Their punishment as school leaders is to insure this. I would make it very clear that this incident would not hurt their future endeavors in any way unless this escalates into a full blow Mooney-Canfield fight.

Let’s face it. There were no guns, knives, or real malice in all this. Nobody got hurt. Keep it that way.

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142boardmanneedschange(364 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I think that might be a bit wrong oneton. These actions are punishable by law and should be. it must go on their adult records in order to assure that if it happens again that a stricter penalty can be enforced. Some type of punishment is due and should be. Fines should be imposed and possibly a five year probationary period should be in effect to prevent any future contact.

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143qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

first of all, i have spent countless hours researching HIV/AIDS. although it was not the only cause, blood transfusions did result in many people spreading AIDS without realizing it. that THOMAS in neither here, no there.

and for the record, i am not a liberal.

it infuriates me to no end when people say people go to mooney because they are just good athletes. not only did my parents pay for me to go to school, they paid their taxes so others could go to school as well. it amazes me how no one was claiming parents were sending their parents to mooney during their football slump, were they? good athletes went to mooney then. and when it comes to colleges "dumbing down" their requirements, that is absolutely absurd. i went to college on an athletic and academic scholarship. my grades were submitted weekly to my coach. i worked my ass off in high school, playing sports, doing speech, and graduating with a 4.0. the football players lift every day, starting the SAME WEEK as the state championship game for the NEXT SEASON. the soccer players play indoor, and condition outside beginning in june. cross country starts as soon as track is over, and track as soon as cross country is. and the most of those kids attend class, and work.

oneton-i couldn't have said it better myself. these kids aren't being taught a lesson, they are being lynched in the town square to make an example of. you think they aren't going to spend the rest of their lives regretting this? i agree with a whole heart.

let's hope, again, that we learn from this. sometimes we learn more from our children than we could have ever taught them.

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144redvert(2239 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Westside, the only security cameras you hear about are the ones in crack houses. There are a lot more than you can imagine. They also are not easily identifiable or talked about. If you announce them they can be neutralized. Wake up, there are not too many places in this valley that does not have problems with crime.

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145soccerdad600(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I find this story funny, I know of 5 kids from a-town who did this same thing about 3 months ago, and they did'nt even get to take a swing at the kid they were fighting with, just threw words,before anyone could hurt anyone else the mom called 911 and the boys went to court and serverd 3 weeks in jjc for trespassing and harassment, do you really think anything will even happen to the moony kids? I dont think so this will be all we hear about it.If it does go any further it will be a case of who has more money to throw around.

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146qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

in many ways, soccerdad600, you are correct. that it will be a matter of who has more money to throw around...mostly when it comes to legal fees and a court drag out. 21 wfmj this morning said the video was no longer available. this is basically going to come down to who can appeal/breakdown who when it comes to credability. many questions remain. did they immediately turn the video over to the police when they arrived at the house? i am sure all of the young men involved will have their reputations (previous legal history, school history, etc.) rung through the ringer in an attempt to see who is a more stable, credible (for lack of a better phrase) honest witness. cases like these could drag on for months, even years. were the boys invited to the party? why all of a sudden has it reached a legal situation? this happened almost a month ago-why all of a sudden is this going on? many questions will be answered as this all begins to play out.

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147getatit(5 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

the chances of a crack house having a security camera are slim to none one they cant afford them and are more worried about guns then a simple security camera to protect them if youve ever been in or seen a crack house youll notice they arent the nicest of houses

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148JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

hellsbells -- the Dude abides, very good points across the board. getatit -- your screen name is fantastic, my compliments.

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149shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Boys, keep your heads up because I know you are all reading this and feeling awful. It's a really tough time and people are only talking so much about you because you attend Cardinal Mooney.

We all love you and we want the best for you. I know you have all learned a lesson and will think twice before ever getting in a fight again. Wishing you the best of luck for all you pursue in the future.

We have your back. 14-0 State Champs & Track State Champs is how you will be remembered. Not as thugs. MUCH LOVE BOYS!!

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150JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The Mooney supporters are unhappy with the Vindy's front page coverage and negative publicity.
If you didn't place yourself on a pedestal with the arrogance and telling everyone how great you and your standards are, then it would not have made the front page.
Any big fall will make news.

qtpie's comment: "anyone who knows mooney knows their slogan "we are for mooney and against no one."

Apparently 14 students were not aware of this slogan.

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151JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


*AS WE KNOW LOTS OF LAWYERS We have your back.


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152randomtask21(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

JME, name another high school from the mahoning valley that has produced so much over so many years. If you look in comparison to other schools across the Valley, name 1 other instance in the last 5 years in which Mooney has been involved. I dont know if I would call it arrogance, cause last time I checked Mooney is the only school in the Valley that attracts such names as Jim Tressel, Kirk Herbstreit, and Bob Stoops

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153JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

randomtak, sports is the only thing that matters?
There's part of the problem.

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154JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

You know what having participated in high school sports gets you when looking for a job in today's market (Youngstown or otherwise)? Only slightly more than lack of a criminal record. Keep teaching your kids "what matters" though.

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155metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Still 14 on 1 in a fight? What do you epxet to happen? SOmeone will get the crpa beat out of them and as a father who would stand abck and watch and not want to try to break it up? Some kid probalby punched him on accident sicne it was kinda a alrge crowd and alot was going on.

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156randomtask21(8 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

metz87, Malvasis' father did not just randomly get punched in the fight. He went up, grabbed White by the throat, and Kyle puched back.

