Dryer can remove wrinkles from vinyl tablecloths, too

Dear Heloise: Can you please tell me how to get the fold wrinkles out of a vinyl tablecloth? I have never used a vinyl tablecloth, and I am amazed at all the creases and wrinkles — although I shouldn’t be, because cloth ones have them, too. But I can wash the cloth ones and get them out. Please help. Gale Hogan, Texas

Put the tablecloth into the dryer on low heat for a few minutes, along with a couple of damp towels. Remove the tablecloth while it is still warm and smooth out the wrinkles. If you still have wrinkles, put the tablecloth back in the dryer for a few more minutes, being careful that it doesn’t get too hot. Heloise

Dear Heloise: I have a couple more uses for little dot stickers:

•I use them to mark the top of the plug for appliances, so I always plug it in right the first time.

•My favorite use, though, is in my library. I put a little sticker on the bottom where the publisher’s name is. No one else notices it, but I can tell at a glance whether I’ve read the book already.

Debbie Gray, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Debbie, those are a couple of good uses. Here are some more from Heloise Central:

•They are great for labeling garage-sale items.

•They are a handy way to ID cups, glasses, etc. Heloise

Dear Heloise: When school supplies go on sale, I buy a stash of children’s scissors to replace last year’s scissors. You will be surprised how sharp these scissors are. My old scissors are given to an elementary-school teacher for her classroom. I tie a ribbon about 30 inches long to form a circle, then fasten the ribbon to the handle of a pair of scissors to hang around my neck. I always have my scissors handy to cut threads at the sewing machine or my crocheting. I keep a pair in my first-aid kit and where I read the paper, etc. Loretta Sughrue, Carlsbad, Texas

Dear Heloise: I had to have surgery, so before I checked in, I had a French braid put in my hair. I knew I wouldn’t be combing or washing my hair for a few days. When the nurse came to take me for my first shower, she commented how clever it was to braid my long hair. Karyn, via e-mail

Sound Off

Dear Heloise: Summer craft fairs will be starting soon. I find it very rude when sellers ignore me. I know it is a social time, but I have walked away from many sales because the seller was either talking to someone or was on the cell phone.

Most fairs have a refreshment area where people can go and talk instead of blocking stalls so people can’t shop or see the merchandise. It also is annoying when people stand in doorways to talk. I feel a little courtesy would make going to these fairs more fun. Joyce, via e-mail

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