Lakeview to continue open enrollment

By Eric Grosso

The district is looking for more substitute bus drivers.

CORTLAND — Lakeview Board of Education members voted to continue open enrollment for the district after participation in the program doubled since last year.

About 25 students enrolled from other districts last year. There are about 50 students enrolled from other districts, said Superintendent Robert Wilson.

The district started open enrollment in response to a $233,000 revenue drop from the loss of students the two previous years to other districts.

Wilson said the number of students coming to Lakeview is close to offsetting the number of students that left for other districts in the last two years, but he did not know the exact number of students who have transferred to other districts.

“We’re finding that kids are coming here for all the right reasons,” Wilson said, noting only one serious disciplinary incident in the last two years among open-enrollment students.

He said he hears from parents of open-enrollment students that their children are enrolling in the district because of its high academic reputation.

Before voting to allow open enrollment two years ago, Lakeview and Lordstown were the only two Trumbull County school districts that did not allow open enrollment. Lordstown still does not allow open enrollment.

Board member Donna Zuga said the district needs to re-evaluate the policy every year.

“We always want to revisit the issue, so we can discuss the program and see if it still is a viable option for the district,” Zuga added.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board voted to hire a substitute bus driver, Vicky Smith, but Wilson said the district is still looking for more substitute drivers, noting that the district didn’t receive much of a response from the latest job advertisements for substitutes.

He said the $60 for a background check and a few hundred dollars to obtain Commercial Driver’s License certification is a big financial step for someone to take who may not get a chance to drive.

Board member Mary Williams asked Wilson if there was any type of agreement with neighboring districts that Lakeview could use to obtain more substitute drivers. Wilson said that because of the shortage, neighboring districts aren’t usually willing to share substitute drivers.

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