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157polandpup(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

As this debate of public opinion continues, seems most everyone forgets that the court system is there for cases such as this. While it maybe fun to point fingers at the involved parties, or promote an unfortunate event as newsworthy....it must be remembered that the legal system has the final say in how this will play out. All of the banter that has been is nothing more than idol ranting. It truely serves no other purpose than for individuals to inflame a situation and cause possible problems in the future for the cities and schools involved.

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158hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Poor, poor little Kyle White, so abused... just for trespassing at a home at 1 a.m. and participating in intimidation and assault of a family member.

I'll tell you the truth, if Kyle was my son, I would have had him by the throat myself as soon as I heard of this little adventure. (Including the previous party) And he would have had a lot more to fear from me than from the homeowner!

Someday my kids may get in trouble, but they WILL know when they are doing wrong.

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159qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

JME. we do not put ourselves on a pedestal, by any means. go to the building of Cardinal Mooney and you will see that one. everyone talks about all the "money at mooney." ask anyone who went there 20 years ago and they'll say the same things as the kids who go there now....were warm clothes on mondays because the heat won't be on, don't leave your shirt untucked, and if your locker gets stuck jiggle it, lift it and pull. lol. in all seriousness though, mooney has been put on a pedestal by others. they are held to a higher standard. fair? well, i think that's something only as an individual you (or anyone else for that matter) can decide. mooney graduates every student, probably almost every year. they are involved in the community, take AP classes, etc. mooney has never claimed to be perfect. my point about the "cardinal mooney students" headline is inexcusable. why was that necessary? doesn't say "...in assulting canfield boy" does it? mooney students? more like a few young men.

and please-enough is enough with bashing these young men by their names, etc. because i hope you are aware that is slander....although i would be curious to see if the vindicator wrote that headline "7 sued for slandering mooney students on the vindy.com website."

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160doesntmatter(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

its funny because half you people on here are judging mooney students based on a video- a cut video nonetheless- and an article thats written by the vindicator, who if you havent noticed.. arent big fans of cardinal mooney. like the majority of other people. so before you start pointing fingers, why dont you watch the uncut video? atleast attempt to find out the real story. immature.

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161unbiased(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

If it matters...Malvasi Jr. has already had two previous assualt charges, and is know, here at canfield as having "little-man syndrome."

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162hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

It doesn't really matter. Are you going to share the records of two of the Mooney students?

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163qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

hellsbells-obviously you don't know the two men at all, because you would know they both have good records. good grades, never been in legal trouble before. so expose their records all you want. and actually, it does really matter. when building a case, the goal is to eliminate the credability of each party. previous criminal history, school history (i.e., previous suspensions, truancy records, etc) will be important. it will come into play with what happened previously that night. it was "10 against 1" in that fight, but it will also be 10 witness statements against 1 as to what happened leading up to it. won't make what the boys did right, but it could potentially prove that the young man from canfield was aggravating/harassing the other men, etc. when it comes to a "he said/she said" trial...everything is fair game..

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164JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

qtpie, thank you for providing evidence of how the Mooney community loves to talk about how great their character and accomplishments are.
My son attends a parochial school which feeds into Mooney, and many of the parents exhibit the same "I'm the greatest" attitude. This attitude is also present in many friends and family.
I'm not from this area and can easily see why Mooney is not liked - not because of accomplishment, but because of attitude.

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165JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

How are the 10 witness statements going to refute video and a 911 call?

Whether or not the Canfield student aggrivated the stituation does not make it ok for 14 students to go to a resisdence after 1 am to ambush 1 student.

Sounds like the 14 will use the "he started it first" excuse.

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166metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Which in court does not matter,everyone is at falut, not just one person.

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167shek107(15 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Why did the Malvasi's open the door to the Mooney boys in the first place? If that were my family, I would have identified the Mooney boys and called 911 without opening the door and charge them all with trespassing. Maybe the Malvasi boy knew he would get in trouble for hitting Jackett so he wanted the boys to hit him back to justify his actions?

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168clevelandsports13(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Hello friends, I have lived in the valley all of my 25 years ( -4 with college) I went to a valley high school, that was not Canfield or Mooney. But I do know live in Canfield.

Two things, well maybe three

1)I never knew a Mooney student when I was in high school, I did have friends from most other school. But since then I have meet a good dozen money grads. Out of that dozen I can only hang out with one, due to the fact that the other 11 are jerks.
2)I don’t know why people are making fun of Canfield and this great town. Maybe it’s the fact they can’t live here?
3)Mark Sweetwood, great job! When I was in high school my fiends and I did something dumb as well, you what to know what the vindicator did? A headline saying “6 student athletes from --------- arrested” So it goes each way!

This is not go for either school, but it has made my past two day at work go by fast!

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169disheartened(7 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

This all boils down to too much testosterone. This includes the testosterone emminating from the Malvasi household as well. These "kids" are stupid and it does have something to do with the parenting. I agree that you can only do so much as a parent, but it is how your child is taught to act when you are not around that matters. The fact that some of these "kids" came to school bragging and laughing about it is disgusting and proves there is something lacking in the lessons they are being taught. These "kids" (or at least some) have been getting away with crap like this for some time. They deserved to be punished and they should be ashamed of their stupidity.
Stop defending these punks, that is how it was able to escalate to this level in the first place.

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170scrooge(563 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Is it just me or does the horrendous grammar/text-lingo drive everyone nuts?

