Bible trumps a festival

Bible trumps a festival


Disappointed puts it mildly to read on the front page of Section B of the June 7 Vindicator that the Gay Pride festival took place to “eliminate the negative images about the gay community.”

A festival every day of the week for the next decade will not even make a dent in my convictions on this issue. The Bible, which is blatantly ignored, clearly defines this life style as deviant. There are 12 pages of listings in the phone book of churches that use the Bible as their text. If this event has been held without a whimper from the church community, that too will be disappointing. Such a festival will never change the mind or beliefs of the vast majority who believe God created a man and a woman (not two men) for the purpose of companionship and propagation.

When the reason for a festival is to give exposure to sexual practices, we have erased the boundaries of common decency. What is next? Heterosexual pride, adultery pride, pedophile pride, group sex pride? A few states have accepted gay marriage and already there has been a request for group marriages. God so loved the world that He gave His only son to redeem us from deviant life styles.