Shopaholic spend a little extra time at school - preferably in English so you'll know how to communicate when you enter the real world. "Do you want fries with that?" is not a career choice.

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171vindyuser(6 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

GO IRISH!!!!!!

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172JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Plus 1 on the poor text-lingo/grammer.

Is it that much more difficult to type out "you" compared to "u" ?

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173bhs1234(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

that canfield kid got what he deserved i hate mooney but those kids just had their friends back which is respectable. They should have beatin him up worse

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174BrookeLynne5(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I will not reveal my name, but I am a person who knows the whole story and what really happened. Let me start off by saying that I am an Alumni of Ursuline and I had many friends that went to Mooney due to attending St.Christines grade school with me. I can tell you that from my experience, there are both good and bad kids in both schools. However, there is one thing I noticed with Mooney's student body. Every year there were a group of certain boys in each grade that thought they were better than everyone else due to the fact that they were football stars.To be perfectly honest, most of them slid their way right through high school because teachers basically handed grades to them. You wonder why Mooney football players get so much more offers than Ursuline or any school around? Well, that refers to 1. Grades, which are hardly accumulated on their own 2. Steroids, which are easily covered up because they do not drug test! and 3. Their building school reputation in football which is not rightfully earned. With this all being true, let me start off the story by saying Malvasi had every right to hit Jackett in the face on the day of Feb. 22.

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175BrookeLynne5(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Let's say you are a 18 year old boy, someone is blocking a cold-a-sack for no reason what so ever and you could not go through to pick up your girlfriend..Then, this person continues to use vulgar language to provoke Malvasi. .who wouldn't punch this kid in the face? After Malvasi just wanted Jackett to move out of his way. Then as for Jackett, why didn't he fight him right then and there? Aren't you supposed to fight your own battles? As for the part of the story that the Mooney kids just wanted to go "talk" the fight out at Malvasi's house, I think everyone knows that was a complete and utter lie. Does anyone have any idea that the night this happened was coincidentally the night of Mooney sweethearts? And after the dance these 14 Mooney boys went and drank at a well-known family's house that is so "highly-respected" throughout this town..little does everyone know they condone this drinking every weekend without a problem! Does anyone also know that a girl almost died that night and had to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped after drinking so much?

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176metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I seem to think we don't ahve the whole story either we jsut have to guess as to what happned based on what a few people said or belive.

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177BrookeLynne5(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I can tell you this house has been a party house for years! After these boys drank and got some alcohol to combine with that testosterone they decided to go to Malvasi's house at 1 in the morning, trespass his family's property, and they had every intention in giving them a piece of their minds. How dare anyone say these boys are good kids making a "wrong decision"? They clearly knew what they were doing! The sad part about all of this is because this town is so scandalous and covers everything up due to your status here or the money you have, these kids, two of them having doctor's as fathers, will probably get a slap on the wrist. If only all of this information was actually put out there on the paper. Another point, is why didn't the Canfield police have these boys take a breathalizer? Being the well-known tough police force they are that really doesn't make sense at all..these kids were out past curfew right after a school dance..no doubt the police probably had to have an idea that most of them were drunk! As for the rest of the comments I have read regarding the Malvasi family and Mr. Malvasi getting involved in the fight..if your son was on the cold snowy ground, without a shirt, getting the life beat out of him, wouldn't you step in?

Suggest removal:

178BrookeLynne5(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Malvasi had every right to step in and try to save his son from this immature and thoughtless torture. Those of you who have bashed the Malvasi family and their name better think twice and put yourselves in their shoes. The funny thing is the Malvasi's had no intentions in pressing any charges even though they had a video tape from the get-go to prove the whole fiasco! They had class and were friends with some of these parents so didn't want to bring this out to be a huge case in this town. Karma really does come back around to those Mooney parents who decided they should press charges on Malvasi. The Mooney boys deserve a harsh punishment to wake them up of what they did and had absolutely no right to do. I hope all of you out there who praise the ground these Mooney boys walk on and think their parents are doing such a fine job in raising them now see this all from a different perspective. Someone should seriously look further into this case, because so much is left undone and undiscovered.

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179disheartened(7 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I have stated my piece against the "kids" but now I think I need to say something else. I am a little stunned by the "if your son was on the cold snowy ground, without a shirt, getting the life beat out of him, wouldn't you step in?"- type comments. I admit there is much more going on than we know and can see on tape, but unless my eyes are deceiving me, the son was already up off the ground, behind the father and another kid, when the father punched the kid. So, while I'm not debating that they were trespassing or that I don't see why the father WANTED to punch the kid, I just think it was in poor taste and was not in immediate defense of anything other than pride.

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180interestinglyenough(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

1. The headline says NOTHING about a Canfield boy being charged along with the Mooney kids. That is ridiculous. But I'm not surprised because the Vindy has had it out for Mooney since day one.
2. There is ONE WHOLE MINUTE missing from the video.
3. The Canfield kid tackled a Mooney kid in front of the house and hit the Mooney kid earlier in the night WHICH STARTED THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL.
4. Many Mooney students live in Canfield, Boardman, and Poland while some do not
5. Many Mooney students come from well-to-do families in those suburbs while some do not
6. Most Canfield students DO NOT come from well-to-do families while only some do
7. The police should have confiscated the video, held it for investigation, and released it during a press conference
8. How do we know if we are watching a tampered video, or the actual video? The father released his own tape, the detective said he was involved in the brawl, therefore the father has a conflict of interest. Duh!

This is just the type of situation that was bound to happen one day. When I was in school a few years ago ('01-'05), Mooney and Poland used to brawl all the time at the Taco Bell and many other parking lots along 224. Back in the 80's and 90's, when Mooney used to play Struthers and Boardman, there were fights every single weekend between those two schools but the public didn't hear about it. This particular fight is unfortunately being turned into a publicity stunt by the press in order to further Public Schools against Catholic schools in the epic Youngstown battle of "private vs. public". Fights happen all the time but why aren't they in the paper? I think the sheer number of Mooney students certainly contributed to the amount of press this even has received but it should have been kept under wraps as best as possible. This type of publicity doesn't help EITHER school but serves only to hurt them both. If they didn't thrust this out into the public eye, it would have been better for not only both of the school's future reputations, but more importantly the reputations of all families involved as well as the future that each student deserves regardless of one bad decision they made in high school.

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181carterdouglass(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


This blog is much like the immaturity and aggression displayed by the teens. What we as a community must do is take this and learn from it, so it does happen again.

I am 36years old and I made mistakes in my life, however what those young boys did was disgusting, unwarranted and reckless.

Fights go on across the city, across the states and the entire world. We cannot change the world, nevertheless; as the late Enis Cosby said, "If we change ourselves then we are making a change in the world." On that note let us talk to our children, the parents of other children and get to the reason behind this deep seeded hatred, that is poisoning our children.

This situation could have been uglier than it was. Some homeowners have weapons in their house. On that so many lives could have been taken not only physically but, mentally and spiritually as well.

I believe that the adolescents who trespassed onto the property of Malvasi should be charged and sentenced accordingly along with counseling.

I believe that the parents of the adolescents should be charged, sentenced and undergo counseling as well.

I do not know what went on between Mr. Malvasi and the other young boy earlier that day--I do know it not warrant a group of young impulsive and angry males going to his home and attacking he and his father.

Again, I hope that we will learn from this sad and ugly situation and make a change within ourselves and our homes, that will ultimately change the world.

Suggest removal:

182hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

From the Mooney posts here, there seems to be little hope of your advice being taken. The "Mooney mentality" seems to be a bubble that prevents them from seeing sensible posts about stories that have been printed showing other schools in a bad light. Right now posters insist on see themselves as persecuted by the Vindicator --against all evidence.

However, the Bishop and the administration of the school may have another attitude altogether.

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183qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

JME-there is a fine line between boasting and being proud, that i will agree to. but saying that there is an attitude of "i'm the greatest" is both uncalled for and ignorant. not one single post on here as said that mooney is perfect and the boys should get off because of that. my point was that no one knows these boys, truly knows them, but for us to be degrading their character based on one mere instance? if your son attends a private school you would know that we are not judged by only one instance in our life, but how we learn from our mistakes and our asked for forgiveness.

it is lent. 40 days of waiting, fasting, etc. of asking for forgiveness in a time of trouble. people make mistakes. did peter not deny jesus three times? was he not forgiven? it is my firm belief that these boys are truly sorry for what has happened, being that they (or their families) have not contacted the media and made a "hear our side" fiasco. i am sorry if people have that "we are the greatest because we are from mooney" attitude that you know. it's just a shame you don't know my family, my brothers, their wives, my husband, my cousins, etc who are all mooney grads and are the kindest people, like many of their classmates.

hopefully, since you are not from here, you will get to meet more people with the same positive, humble demeanor that was instilled to me when i walked the halls of cardinal mooney.

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184qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


you bring up extremely, extremely good points. my guess as to why portions of the video are missing could be they do not want to sway a jury by showing it to them prior to trial. which, in my opinion is why the video should never have been released in the first place.

when it comes to the video being taken by the father, i do agree. the mother says on the 911 recording they have a camera. from a credibility stand point, the tape should have immediately been turned over to the police upon their arrival to the scene, to prevent any question of tampering.

i don't know if you caught the paper this morning, but it no longer said "mooney students" it just said "ten charged..." perhaps the vindicator realized how unfair it was to identify them by their school, not their actions? it is my belief that any student, from any school, should not be identified in the newspaper, catholic or private not mattering.

and finally...the private v. public debate is a never ending battle, fuel being added to the fire during fall sports and legal altercations. it just goes to show that we look at the title before analyzing the picture, already having an idea in our minds what it SHOULD look like

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185watcher(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I have been hearing a good deal of bad things about he house that these Mooney boys were partying at prior to deciding to mount up and defend their boy. These parents are allowing students to liquor up at their home? I heard the parents even encouraged the "magnificent 14" to go and seek retribution.

Suggest removal:

186watcher(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

l i heard this "party house" is the spawn of yet another violent incident downtown where their child punched a kid causing him to require 20 some stitches to the head

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187wrestler0208(7 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I'm a college student at Ohio State and when I got back to the area today and heard about this stroy i was utterly outraged. I understand that the Canfield kid threw the first punch but i doubt he did it for no reason, something had to of happened. Not that it means that it is right to do that because its not. But how in the world does that give justification for FOURTEEN boys to go over to his house, rip him out of his house and beat his face in for lack of a better phrase. And to top it all of they beat on a grown adult man/father/husband. What does that say about these kids? It tells me that they think they are hot shots because they go to Mooney. Mooney people can tell me all they want that thats not true but I've grown up in this area my whole life and it is the truth. Canfield and Poland are the same way. Its kids who excel in athletics and are treated like royalty at their schools. It also doesn't help that the MAJORITY of their family are very wealthy and have powerful names and they can get their way out of anything. I would almost be willing to bet anything that these kids will have little ramifications of their actions. Hopefully the justice system will prove me wrong. For the person who said that the only reason this was front page news was because of the video obviously has kids at Mooney or knows these kids and doesnt think this is a big deal.
They're lucky that it's not national news, yet. Does anyone remember the story about a year ago when some kids invited a girl over and then beat the hell out of her and video taped it and put it on youtube? That made national headlines. I dont see how this is any different in my opinion its worse, they went into a kids house drug him out and beat him along with his father. These kids better get a wake up call that they are not invisible just because of the school they go to, who their parents are, or who they THINK they are. I hope these kids go to jail for a long time. But we all know how the justice system actually works in this country and more than likely they will get a slap on the wrist.

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188grimbo85(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

i think that the Mooney kids are a bunch of kids that think they are sweet and need to keep them selves away from hear because they will come across some one that will take them all out and there are some bad dudes around her that after i seen this fight would get messed up bad

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189qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

....i wonder what these posts would look like if it were the reverse. 10 kids from canfield assulting 1 mooney kid....would everyone be saying that the mooney kid "thought he was better than everybody else?"

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190computer_rick(137 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Gabby Johnson is right!

Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, but it expresses a courage little seen in this day and age!

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191beinghonest(22 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


It never would have made the papers.

Suggest removal:

192JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

qtpie, apparently you haven't read all of the post, my thoughts on the Mooney boasting are shared by quite a few.
I actually know a good number of people from Mooney and I will agree that not all have the "attitude", but there are an unsually high number of Mooney people (adults and students) with the "I'm great" attitude.
I moved here from Columbus and knew many people from the large Catholic school Watterson. I've never experienced anyone from that school that displays the Mooney attitude I'm not saying they don't have any, just that the majority don't self boast.

As far as the Vindy printing Mooney in it's headline, that is not uncommon:


The Vindy is here to report the news, whether you like it or not. They do not owe an apology to Mooney.

Suggest removal:

193JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

qtpie, as far as "uncalled for and ignorant", the truth always hurts.

I would have to say if the roles were reversed, it would be front page material.

14 students, from any school, who go to a residence at 1 AM to ambush 1 student would make a headline - especially with clear video evidence.

Suggest removal:

194wrestler0208(7 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

How can you guys say that this would not make news if it was the other way around??? You are clueless. This is a BIG deal and completely news worthy regardless of who it happened to. People from Canfield and Mooney are just not used to being in the news for something negative, and so when the media isnt talking about how good their academics are or how great they are in sports, everyone cries that Mooney or Canfield is being picked on. Grow Up your kids did something wrong now its time to suffer the consequences.

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195Mahcntyvoter(30 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

these are kids that got in a fight. The video is very confusing. It looks like kids that were trespassing went into the house while others were fighting. One lookd like he hung around after the fight. Also, if someone just showed up at your house inexpectedly would daddy be hanging out with police style gloves on waiting for a fight.

Now let's talk about setting an example. People think these kids should be punished. But yet we have our second in command Jim lewandosky from our sheriff's department shooting at his neighbors house and almost hitting a women and child. Was he punished? NO, not at all!! These are the examples these kids have and I'm glad guns were not involved.

There are so many holes in the story and the recording. So let it go. These kids need a little counseling and parental guidence and ove on. All of them including daddy gloves.

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196JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

wrestler0208, well said on your posts.

qtpie, you speak of forgiving these boys, did they forgive the Canfield teen after the initial confrontation?

What happened to taken responsiblitity for your actions; and why is there an attitude of entitlement?

Suggest removal:

197mahoningtoo(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Why is Sr. wearing gloves (O.J.) There true colors are coming out. And everyone sees it now. Nothing is going to change until the law sees it. If the boys were not provoked in the first place they would not have been there. Thanks to the mother too, she let them in in the middle of the night, smart move. MOM. Let the apple fall where they may. At least the rest of the school can rest there head at night, how about the malvasi's, this is so typical of them. Once again we all need to look at the whole picture! And where is the missing video....o.j.

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198drseuss(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago


I don't feel like you know the whole story. Your comment about the house Dominc Jackett and his friends were on their way to was irrelevant. However, the house is in a dead end culdesac and when there's a party at anyone's house in that neighborhood traffic is so backed up. It wasn't just the night of mooney's sweetheart either, it was also the same night as canfield's sweethearts dance. So because of all this congested traffic I could see how Michael Malvasi could become a little impatient and let his road rage kick. Now we've gotten to the point when Michael Malvasi steps out of his vehicle then comes up to Dominic Jackett's window. Words were exchanged and after Michael Malvasi strikes Dominic Jackett in the face. I'm sorry but if there was traffic backed up on the freeway would you go to the source of the problem as strike in the face? No. It's not logicial. Concerning this video tape, it makes those boys look so terrible, because what they did was indeed wrong, but people just assume that Michael Malvasi was grabbed off of his porch and tackled. There is no cold hard fact that can prove that that was what had happened. Don't go bashing on people. You preach about karma. Practice what you preach. Thank you.

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199whoooocares(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

hey drseuss...uhhh we know you went to mooney so you're point is moot. as for everyone else...WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE. we're talking about a bunch of spoiled rich kids who have nothing better to do with their time. You all need to get a life and start worrying about you're own problems and quit making this more than what it really is.

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200MzCivilized(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I gradutaed with some of these young people's older siblings, they were just being kids (immature and young) and made a bad decision, but who's to say it was a bad decision. Maybe the Malvasi kid had it coming and APPARENTLY it didn't take all 10 or 14 or however many of them to get that point across but I know better than to think that they would just do that randomly and out of the blue! As far as Mooney is concerned, they're not! If 10 guys who play for a team at the YMCA did the same thing, would they be affiliated with the Y? Doubt it. And oh yea, why is there a minute missing out of that film? If it was the dad grabbing that kid, who cares, your defending what's yours. All I'm saying is there's worse things that could happen... especially if Malviso was bold enough to get out of his car and punch somebody, if you know what I mean.

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201GROWUP(4 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

whoooocares- I agree with you 100% people really need to move on with their lives

BrookeLynne5- Your comments are totally absurd and I hope they are removed soon. 1. Mooney athletes may receive more scholarship offers because Ursuline has more inner city student athletes that simply do not perform as well in school. 2. The students earn the grades they receive and no one has ever been handed a free pass.3. I would be interested to know what players you think are taking steroids and as far as I know not one school in the area does drug testing. 4. How dare you say the recent success in football was not earned. I want you to try and say that to the recent graduates who busted their during winter lifting sessions and summer condition to get what they deserved. 5. You have absolutely no proof those boys were drinking before they arrived at that house and the the girl who went to the hospital was already intoxicated before she arrived at the residence. 6. From what I understand Mr. Jackett was simply trying to make his way through a crowded street, that in no way, shape, or form gives Mr. Malvasi the right to hit him. Bottom line, this group is completely in the wrong and probably deserve whatever punishment they receive. However, I feel Mr. Malvasi's parents should of used their better judgment and never have opened the door in the first place.

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202Youngstownbread(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

As a 2004 graduate of a school in the Mahoning Valley, I feel horribly for everyone involved in this situation. I don't know what the situation was leading up to this kid getting assaulted by a group of kids. I don't know if he had been up for assault prior to getting beaten up. What I do know is that the argument of "We all would've done this if we were in their situation" is a bogus one. I didn't actively search out beating the crap out of kids in groups when I was in high school. Saying that "They're young" isn't even a good argument because these kids do know right from wrong. I'm not hoping they get the $1000 dollar fine, but I hope that each of these people involved gets some sort of jail time. It might sound rough, but if you don't have to pay for your crimes (which beating this kid to a pulp was...no matter how you look at it or what he did before) then you will do it again and again. They have to own up and face the consequences. I hope that they are all tried as adults. What if they would've killed that kid? Sure they didn't, but you have to think about it...that was a big group beating up one person. He may have thrown the first punch, but a huge group of people does not go over someone's house "just to talk". I know he probably did something, but it wasn't mentioned so I'm not going to go there because I'm unfamiliar with the situation. As to mentioning drugs, alcohol or sports teams...why? Drugs and alcohol aren't a part of this article. Sports teams aren't a part of this article. Leave the rivalry and recruitment talk where it belongs everyone.

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203Youngstownbread(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I forgot something. As to anyone that thinks his father should not have tried to help him. Would you have helped your loved one if they were assaulted? Put yourself in his situation. Anyone that you truly love. Mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend...would you have tried to help them?

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204jodirt(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

brookelynne, your story's a little off.. you should either find a more reliable and less biased source before you slander a whole group of 18 year olds and thier families, or just keep your ignorantly narrow - minded opinions to yourself.

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205metz87(902 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

the point is he you did nothng we would be asking why did he stand there and wtach his soon get the crap beat out of him? The fight amy have gotten worse if he did nothing.

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206MzCivilized(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

They committed an act that was young (minded) and dumb. Speaking from experience with situations from the past in my life... although I knew right from wrong then, my judgment is better NOW that I have matured and am able to understand WHY my actions may be right or wrong. I wonder if this would even be such a big deal had it not been on video??? Food for thought!

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207yep_its_me(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

oh my god look at you people defending these violent kids. i personally know mooney kids through soccer, and they don't play by the rules. they do bad things and their parents don't discipline them. i personally saw a kid get thrown out of the game and his dad gave the ref a hard time about it. these mooney parents are the problem in my mind. they think they're entitled to better treatment than everybody else, and pass that down to their kids, who think they're untouchable. it just makes me sick to think that some of you are trying to justify the fact that 14 kids from the same school went to someone's house at one in the morning and assaulted them. first off, it's disrespectful to go to someone's house and knock on the door at one in the morning. second, ASSAULT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. my opinion: charged to the furthest extent. but hey, that's just me, i'm a 16 year old kid.

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208atlanta(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The reason Mom opened the door was because she was walking a guest out of the house, she didn't open the door for the boys. The reason the video skips a minute, is because it is a motion camera...it only records when there is motion. If you look closely when the group moves farther into the yard the camera stops, when they come back the camera starts again. If Mr. Malvasi was going to fix the tape he wouldn't have showed the part where he hits one of the kids. Think about it....

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209josereyes(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

haha i love how everyone is saying malvasi deserved it...he deserved a one on one fair fight...not 10 on 1...whoever thinks thats fair is messed up in the head and needs help...half these kids were hammered when they were fighting anyways...everyone acts like this is such a shock cuz its cardinal mooney and no we cant punish these kids cuz its wrong...no idc where your from canfield poland boardman mooney ursuline or even campbell there is no excuse for this yes it was wrong of malvasi to hit jackett but it doesnt mean 10 kids need to go drag him out of his house and jump him...these kids will get what they deserve and face the consequences of their actions...so no matter what you say on here or do just face facts the judge isnt going to look and see what the ppl think was right or wrong there gonna forget what school they go to and treat them as adults and make a decision based off that...so please stop talking trash on both schools cuz its getting old and annoying

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210qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

josereyes-you should get your facts straight. think about it. cops show up. wouldnt you think the first thing they would do is check for alcohol. when you are pulled over for a ticket, whether you know it or not, they are looking for signs of drinking (overly nervous/emotional, not being able to make eye contact, etc.). in this situation, the police would do the same (especially given both the time, and the fact that they were leaving a dance). dont you think if they had reason to believe the boys were drinking they would have given them the "pen test" or a breathalizer? people make mistakes, even sober...

however, you did make an excellent point. our opinions mean nothing...a judge, jury, etc will decide whether these boys or guilty or not. it was wrong. everyone agrees. but two wrongs don't make a right, and people making up facts doesn't change what happened. stick to the facts so it is a fair and honest discussion.

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211Justin2204(13 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

If these guys were leaving a dance, then Mooney students dress strangely at dances. As for not alcohol testing them -- that was a mistake on the part of the police. The police do seem hesitant to take on these kids' parents or something. I mean, investigating for almost a month before charging them?
It seems like they charge everybody else right away, and do most of the proof at the trial, or dismiss the charges later.
If these guys weren't drunk -- then they ARE out of hand entirely.

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212WEAREBOARDMAN(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

All i have to say is it suck to be those mooney kids! hahahaha 160 days! BOARDMAN-MOONEY!

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213Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

"“Basically these 14 kids were all good kids who got together and made a bad decision,” he said."

Charley Manson was a good kid also and the world judged him harshly. Give these good kids a fine and some jail time. A couple of weeks in jail and probation along with more jail time if probation is broken. Little flames are responsible for large forest fires.


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214qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Justin2204-believe me when i tell you that one of the first things the police do is test for alcohol. they were not drunk. they had left a dance. at some point they stopped and changed their clothing.

as for the charges being filed, it has nothing to do with the police taking on the parents, as by a legal standpoint, when you turn 18 your parents virtually don't exist. the police are not obligated to even call the parents if they are over 18, as they are no longer considered a minor. the charges taking this long could be because of when they were filed. since it occurred on public property, sometimes it falls into play as to whether or not the parties (in this case, the malvasi's) choose to file charges. it could also be due to inside investigation. all the facts must be gathered, statements reviewed, and evidence (in this case the video) taken into account before they even can make a charge (given the he said/she said nature of the fight, and because when the police arrived the fight had already been broken up). as a result, it could have taken that amount of time to get it all together, decide who is charged with what, and go from there.

these situations are always EXTREMELY touchy, and any police station is going to make sure they have crossed their t's and dotted their i's. because one mishap in procedure could actually result in all charges being completely dropped (which is sadly how many people get out of D.U.I.'s by finding an easy out through a missed step by a police officer). i would also assume (again, this is an assumption) that the police knew that this would become a high profile situation and an extremely tense one, so they wanted to go through perfect procedures to again, keep the charges from being dropped due to a technical matter.

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215disheartened(7 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Stan: I agree, except I wouldn't bother with the fines. I do not forsee these "kids" being responsible for paying them anyway. I do think community service (in conjunction with probation) is a good idea. Maybe the community can gain a little something from this as well.

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216Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I don't believe that any Judge in Mahoning County would give them jail time without a fine and costs. It costs money to put them through the system.

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217hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I don't believe any Judge in Mahoning County could untangle his Mooney ties enough, you mean. Certainly not Judge Hunter.

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218rex(65 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Kids do stupid things. This is a perfect example of the "pack mentality" that happens when kids are in a group. The saddest part of all this is that the parents are apparently hiring attorneys to represent their kids in court. Kids need to learn that there are repercussions to their actions. The parents should sit quietly in court while the kids plead guilty and are sentenced to some community service. By hiring attorneys to fight the charges, the parents are condoning the actions. These kids are learning that they can do whatever they want and nothing bad will happen to them.

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219hellsbells(116 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

So if the homeowners make some mistakes in responding to an intrusion, it makes the intruders innocent?

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220qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

rex-i agree with the "pack mentality" 100%. you make very good points. however, when it comes to hiring attorneys, they would have been given court appointed attorneys (unless they chose to represent themselves). i don't think that their parents hiring attorneys shows that they believe they are innocent (while on the surface pleading innocent might say that, it really just gives you more wiggle room with evidence, witnesses and plea deals later on). i think it just shows that they don't want their children made "examples" of by being treated completely unfairly with the punishment. i think it's safe to say that any parent wants to teach their child to take responsibility for their actions, but at the same time the punishment should be equal to the crime (i realize by saying that i am opening myself up to a multitude of "well kick them and beat them" comments, but i am going to hope we are all mature adults and understand the point).

i have faith in our legal system, that this situation will be properly worked out. personally-i think community service and a lesser charge would be best. and i don't mean community service of picking up trash on the freeway. having these young men talk in schools about how one night, one mistake, one impulse decision can ruin your life. teenagers need to realize not all life changing mistakes are because you were drunk, didn't have a seat belt on, or partied too hard.

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221qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

hellsbells-no, the mistake is not in the homeowners responding to the intrusion and charges getting dropped (unless the homeowners overreacted, broke the law...etc). the mishap in procedure involves the police when charges get dropped. for example, if you are not read your miranda rights, you could technically have your charges dropped due to unlawful due process. in situations like these, the oversights have to be pretty specific and measurable (for example, when cases have made national news for excessive force, searching without a warrant, etc). so yes, charges can be dropped if mistakes are made, but not because of how the homeowners reported the case.

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222josereyes(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

qtpie-i go to high school witnessed and heard things with alcohol im not talking bad about the police but you will most likely agree with me...these kids probably used the usual hi im a mooney football player and there you go everything changes and its not just mooney football players that do this i guarantee a boardman ursuline canfield poland and etc. player has done this before because i have heard stories where kids have been busted at a party with alcohol in there system said they play football and they let them go dont think this couldnt have happened here but if they were sober im sorry they need some help

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223fire(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Funny how everything is such a big issue these days. When I went to Mooney in the 70's fights between schools was pretty much a common occurance after the games. Things used to be handled between the parents. Not anymore, you only need to look through a lot of these comments to see how our kids have become the way they are. Entitled, no acceptance of responsibility for actions. No need to work for anything, because these days ,everyone must be treated the same exact way, no such thing as reward for doing your best, or busting your rear to be the best you can be, because everyone is the best and deserves what everyone else has.

Personally Im sick of the way society is, wiether your from ytown, boardman, canfield etc. Looking at many of these comments, I really do not see any improvements coming soon. Kids will continue to make bad choices, feel entitled and accept no responsibility as long as parental society chooses to stay the way it is.

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224qtpie(16 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

fire-excellent comment. very true, honest, and you made excellent points.

josereyes-i am not saying that situations do not happen in which teenagers are let go by the police. i am merely stating to you a fact-the police go into every situation, investigating alcohol. not to mention that if the young men were drunk/buzzed...whatever the case may be, the officers could be reprimanded big time for allowing them to leave the scene, intoxicated, and then drive home. i understand that you are in high school, and the "i'm a football player" line does get people out of things. but i am telling you in this situation, alcohol was not involved. was there drinking at the dance? well, i am not in high school and i was not there. but were these boys intoxicated by any means? no.

again, trust me as someone who has been there. you can drink and think you are as sober as the day you were born, but try to have a conversation with your parents, and they will probably be able to pick out that you have had something to drink in a heart beat. little cues give it off. and i am telling you that when the energy is still going (as it was after the fight, by the time the police arrived) it would be even more obvious that their had been drinking.

and if it gives you any hope, saying "i'm a football player" past graduation just gets you laughed at in the "real world."

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225jbeast14(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

i was at mooney a few years ago and i know most of these students. they're good kids with very little trouble, i noticed no one seemed to mention that the canfield student had two previous assault charges against him.

fights were a common thing, at mooney or at any high school. there were fights between mooney, boardman, poland, canfield, and ursuline before this, but no one bothered mentioning anything about them. a fight is just one fight, no one really got hurt so what is the big deal?

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226Justin2204(13 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

Well, again, because I am not the first one to say this: Ganging up 14 to 1 at a person's home in the middle of the night is different. Actually seeing the brutality involved on video is different. And the number of excuses made for these particular students is different. Thinking as you do, then

Why did one on one fistfights at Chaney deserve front page coverage last year? Why were Warren parents criticized for protesting the Warren schools zero tolerance for fighting? Why were Girard school kids criticized for fighting?

By the way, some of the Mooney kids have been in trouble before. You want to say the Canfield kid had an assault charge, well, he got it the way these students did now. Yet you want THEM excused, don't you?

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227observer4u(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

I love these $mooney$ kids.They have nothing better to do than chase each other around in suvs on a snowy cold Ohio night.Notice in the video the attackers arrived without their prized leather jackets, also missing from sight the standard gold cross and chain.It's possible the parents forgot to dress them but in all likely "HOOD" they just forgot raise them right.Now its time for them to learn there is actual laws to be obeyed and punishment for the poor shirtless.CONFESSION/?

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228josereyes(3 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

so your saying because there good kids and no one got hurt that 14 on 1 is right? yeah fights occur but not like that showing up to a kids house and getting a parent involved is different. literally dragging a kid out of his house is different. if this was a one on one fair fight this would be different

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229grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

All of the people, adults and kids, that keep commenting on this story need to get a life. Seriously. There are alot more important and pressing matters in our area. I cannot believe how many people have commented on this story. You people need to get lives. Nobody, outside of a small group, cares about these kids or this incident. Let it go.

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230OU08(1 comment)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

so i see mooney is still the classy school that fights 10 on 1 since i left youngstown years back...hope the parents realize its these 10 on 1 wild haymaker throwin kids that develop delusions their tough and then they run their mouths their freshman year in college and u get a call when they end up in the hospital cuz their idiots.... id work on that over the next couple months when they shed their letterman jackets and head into the real world

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231grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

All of the people, adults and kids, that keep commenting on this story need to get a life. Seriously. There are alot more important and pressing matters in our area. I cannot believe how many people have commented on this story. You people need to get lives. Nobody, outside of a small group, cares about these kids or this incident. Let it go.

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232grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

how come when i comment it does not show up????

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233jireland1(41 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

The comments have just been changed so that they are grouped in blocks of 50, this way our readers do not have to scroll through more than 50 comments at a time.

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234JME(802 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

grkfire, you don't have to participate.

Judging by the number of comments, it's apparent that there is more than a small group interested in this news.

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235skinnychick(2 comments)posted 7 years, 3 months ago

yet some loser who is so determined these people have no lives takes the time out of his apparent "life" to read and comment on the very page he criticizes. ironic, is it not? lol

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